30 August 2011

A lesson in History...

Adventures are fun, we headed out yesterday to a little thing my family do every year, Military Odyssey it great if you are into history (it is a little geeky but i love it). Its 3 days of reenactments, dressing up and fun. I could only go on the Monday but it was really worth the trip. I personally love it for the junk stalls and the vintage 1940's area. Perfect day, i got a little sunburnt but I had fun.  Bought a lot of junk including a pair of 1920's engineer glasses, £10 worth of broken jewelry, 20 vintage brooches,  a few tins, a vintage zippo lighter with my dad's name on it and a few hot dogs.... There  were a lot of battles that were reenacted i just loved watching the old planes fly over and the obvious passion the people have for history...

birthday treats...

So it has been a while since my birthday and i have been wanting to share with you the presents i got, i finally got my camera back and got snapping.
A present from lily & Lyzi i love both of them thank you.
A wonderful book from my friend Kelly
Some lovely things from my friend debbie, i am wearing the other earrings she gave me and i have never been giving a gift voucher before ha!
The presents below are some that my family got me, i got the satchel i was after, i bought it with some of the birthday money my parents gave me i got it for £10 real leather from 1974, its rather lovely. Endless notebooks from my brothers and sister, this isn't everything i just wanted to share a few things... 


27 August 2011

weekly bookmarked blogs... The British edition

Here we are again, are you ready to take a look at the blogs that have inspired me this week? All are wonderfully british and home-grown, perfect to sit down and read whilst sipping a cuppa. I hope you like my little bookmarked blogs.....
1. First up with have the always inspiring Kerry of the blog yours truly, i recently found this blog and fell in love with everything about it,  her vintage finds, fashion and musing are beautiful, i think she lives near me which is even more of a reason to love her blog. 
2. Sometimes through blogging you meet some wonderful people, lyzi is one of them, i got a wonderful birthday prezzie in the post today from her which i will be sharing soon (thank you lyzi), her blog being little is pretty awesome too! :) 
 3. Lily has a pretty awesome blog red brick lispstick, and her present she sent me was wonderful aswell (all to be blogged about soon thank you), she is a pretty talented photographer one of my favs. 
4. Girl and bird, is one of those blogs i always go back and read, fellow adopted falmouth(ion) i think she studies textiles (either way) her blog is one to watch out for, i love it. She has hair to die for! God i miss falmouth! 
5. Last but definitely not least is the wonderful foxtail and fern a staple reader for any vintage, thrift carboot lover. Hannah's blog is just wonderful, i cant explain it in words you have to head over and have a little butchers for yourself. I actually sat for 2 hours and read/looked at every post, thats how in love with it i am. 

All the above are just some of my favorites if you have any you would like to share please do.

26 August 2011

cakes and collars

These are just a few photos from last week. I wore my turquoise trousers, they are rather lovely. I made a collar for my new dress, and i baked lemon cupcakes. I have photos from my birthday to share with you soon. Thank you for your birthday wishes.

24 August 2011

22nd year

So my last day of being 22, strange thought that i am getting old...or older, it kind of scares me so i have decided that i want to do a 24 things to do before i am 24. I am a lover of lists so hopefully this will spur me on for the next year. There are few biggies on there and some not so exciting things. The photos above are just a selection from my photos of August 2010 through to August 2011.

Age 22 Good things :

  • living/moving/Being with my family
  • My brothers are now like my best friends
  • Opening RubyRaeLove hitting my 6,000th sale in 5 months
  • Buying Betty the caravan
  • Finding full time employment
  • Meeting some wonderful online people and not online people
  • Traveling around the country
  • Opening Velvet Feather
  • Coming 2nd in a jewelry design competition. 
  • Having 6 illustrations published in various Magazines.
  • Reached 1,000 followers on twitter and my blog.
Over the past year my blog has come on leaps and bounds with support from some wonderful online lovelies, It has been such a great place for personal development and confidence. Its crazy looking back at pictures from a year ago, i have has ombre hair, dip dyed it pink, had a shaved (side) of my head, straight fringe, side fringe, purple, red, brunette, blonde...i hadn't really noticed before the transition of change that has happened its great to look back at the good and occasionally bad times and get the chance to share it with people. Also i have come to realize i like to take photos of my feet? I hope to share so much more with everyone in the future.

