31 January 2012

another Duvet day...

So the dentist went ok, well as good as it could have been. I have a ruptured Wisdom tooth yay i am currently on very strong painkillers and Antibiotics, apparently my wisdom tooth is sat directly on a nerve and it can't be operated on, for fear of damaging the nerve....it would be goodbye feeling in the face if it went wrong. The dentist trip was expensive and I have the prospect of getting two wonderful filling in February yay! so no more pepsi max for me then boo.
I had to take the day off work which i absolutely loath doing, but being a secondary school teaching Assistant part of my job is teaching lessons, so i can barely talk or open my mouth, i needed to rest my jaw and wait for an emergency appointment. I spent most of the day getting through my mountain of order (thank you i have reached my mobile shop target ) watching Stylelikeu videos, Time team (i am a secret lover of that program) as a child i wanted to be either a vet, a surfer, an archeologist or someone who sold shells on a beach ( i don't even think thats a job ha!)
the other day I naughtily bought company, cooler and nylon magazine so i was well stocked up for reading material whilst sat in my duvet pile feeding myself gallons of Anbesole  which can I say did not get rid of the pain. I sat and listened to a bit of Led zeppelin  and decided to wear something a little bit rock'n'roll to get me through my appointment, I donned my studded blowfish shoes without a single nervous episode. I was so proud of myself, i am really starting to cope with my nerves, my book is really helping. Anyway enough about my day, i hope you have all had a great and inspiring day.


the evil wisdom tooth.

I drew this sketch early pretty much sums up today, in a minute i am off to the dentist (haven't been in 7 years) because my wisdom teeth are killing me Fingers crossed they will give me something to stop my face from swelling...wish me luck. 

30 January 2012

A shaped Board.

I've finally finished cutting my new board out I hate having projects hanging over my head. This new board was all cut by hand and sanded, I am a little bit in love with it now... all i have left to go is just to pimp it out, like the other ones I have been working on and a few old boards . Nearly all the outfits in my recent posts have been of me wearing my stripy top, apologies i just love it. Now to get painting and drawing on this board. So it ready for when i re-arrange my room. Have you been working on any creative projects recently? 

29 January 2012

From my sketchbook.

Just got back from High tea at harrods, i think its the poshest place I have ever eaten. I drew this picture yesterday i don't often eat out hehe, but it was lovely.


28 January 2012

Breton Stripes.

Zara : Breton top, H&M : Leather Jacket, New look : Jeans, Topshop : Necklace

Today has been another busy one, would you believe RubyRaeLove received 108 orders between 7am - 4pm i am pretty shocked lots of packing and sorting. I do love making my business cards and making all the packaging pretty, to arty for my own good, i could spend millions on stationary. Thank you for your support.
I had a lovely morning spent shopping with my brothers. I didn't buy a lot, a few trinkets and a new pair of skinny black jeans. I am going for afternoon tea at harrods tomorrow ( i know what you are thinking she better brush her hair ha!) so i was on the hunt for the perfect top to go with my skinny jeans... but could i find anything no! I did find a lovely dress/top thing in (or as my brother called it a boob tube... basically a strapless dress) New Look which was marked at £5 but the sales assistant blindly refused to sell it to me at that price demanding it must of been price wrong, then accused me of switching tags....so i told her to leave it, it was lovely...unfortunately she wasn't . So i spent the rest of the evening trying to find something remotely posh & comfortable in my wardrobe I am yet to find the perfect combination. In the ensuing boredom of sorting my wardrobe out i decided to snap an outfit post of what i wore today, pretty simple and comfy. I just love this Faux leather jacket i picked up in H&M the other day for £29.99, it was a replacement for my beloved faux leather primark jacket which i had for about six years. 
I have been thinking about getting the ole' hair chopped, i really want it short at the back and long at the front, kind of a long victoria beckham bob, alot longer though, i am terrified of the hairdressers so we will see.

*( I am not normally horrible about people that work in shops i use to work in retail, i know how horrible customers can be, the lady accused me of switching tags so i could get it cheaper how rude?!)


27 January 2012

Friday Photo.

A Busy week and a million orders to package makes for a very tiring Friday night. I am currently watching russian figure skating like you do...I have been living in all my comfy clothes this week, i have had a crazy painful throat infection this week that has had me coughing like crazy all night and now my ridiculously wisdom teeth have decided to appear so i am currently sat in my wonderful wooly poncho drinking warm honey and ginger... i am taking comfort to the max!
Anyway I just wanted to pop up and say hi to all you wonderful readers, this week has been pretty heavy and working full-time blogging, running two business is taking its toll ...I hate to moan i really do i am grateful to you all but i really need to start organizing my time far more affectively. I am currently using 3 diaries to write all my to-do lists in. 
Do you have any tips for creating better organizational skills? would be wonderful to know how other people organize their time?


24 January 2012

Weekly inspiration.

This week I have been really inspired by this beautiful tumblr A well traveled woman there are some really beautiful pictures on there. I thought i would share a few of my favorites with you. I have only just started using Tumblr properly I love all the beautiful pictures, here is my little Tumblr page 

23 January 2012

Fashion illustration Lessons at ShipShape Studio.

On the 2nd February i will be teaching a fashion illustration workshop at ShipShape studio it would be wonderful if you could join me. More information on prices extra have a little look here. Would be great for anyone who wants to learn how to illustrate clothes, people or even if you want to jazz up your blog. Have a little look at the shipshape website and i hope to see the 2nd February.

