20 February 2012

My week 1

1. Reading the new book by Joe Dunthorne. 2. Eating far too much chocolate. 3. muddy walks in my new van shoes. 4. Brothers new haircut. 5. Searching for the perfect camper van. 6. Ella coming in the top 3 up-coming budget blogs on bloglovin 7. modeling my new jewellery. 8. Cheese toasties. 9. Illustrating my new blog header. 10. blue skys finally over london. 11. new amethyst and turquoise beads for new rrl pieces. 12. hand-painted skull nail design.

My weekly half term round up, I was going to share what i wore today, but i got back from the dentist with a numb face and two fillings later and decided best not to. I hope to share these with you every week.



  1. I love those amethyst beads! I love that raw crystals are so in fashion right now :)! I can never find any to buy in the uk for my jewellery, so have to get them from america or china, ugh.

  2. Congrats on coming in the top 3 up-coming budget blogs!

    Hope your pain from the dentist goes away, I haven't' been to the dentist in years, whoops.

    Jade x

  3. I love these types of posts! I can't wait to see what you do with the beads for the shop.

  4. I love your illustration for your blog header. I wish I was so accomplished with water colours.
    Katie x

  5. That is a full and varied week! Congratulations!

    I like the new look, it's gorgeous!

  6. wow the colours of all these photos together look so beautiful! I would have them on my wall! Except that would possibly be a bit weird .... love the new header! xxx

  7. Nice campervan! Any plans to travel in it? Or is it just to look pretty! :)


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