14 January 2012

my weekend.

My day has been a busy one, as i only get saturday and sunday off i have to fit what i use to do in a week into two days. So I have been making new pieces all day and uploading them to the shop. I do feel sometimes like a bit like a workaholic,  sometimes I find it so hard to switch off. I have bought myself some lovely candles, and i am re-vamping my room so it will be easier for me to sleep as I have been lacking in that department for a while. 
Me and mum are going on a hunt for a mass load of moccasins tomorrow to get making my Navajo pattern Moccasins, since i posted this picture onto Tumblr i have had a massive response, in the last week I have had over 700 emails asking if these will be in my shop and where people can get them from, so I have given into the demand and i hopefully will be able to buy up a few pairs of Moccasins and get sewing, I just wanted to ask people what they think the average shoe size is? (female) i am thinking of having size 3-7 on sale would this cover your shoes size? 


  1. This covers my shoe size :)
    Lovely necklaces good luck with the work :) xx

  2. I'm a 6 which is pretty average. I'll definably buy some if you stock a 6 x

  3. 3-7 would do me fine:) i will definitely be buying some xxx

  4. I'm a size 4 so it's all good. I loved your moccasins so I might purchase some :)



  5. I agree with everyone else, I think thats a good range, and if people ask for different sizes you could always make them in the future! Do you find you make more in the more intense two days than over the space of a week?

    Lisamello xx

  6. I'm a size 4.5/5 but I think the average in UK is 5/6 so that would be a perfect range. That's fantastic that you've had such a great response, hope you sell lots! :D



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