On my last day of being 22 (today) i made a beautiful mod style dress, with little peter pan collars, sorted all my orders for RRL and VF, made lemon cupcakes, watched films with my brothers whilst they tried desperately to wrap my birthday presents in secret. Not too exciting but chilled i am looking forward to what my 23rd year has to bring.....

23 August 2011


hello lovely new readers and hello again old readers...I decided the other day, that my soul needed to be by the sea. I ventured down to the coast, after the train journey from hell we finally got to Broadstairs, probably not as picturesque as i remember from my childhood, but it was great to paddle in the sea and feel the sand between my toes. As a gift my brother bought me a battered mars bar...we use to have them as a child oh the memories. 
I discovered some wonderful little antique shops and the 50p boxes were filled with treasure i bought a few things, i will be sharing them later in the week. I took a ridiculous amount of pictures and i spent a crazy amount of 2ps in the amusement arcade i was so good at the slot machine that i used up all the paper tokens that come out of the machine when you win....i have finally found my calling in life ha!

21 August 2011

the written word...

I have been feeling a little lost of recent, not really having a lot of time kind of does that to me. My mind has been wondering on other things and other places. Made a futile attempt to head to the carboot this morning only to find it wasn't on anyway, then i had work. Now don't get me wrong i love work as much as the next person, but it can just zap me of creativity. So i have taken to writing, i use to write pretty much all of the time when i was 12 i wrote a book about pirates, 102 pages long, Always fancied myself as a bit of writer. No one has ever actually read the ramblings but its just nice to be creative in a different way i guess. I have also been reading a lot, this month so far i have read, One day, Submarine and the tiger's Wife, i am currently reading the wild Abandon, if i am honest i picked it for the cover, but its rather good.  I think working inside a waterstone's has done this to me. 
So this week, i got out my old semikolon notebook and started to write, its going well so far, doesn't aggravate my hand- injury to much and get the brain working perfect. So as my birthday week starts, its off to the seaside...and i expect there to be lots of cake.

18 August 2011

10 things i love.

1. Grandma's home-made chips, they are the best ever old-school northern style food!
2. My hand-made-home made vintage fabric dress.
3. This little piece of graffiti that was hidden behind a rose bush, my dad wrote this when he was 12 in 1974, we discovered it the other day.
4. I love the fact that my brother has got into Swansea University to study English, photo was taken at swansea beach.
5. This beautiful collection of bugs and Antique jars.
6. Experimenting with hand-carved stamps for velvet Feather
7. Pictures of my messy/silly fringe
8. A little Vintage photo-shoot i did with my friend
9. Making new things for Vf with lots of vintage brass stampings
 10. Drinking tea and dunking Caramel Jammie dodgers.

All photos by me.


17 August 2011

Thrifty ♥ Thursday matchbox miniature draws..

So i haven't done a thrifty thursday for a while, but this one is a good'un, after doing my penny jar, i remember as a child, i use to make little matchbox draws, so miniature and cute. They always remind me of  Beatrix Potters The tailor of Gloucester , the little mice collecting things. Sentimental childhood makes are always the best. 

what you will need:

I had 50 matchboxes (but you can easily do this with 2 or 3)
glue gun
spilt pins (same amount as matchboxes)
decorative paper (goes over the cardboard).
It is quite a simple thrifty thursday, but i have just finished covering my walls with this wrapping paper, so these draws are perfect for my bedroom, to hide trinkets and precious things. I hope this has inspired you to make some exciting things, out of barely anything.
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