31 December 2011

Happy new year

This will be my last post of 2011,  it has been a very odd year. I started it in a long distance relationship and i end it a lot happier than it began. The support via this blog this year has been a great source of positivity for me to build upon. I have found great confidence and comfort so thank you. I was going to do a long re-cap post, but i just wanted to share with you a few photos from 2011. There are lots of thing i managed to achieve and a few things i hadn't. Heres to hoping 2012 is filled with exciting adventures  Thank you for all your support.
Happy new year to all my readers.

30 December 2011

RubyRaeLove is back

It feels like I have been away for awhile properly from here i have been working really hard setting RubyRaeLove back up again, i decided to open the shop again at 3 am the other morning, i missed it to much and i wanted to share with you new creations. So here you have the new Look RubyRae. The time away has given me the opportunity to make some really lovely things. So I hope you all like it, I have decided to give a 10% discount on every order until the 2nd january.

It feels great that once again i have the shop open, i feel a great sense of excitement when i am creating something new for the shop. I hope you all like what you see.

28 December 2011

New hand-made silver Pendants.

So this is a little pendant, that me and my dad made from melted down silver. I moulded it from an original skull bead, into a resin clay. I melted the metal in a little crucible over a fire outside and poured it in the mold and voila! I really wouldn't of been able to do it without my dad who use to be a scientist and metal worker. I am so pleased with it, as I thought it would never work. Believe me the fire was ridiculously hot and i hate things that are hot, i always manage to burn myself, the process was really fun and exciting. I am still working on making the rings neater and a bit more professional...This one pendant took me an entire day to sand and clean. 
These won't be on sale in Velvet Feather....but they will be on sale in RubyRaelove, i know i know i deleted it the other day but the other night i was wide awake at 3 am and i kind of missed that little shop, I decided to re-open it. I promise to get back to my old making and creating style. As we speak I am surrounded by turquoise beads, cut leather and silver. So watch this space. 
Thank you all for your really lovely words about yesterday post, it was 2 am i felt lost with what i was doing with myself so i wrote a letter virtually giving myself a kick up the bum!

A letter to myself

Do you ever just get lost sometimes?
I miss places now and again places that once filled me with inspiration places were dreams are made and lived out, it dawned on me the other day that i hadn't seen the sea for months. I don't look at things like i use to. Places and things cover my view, were long paths once stretched before me, pot holes have formed ivy has grown over windows and balconies obscuring the view. I feel like i use to wander with my eyes open, i saw where i was going and who i wanted to be, but right now and for a short while i've felt a little lost fragmented between my hopes and fears.
Where is my heart? when did i leave you behind and decide that my head was the best tool for the job, how could i forget that my heart and hands are who i am. Forget all you have seen, let your hands guide you. I haven't seen the sky for a while now an expanse.
That path you once took between that beach and that field where adventured lay in every blade of grass, the sound of those waves crashing, that was you, the warm tarmac under your feet, that feeling you only know, it was brief, in that one moment thats where you lie. Without fear.....that space between.
A sense of failure, loss of time constantly plague my mind, late evenings, pages of journals, thousands of photos and long conversations in my head. Do not quench my thirst, constant, always moving, unable sometimes to see into the distance. I have had the same conversation with myself for months, the same nagging thought, the same thing i always knew....
A constant longing like hunting for treasure or the lure of the sea, i have denied myself who i am, blinded by other peoples actions, i think i have remembered where the path was and where it was leading. I must remember to follow my feet.


26 December 2011

Pave your dream...

I have naughtily bought a silver smiting kit, even though it was christmas yesterday and i received some lovely presents. I wanted to buy myself something practical to work towards Velvet Feather. Me and my dad have literally just finished melting some of my old silver (it was messy and we did it with a blow torch outside the house) very rustic and home-made... we have made a little skull ring, i am pretty chuffed with it, it was set in a hand-made mould. So hopefully with my new kit i will be able to experiment more.....yay for dad being a scientist/paviour and being able to help me with this new step with my shop. I wanted to share with you one of my favourite designers you have probably all heard of her and if you haven't you really should of  Pamela Love is one of my favorite makers/designers her work is really beautiful. I love hearing about her making process and what she wears. Have a little watch.


The day before christmas

On christmas Eve i was like a headless chicken trying to make sure everyones presents were brought and wrapped. I made most of the presents this year but there was one present i couldn't make, which was a tin of Ben's cookies  they are his favorite things. So me and conor headed up town to get a few bits and pieces for christmas, I took a few pictures while we were there. 
My chest infection is getting slowly better, still on antibiotics but i feel alot better. I think filing my face yesterday with lots of lovely food really helped. 
I hope you are all having a lovely boxing day?

25 December 2011

A little gift...

This year from my parents i received one present, I didn't make a wish list, i didn't tell them what i wanted or even spoke about presents to my parents. My mum and dad bought me this really beautiful Antique, opal and ruby ring, the pictures are a little blurred (too many ciders) but it really was one of the nicest present I have ever received. I wasn't expecting any this beautiful. I hope you all had a lovely christmasy day filled with too much food, too much drink and lots of fun times. 
P.s. I am not engaged i just put it on my finger for a picture.

