27 January 2012

Friday Photo.

A Busy week and a million orders to package makes for a very tiring Friday night. I am currently watching russian figure skating like you do...I have been living in all my comfy clothes this week, i have had a crazy painful throat infection this week that has had me coughing like crazy all night and now my ridiculously wisdom teeth have decided to appear so i am currently sat in my wonderful wooly poncho drinking warm honey and ginger... i am taking comfort to the max!
Anyway I just wanted to pop up and say hi to all you wonderful readers, this week has been pretty heavy and working full-time blogging, running two business is taking its toll ...I hate to moan i really do i am grateful to you all but i really need to start organizing my time far more affectively. I am currently using 3 diaries to write all my to-do lists in. 
Do you have any tips for creating better organizational skills? would be wonderful to know how other people organize their time?


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  1. Lovely photo, I hope you feel better soon!

    Pip x


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