New RubyRaeLove items

I just wanted to share with you a few new pieces over at RubyRaeLove, i am in love with all the pieces. That is a little biased i did make them...but i am really proud of the little items. There is a 10% off code that is available lustandstone  it is only available for the next six days. Me and dad have been working on the bullet necklaces, they are made from Antique Bullets.  i am loving getting back into making.

21 January 2012

pattern skulls on black.

I am kind of obsessed with this top i bought from H&M the other day, it has inspired my new collection for RubyRaeLove, I have tons of turquoise everywhere, its such a beautiful stone.
 I took these photos yesterday after i settled down to make a few things after work. Trust me, to miss place all the things i need to make my new necklaces. I am so forgetful, I have a never ending amount of lists to just help me remember simple things. 
I really love just settling down with some chill out music and get making, this week my playlist is, Friendly firesJames Vincent McMorrow they have really got my through the week. 
I am really trying to get organized for this summer, i am trying to get RubyRaelove sorted for a few festivals this summer, it would be wonderful to just be a nomad for a few months, pack everything up into the back of van (my future campervan) and head off. 

19 January 2012


So its thursday already my oh my where are the days going? So this was my outfit for work on wednesday. Spot my new leather jacket from H&M i have been after a new one for the last 2 years since my trust primark faux leather jacket decided that i needed to extra holes under both arms. Don't you just love finding something you have been looking for in a while. 
I received these wonderful Turquoise skull beads yesterday they are massive and beautiful these will be available this weekend on long silver chains.
Thank you for all the supportive comments from my Monday post about stress and anxiety and getting help on it. I am currently reading "Overcoming Anxiety" by Helen Kennerly, I have only just started reading it but already i feel able to process a few things a bit more easier. I had a few emails from people asking me if self-help books were helpful, for me they work, i like to be able to read information over and over again ( i am very forgetful) so it is a great help to be able to high-light and make notes, its easier for me to process. So they personally work for me you could always pop to your local library and hire a book so you don't have to pay and if it doesn't work for you then its free. 
Wish me luck with all the reading!


17 January 2012

Scout willis closet interview.

I just love all the clothes she is wearing in this video (plus i love bruce willis), i am such a lover of the Stylelikeu youtube channel its pretty awesome to be able to see what people wear, get taken around there spaces and why they were the clothes. Its such an inspiring idea, it just feels my head with so much inspiration. 
I am off to light a few candles and chill out. 


16 January 2012

Monday again...

So after a stressful day at work and a stressful weekend i am finding solace and happiness in the small things, like watching my surf dvds, painting my new skateboard design and hanging out with my younger brother. So when i got in from work i decided to dress in something a little bit more summery, it was absolutely freezing outside but inside the heating was on, i was trying to rock the up do and drawing crystals. I am hoping to get a little zine together, to go in the shop so fingers cross i can get this little project completed(i am absolutely awful at starting projects, sketchbooks and work without completing it) I'm working on a few new skateboard designs for a friends collection, the photos above are of a few old designs I did in 2009 i think. I don't think I have spoken much on my blog about my passion for detailed graphic/drawings I do as a little bit of a side project, so I thought i would introduce you all to one of my guilty pleasures...i am obsessed with drawing mexican skulls on wood, there are worst  and i am sure weirder obsessions.
It was actually blue monday today and i think i was really feeling it, my stress levels are really being tested at the moment (not at work i love work) just how i am processing things at the moment. I think to move on with a few things I want.
 I am actually seeking help with my nerves and stress which makes a change for me, i normally just fight through...thinking that there is nothing wrong and i am ok, but I have finally decided to be able gain more confidence within myself i need to do this for me. Oh and with a few self help books, i am getting there. I think in my head I am limiting myself when there is so much out there for me yet to achieve I talk myself out of it constantly so I really need to push myself..so here is to a new more productive, happy and less stressed me.


14 January 2012

my weekend.

My day has been a busy one, as i only get saturday and sunday off i have to fit what i use to do in a week into two days. So I have been making new pieces all day and uploading them to the shop. I do feel sometimes like a bit like a workaholic,  sometimes I find it so hard to switch off. I have bought myself some lovely candles, and i am re-vamping my room so it will be easier for me to sleep as I have been lacking in that department for a while. 
Me and mum are going on a hunt for a mass load of moccasins tomorrow to get making my Navajo pattern Moccasins, since i posted this picture onto Tumblr i have had a massive response, in the last week I have had over 700 emails asking if these will be in my shop and where people can get them from, so I have given into the demand and i hopefully will be able to buy up a few pairs of Moccasins and get sewing, I just wanted to ask people what they think the average shoe size is? (female) i am thinking of having size 3-7 on sale would this cover your shoes size? 

13 January 2012

Jewellery : week 2

This week i have been keeping it simple on the jewellery front. I wore my new favorite ring from a wonderful Etsy seller Ramsi, I have actually just ordered another 2 for myself and a gold ring for my sister's 25th birthday they are beautifully light weight and delicate. Such a contrast to last weeks rings
I don't even realise i am wearing it most of the time. 
I do love contrasting delicate rings with more edgy rings, i am loving this one i have i the shop at the moment. 
Do you have any jewellery that you are obsessed with at the moment? 
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