Merry christmas

Merry christmas to all my lovely readers, where ever you are in the world. I hope you have a lovely day filled with beautiful things and wonderful people.

22 December 2011

Sponsor Spotlight

Enough about me and my printing i wanted to share with you a little bit more about my sponsors for December 
Hello to all of ella's lovely readers :)
So first up is the lovely Lisa Stewart she has a really refreshing and beautiful blog. Oh and plus she is from Cornwall my favorite place in the world. Thank you lisa for supporting Ella's Blog.

My names lisa and I am a graphic designer, illustrator and photographer from Cornwall. I am inspired by travelling, being outdoors, nature, vintage finds, my two cats, surf and skate culture and scandinavian design amongst heaps of other things... I grow things, I make things, I take pictures (have a ridiculous camera collection) and am always day dreaming about my next trip to far away shores!
I write about all these things and use my blog to keep me focused on my dreams and goals - otherwise I end up a bit lost in all these ideas and never really doing much! I've been a reader of blogs for a while, and ella's is one of my favourite... it's so inspiring to hear what other girls are getting up to! I wanted to sponsor ella as I love reading how passionate she is about her dreams and wanted to help her make them come true... and hopefully gain a few extra readers and friends along the way!



My day...22/12/2011

Today has been rather packed for me, the plain tote bags arrived in the post at 3 pm and straight away I got printing. But this is a sneak peak into my day. I also got some lovely packages in the post One from Anna, it is probably the nicest thing anyone has sent me in the post, i was rather chuffed thank you sweet. So i have been indoors all day, making, printing, wrapping presents, emailing people, the bottom photo is a sneak peak at the new totes that will be available on velvet Feather, there are already Prints available, all money made will be going towards my mobile shop, I have already sold 12 prints i will be doing a limited run so grab them whilst you can.


How to screen print at home.

So after a few request from my readers and a friend on facebook, here is how i use my screen print kit at home. First off there is no exposing the screen, which would be alot quicker but i can't afford that type of equipment right now. So i bought this system 3 Acrylic screen print and i often buy extra screens off ebay.
this is what comes in the kit, 
1 Screen
Acrylic Printing medium
textile Medium
5 acrylic paints
Screen blocker 
A squeegee
screen drawing fluid
How to book
You can buy all these separately but as this was on sale & my first time printing at home i wanted to get the kit so i could follow instructions and get it right. I have screen-printed before, I did it whilst on my Fine Art degree at Falmouth you can see the work here and here oh and by no means am I an expert.

So heres the process i go through when screen printing.
I make sure the screen is clean and ready for the screen drawing fluid to be added to the screen. Also make sure there are no holes in the screen.
Please wear an apron, it might get messy.
Now you will need to add the image to the screen this is pretty simple take the drawing fluid, start drawing directly onto the mesh. The best images to use are simple bold images, mines a little detailed but I've use this process before its really a trial and error.  If you do get the kit that I have, it tells you to water down the fluid...Don't! I did this before and it ruined a screen that i spent two days on, because  it was too fine you need it to be thick, be confident with application.
Once you have drawn out your image remember what ever you paint blue will be washed off later and it will be the image you will print. This process can take a while but i love doing it all by hand, this will take about 30 minutes to dry.
Once this has dried you will need to take the Removable Screen Block, i don't actually have a picture of me doing this as it can be very messy, Take a stiff piece of card and spread it across the entirety of the screen.
Now you have to leave the Screen block to dry, depending on the fineness of the mesh this may take 30 minutes to 3 hours. I leave mine in a warm room, DO NOT use a hair dryer yo speed up the drying process this could ruin the screen.
Once your screen block has dried you will need to wash off the drawing fluid that is your image, I do mine in the bath, just use cold water NOT hot because this will get rid of the screen block, also DON'T use any shampoos or soap on the image to wash it, because this also removes the screen block.
Your screen should look like this. The screen block will block out the ink when you go to print it.
Now time for the fun bit.
Now depending if you are printing on fabric or paper use the specific medium as i am printing on fabric i used the textile medium, take what ever colour you have chosen (paint) put a good dollop on a mixing pallet  then put the same amount of medium in as well so 50% paint 50% medium mix together
The paint will just be a normal acrylic paint you add the medium so the paint doesn't dry quickly.
Normally you would lay the line of ink along the top and go downwards, but my squeegee doesn't fit that way so i am going right to left. Put a substantial amount on the screen i use a cotton but for this.
I your not sure just follow the image bellow.
You are now ready to print (remember if you are printing on fabric put some paper under the fabric) take your squeegee and flood the image, this mean cover the image with the ink, do it in one motion you can do this slowly if you want. Once you have flooded the image, i normally run the squeegee across 3-4 times.
I normally double check to see if the ink has covered the entire image. You don't have to use all the ink on the screen. Now slowly take the screen off. You can re-use the ink left on the sides for your next print. You will have to iron the image once its dry to set the image so its ok to wash.
And there you go its pretty simple, but please remember to wash your screen (with cold water) so not to clog up your image so you can re-use it over and over again.
I hope you find this tutorial simple to understand.
Tote bags & Prints will be available to buy later today or tomorrow.
I have added a bit of the music i was listening to whilst printing. Enjoy.

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