29 February 2012

bits and pieces.

I just wanted to share with you all a few photos i took the other day when i went for my little walk. The sun was actually out for once. I do love going for walks and being in the fresh air....lovely.
In other news this week, i have had a mega order over at RubyRaeLove, if you follow my twitter i spoke about it earlier, some lovely lady has order 400 bracelets, not really sure what someone is going to do with 400 but i don't mind it great news for RRL. So you can guess what i will be doing in my spare time.  I am currently dyeing for a pepsi max, i haven't drunk a drop since last tuesday its killing me, but it doing wonders for my waist, hello baggy skinny jeans in the first picture, you can see a pair of jeans i bought only 3 weeks ago now don't fit! crazy! 
Its been a busy week at work what with preparing for exams with the kids and other school related things. I did attempt this week to put pen to paper for my new zine, but alas i have forgotten how to draw.....anyway enough about me.



  1. stunning photography and love those shoes.

  2. 400 bracelets!!! WOW. My online boutique launches tomorrow, I really hope it becomes successful like your business :-) one day perhaps...

    Ginger Pickle ♥

  3. Love the shoes! Are they vans and if so what kind?

  4. Well done on the willpower for resisting the Pepsi Max!

  5. Love the photos and I'm so glad your diet is working! :)xxx

  6. Whooo Hoo go you!
    Dreamy photos & congrats on the order & the skinny skinny jeans!

    Love, Abi .


  7. Wow what a crazy order! Good luck! and well done ^_^

    Since it's the first of March I might give up fizzy drinks too, was going to give up cakes etc but it was St. Davids day so I had to have a welshcake :D

    Lisamello xx

  8. Lovely pictures!

  9. Ooh that is fantastic! You're going to be a busy bee!! Great news. :D


  10. Just found your lovely blog via Sailor Jennie :) these photos are so pretty, it's really nice having the sunshine out for once isn't it! Now following you sweet :)

    Louisejoyb xo | Bits&Bobs


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