27 June 2011

Granma's House

I spent the day over my granma's (thats how i spell it) I have been rather excited to show you all the little house my granma's lives in, she is a wonderful inspiring character, her house holds so many wonderful childhood memories. I did a little post before on old photos of her and her inspiring fashion and my family. We always talk a lot about family history and my Granma got the photo album out as she always does, it turns out my great great grandfather was the first man in the north east of england to own a car. Jeremy Clarkson eat your heart out!
My granma has always been fascinated by art, she got into art school as a young girl but she was never allowed to go, so i think she has lived her dream through me. When i was little we use to go on little field trips to the local park and sit and draw plants together. she was the one who taught me to sew, knit, bake and one of the things i use to love doing as a child washing up. She is wonderful and so is her house, it has endless oodles of inspiration.

25 June 2011

Paint and pizza

So today i have been busy painting, and trying to remember how to paint with acrylics. Oh and then i went in to work i am so grateful for a day off tomorrow. My family have gone away fro the weekend so i have been left to fend for myself, so i have been living off pizza and watching copious amounts of The Big bang theory  its a tad lonely over here right now, but a bit of me time is great. I will be doing some more paintings tonight and watching films. Thank you for all your kind words On my last post, my migraine has sub-sided yay! I will be doing a little tutorial of how to paint in acrylics so keep your eyes peeled....i hope everyone is having a lovely evening?

23 June 2011

future plans...

I know you lovelies are waiting for a thrifty thursday, but occasionally i suffer from server migraines and today is one of those days. I pretty much cant do anything when this happens other then wander around the house wearing over sized sunglasses and hoping i dont encounter any sunlight.. I am conserving my brain power for work at 4 so today, i have skipped thrifty thursday, if i am feeling a little better after work tonight i may give it a go. If not i will be making it on sunday.
So as you all know i have this weird obsession with wanting to travel around and see america. I have recently been doing my driving lessons and learning like a mad-woman so i can by my camper and go! So i have planned my route out and my sister (who is a travel agent) is sorting my tickets, and flights...so it looks like its going to be happening soon. I just thought i would share with you some images of the books i have been reading to get a taste of where i have planned to go traveling. My brother is doing the same with books on italy, he is desperate to go to.

22 June 2011

Whats in my bag

I have always been a bit curious about what other people carry around with them in their bags, i have seen a few on other blogs and i really wanted to share with everyone what's in my rather large satchel.
I often carry things with me to work that i know that i would really need during the day like 3 notebooks, but i still carry them about.
In the top photo, the satchel is from primark, it holds a lot which is great when i want to carry loads. The second photo is all my notebooks and diarys and all the on going letters that i have been writing. I dont really carry a lot in the way of make-up its a bit pointless carrying it to work. Oh and look at my rubbish £3.95 phone, i love it very much and it treats me well, i actually have the same phone as my dad. Oh yeah and the strange looking white and red tube is actually my Asthma Inhaler, its notihng dodgy i promise. But yeah thats a little glimpse into what i use and carry everyday

20 June 2011

Charity shopping.

Day off hooray i hear you shout! well...just me then he he, i have had a fully lazy day in the morning me and my younger brother went charity shopping my favorite thing to do. He was in search of trousers and braces, and i was in search of bric 'a' brac to pimp my room out with. I didn't really succeed in finding anything, but saul found some braces and we had a picnic in the park. I got home and i have been planning all my re-branding, replying to emails and doing orders. I wore a dress today that i bought in primark for 50p last summer, its the first time i wore it today, it is my new favorite dress. I hope everyone likes the new blog style, i am always in-decisive with the image. I am working everyday for the rest of the week, its going to be hard work, but i am looking forward to being paid and planning little shop i have finally chosen a name for it....I hope everyone has had a good monday?

19 June 2011

Watery images.

