31 January 2012

another Duvet day...

So the dentist went ok, well as good as it could have been. I have a ruptured Wisdom tooth yay i am currently on very strong painkillers and Antibiotics, apparently my wisdom tooth is sat directly on a nerve and it can't be operated on, for fear of damaging the nerve....it would be goodbye feeling in the face if it went wrong. The dentist trip was expensive and I have the prospect of getting two wonderful filling in February yay! so no more pepsi max for me then boo.
I had to take the day off work which i absolutely loath doing, but being a secondary school teaching Assistant part of my job is teaching lessons, so i can barely talk or open my mouth, i needed to rest my jaw and wait for an emergency appointment. I spent most of the day getting through my mountain of order (thank you i have reached my mobile shop target ) watching Stylelikeu videos, Time team (i am a secret lover of that program) as a child i wanted to be either a vet, a surfer, an archeologist or someone who sold shells on a beach ( i don't even think thats a job ha!)
the other day I naughtily bought company, cooler and nylon magazine so i was well stocked up for reading material whilst sat in my duvet pile feeding myself gallons of Anbesole  which can I say did not get rid of the pain. I sat and listened to a bit of Led zeppelin  and decided to wear something a little bit rock'n'roll to get me through my appointment, I donned my studded blowfish shoes without a single nervous episode. I was so proud of myself, i am really starting to cope with my nerves, my book is really helping. Anyway enough about my day, i hope you have all had a great and inspiring day.



  1. Did you have to do any courses/ complete a degree to get your job as a TA? I would love to teach but don't have a degree! X


  2. Hey sweet, i have a degree in fine art, it is preferred if you have a degree or a higher qualification a lady i work with hasn't got a degree but you have to be able to do maths. english and science and have experience in teaching or care work, i hope that helps xxx

  3. I love the necklace you're wearing! xx

  4. Thanks Ella that gives me hope that there are other ways into teaching! I have always liked the thought of teaching the little ones but just can't get my head around the fact that you need a degree to do this! X

  5. Hey Ella, Im new here.
    Also a teaching assistant, although with little 'uns! I lost my voice last week, so i can totally sympathise with you on the speaking necessity, here! Hope you feel better soon x


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