3 January 2012

resolutions....kind of

So we are well and truly into 2012, i can't believe i am actually going to be 24, yes 24...this slightly terrifies me when i think about all the things i am yet to accomplish. But at the same time the ability to actually do these things makes my fear of growing older subside.
I am kind of at a point were I have so many things i want to do that I am not entirely sure if I can do them all. I never ever really set my self resolutions because i know full well i wont do them. So i think i am casually going to step into this new year with my heart set on a few things and genuinely work towards those And anyway my sister keeps reminding  its the end of the world in December (very morbid i don't actually believe it is) but i look at it this way if it is true i want to cram everything into the net 12 months, and if it isn't then i will have done all those things.

Here is what i want to achieve this year :

Enroll on a silver smiting course
Go traveling for a while in the summer.
Work harder than what i have been (simple statement but i need to)
wear more rings
Set a shop up (be it a traveling one or a bricks and mortar shop something small)
Learn to calm my anxieties down, take things one step at a time and approach things with a smile on my face with a little more positivity.
Be more organized in business and life.
Listen to more music.

I was going to put up there be healthier but i want that to be a gradual thing, that I will try and not force. Oh and Lisa has reminded me that i need to drink more green tea! from my green camper van mug my brother got my for christmas, i ask him as a joke to buy me a camper van for christmas and he said it was all he could afford he is the sweetest thing.

Do you have any hopes for 2012? 



  1. whilst i don't agree that the world will end in December, i do believe you should live every day as if it were your last. looking forward to seeing you accomplish your goals, i'm sure you will :) happy new year! - the fireworks look amazing in your previous post. i've made a list of things i want to do this year over on my blog too


  2. Aww, the camper van mug is so sweet! I would so visit your shop, I hope you do get a travelling one so you can come down to where I live!

    Pip x

  3. Hope you'll do everything you want in 2012. Lots of love :) xxx

  4. I hope 2012 brings you lots of happiness lovely! xoxo

  5. Good luck with your resolutions :)

  6. I hope 2012 will be a good year for you and that you'll do everything you want! =) Have a nice year!

  7. Your list of goals look really interesting! I hope you achieve them :-) I particularly like the sound of the shop and moving to Cornwall - both dreams of mine! xxx

  8. Great goals Ella, it's scarey getting older eh, these days the years seem to whizz by a lot quicker. I have a few things I've always said I want to do by the time I'm 30 but I will be 26 in March so time is running out!

    By the sounds of it 2012 is going to be a make or break kinda year for a lot of us!


  9. I've just stumbled upon your blog, all I can say is ... WOW!

    Really hope you reach your dream of the mobile shop! It's such a lovely, unique idea!


  10. First of all Happy New Year :)

    I have some things I've been putting off for ages as well...I think 2012 is a get and do year for a lot of people.

    When you get your mobile shop you should visit scotland :)


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