Painting : Ella Masters
I have painted in watercolours as long as i can remember, it is my most favorite thing in the world. To sit with a plain piece of paper and have the control, accuracy and determination to get the painting perfect is what i love. A lot of people have told me it is one of the hardest painting techniques to master. But it is pretty simple, its like anything in life it takes a lot of hours and hard work to get perfect or even near perfect.
My dad bought my first set of watercolours when i was 10, i think i did well at school, so as well done he took me to my favorite place, Boville Wrights a little art shop in town and i picked the little field pallet i truly had never been so excited. I set about painting everything and anything i saw. At first i didn't mix the colours just splodged it on the page, without a care for blending or tone. Who really cares for that anyway i was having to much fun...and if i am honest that is still what i do and how i feel about painting in watercolours.
This isn't really a tutorial blog just a few glimpses into my newest set of watercolour women as i went along from drawing to painting.
Please believe me when i tell you, that you don't have to do a degree in fine art to paint, or be and expert to use watercolours, if you love drawing, making a mess and can appreciate time then really anyone can use them. I bought a how-to-draw book when i was about 8 and that has been my only-ever teacher of art, so thats what i suggest everyone who wants to learn, to do.

18 June 2011

weekly snap shots.

I have had such a busy week, i actually forgot what day it is. Spent most of my week working. These are a little group of photos from my week. I have been planning my little traveling trips, i saw an amazing rainbow outside my house, the sky was really stormy, then my brother made us all cupcakes, this was mine..it was rather yummy.

16 June 2011

Thrifty ♥ Thursday curtain loop creations

Before i get into my 3rd Thrifty ♥ Thursday, I would just like to say thank you to everyone who entered my Give Away from last week, the lovely and lucky bambi eyes won the thrifty Bracelet...so yay well done.
So here we go, i have decided to make a little wall hanging/ necklace, 
What you will need :
  •  needle
  • Coloured thread
  • A small piece of fabric ( have used vintage curtain fabric)
  • A piece of ribbon or a chain
  • Thin super Glue
  • A thrifted curtain loop.

This is quite a simple make so everyone can do it, my dad came back from his job the other day and he had been rooting around in a few skips at work and he came home with 50 curtain loops (like you do), he was obviously thinking of me whilst he was searching for thrifted skip items, and gave me most of them, so whilst i am making my little bedroom into a cozy little nest i thought what can i make...oh i know a little set of wall hangings to make my room unique.

You take the piece of fabric you have decided to use cut it into a square that fits over the curtain loop, then cut it into a circle just so the fabric over hangs on the back of the loop, now just glue around the edge and pull the fabric over really tight, a little like an embroidery loop.
Make sure you have pulled the fabric really tight around the back of the loop, Now take the coloured thread that you have chosen, i decided to sew my name on the front. If you have never embroidered anything before, you can just use a straight stitch, simple :)
Now thread your needle, and start stitching your pattern, 
you could choose to stitch,
  • moustache
  • name
  • tea cup 
  • flowers

The possibilities are endless.
Here is how you tie it off, get the last stitch you sewed then put the needle through the stitch pull it out and loop it, and pull and there is your knot.

So here we go, its that simple now take the ribbon for the wall hanging option or a chain for a necklace, and thread it through the loop at the top of the curtain loop, there you go hang it on your wall or around your wonderfully beautiful neck, a wonderfully hand-made thrifted piece.

15 June 2011

Mid-week inspiration.

