17 January 2012

Scout willis closet interview.

I just love all the clothes she is wearing in this video (plus i love bruce willis), i am such a lover of the Stylelikeu youtube channel its pretty awesome to be able to see what people wear, get taken around there spaces and why they were the clothes. Its such an inspiring idea, it just feels my head with so much inspiration. 
I am off to light a few candles and chill out. 



  1. I love stylelikeU, so inspiring! You really get drawn in to each persons lives and closets, very addictive!
    ooh candles sound like a good idea!
    - Charlotte xx

  2. I love this, she is so excited about experimenting! People always strive to have 'a style' but we are changed so much by moods and interactions in life that to have the option to express whoever you are at the time is pretty cool.

  3. Yay, new YouTube subscription for me! Thanks for the recommendation:)


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