So recently i have become a bit of a dreamer and i had planned a little post about "if being a dreamer is a bad thing" It was all about what if you never chase your dream? But i decided that it kind of read like an apology post and it was 2 am and after reading Elizabeth's wonderful adventures in the Brave, It made me realize how important it is in this day and age to be a dreamer or more importantly to follow your dream. I felt so inspired by her post and her journey that i wrote 40 pages of my future plans (at 2am till 4am and i had to be up at 6am hehe), my dream as a child was always to go to art school, that is all i focused on from the age of about 10 (being a person who is afraid of failure) i feel that when i reached this goal and went to art college,  but at this moment in time feel like i am drifting through my ideas and list and never really hitting my targets.
So i have decided to make a little promise to myself, that i will aim high, probably higher then i will ever reach but thats what dreaming is about isn't it?
It does sound like i am talking in a riddle, but if you are a follower twitter, i tweeted this morning about how my next plan is to combine my love of traveling with my hope. no passion! for having my little shop, i want to mix the both and have a traveling vintage shop inside a little camper van. I haven't totally thought this idea through, it hit me in a wave of excitement, but you see the only thing that is stopping me (and its quite large) is the fact i don't yet hold a full license. So i have promised myself to have this all sorted and up and running by next summer. This is my dream, i have been afraid to talk about it for fear i wouldn't reach the goals or my target. But i have come to the conclusion if other people can live their dreams what is stopping me...and the true answer is nothing.

13 June 2011

memories of me pt1

Hello Lovelies, since last posting i have been rather busy with trying to re-Brand my Shop, it is pretty much taking me forever, but i guess it takes a lot of hard work, determination and effort to get something perfect. In the last week i have gone threw 4 notebooks of ideas. I really cant believe its monday already, time is really flying by recently, don't forget to enter my Thrifty Thursday give away, its really worth it for a unique and one off thrifted creation. Good Luck.

I have wanted for a long time to share a little bit more about myself with my readers and i thought that this was a good place to start. Nothing to exciting i want to share with you each day a little piece of something special to me.
This little locket was given to me for my 18th i wear it most days it has a little picture of me my three brothers and my sister, I also have one with just my parents in. It means the world to me and it lives inside the little suitcase tin i bought on my 13th birthday in Exeter, i love memories.

10 June 2011

Adventures with paint.

I have been painting again, I haven't painted on canvas since i graduated almost a year ago. Its nothing special just a little acrylic doodle on an old canvas i had, i was busy watching hot fuzz whilst painting. I got fluorescent pink paint everywhere and when i woke up in the morning it was all in my fringe hehe. I did ask over on my twitter if people would like me to do a little tutorial about painting and  drawing the response was great and people do so i think i will hopefully be making a little tutorial later, not sure if to work with acrylics or watercolours? What would you lovelies like to see?

9 June 2011

Family photos

Spent alot of today planning and painting....but i stumbled upon some old scanned photos and i wanted to share a little bit of my family album with you all. my family mean alot to me. These are photos of my Grandparents, my Granma has always been really stylish and ever item of clothing she had she made herself (minus her shoes) and the little boy is my dad isn't he adorable. I could spend hours looking at all the photos my Granma has.

Thrifty ♥ Thursday...Vintage hand-made charm bracelet.

So we are now onto our second thrifty thursday, i am so glad that lovelies liked the penny jar thrift, so much. I wanted to thank Gemma for including the thrift into her her Tuesday tips.
So as you lovelies know, i am a lover of beautiful things, my totally favorite thing is making jewellery out of thrifted things. So i have decided for the this thrifty thursday i would create a thrifted vintage bracelet.
So here we go lets get making my thrifty Vintage charm bracelet.

What you will need :
  • Gold or silver thrifted chain bracelet
  • Few little thrifted charms
  • Same amount of jump rings as little charms
  • pliers

Make sure the Bracelet fits around your wrist before you start making the charm bracelet. Collect up all your little charms & lay them around the bracelet, to get the arrangement Perfect.
Now take a jump ring, open it up with the pliers. This can be a little bit fidally, just take your time. put the jump ring through the top of the charm, then through the bracelet loop then close it. Now repeat it so that all the charms are securely attached.
It is a pretty simple thrift, and totally unique and no one will have one alike. Get thirfting.

Now for the exciting twist, i have decided that this Thrifty Thursday creation is up for grabs, in my Thrifty Thursday Giveaway.  Some of these charms are real gold, so get involved in the little giveaway.
Simply all you need to do is follow my blog, leave a little comment in the comment box with your email address so i can get in contact with the winner at the end. The closing date is next thursday 15th June. It is open to all reader international and uk.
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