18 February 2012

pink with stripes.

Blazer : New look
Tie stripe top : New Look
Black skinnys : Primark
Turquoise spike necklace : RubyRaeLove

Typical, My tripod is broken...so alas no wonderful outfit shots, but i do love my mirror in the bathroom the lighting is so much nicer in there than any other part of the house. 
This is what i wore yesterday the pink Blazer is from Newlook and i love it. So comfy, a little bit dressed up for packing orders and cleaning the house up, but putting something pretty on always makes me feel better. I've grown my fringe out now and i kind of like to the side. My brother is always taking the Mickey out of my fringe, he says it looks like i have curtains do you remember ben from A1? those kind of curtains, how rude! ha
I think i am going to wear this outfit again today cos i'm like that. My older brother and his girlfriend are coming over so i think we are going to have a family day with a massive fry up. Dad has put me in charge of his business logos and all the important stuff like budgeting this morning, so someone who left school without a gcse in maths (thats me) has been left in charge....erm? haha 
Anyway I have some really lovely Thrifty thursday posts going up this week that involves stud, i want to get back into making and creating, all i seem to do is make the jewellery to order over at RubyRaeLove and thats as far as the creativity goes. 



  1. You look lovely Ella! I really want a striped shirt in that colour now xx
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

  2. aww thank you sweet, i shared a link on there of where its from but this is the one i am wearing http://www.newlook.com/shop/womens/tops/striped-tie-front-top_243915289

  3. Your blazer looks really cute! Have a lovely Saturday!

    Jade x

  4. Your hair looks gorgeous! The little striped top is lovely, too.

    Catherine, XO.

  5. Such pretty colours. I'm gonna have a another look in New Look when I go into town next.

  6. I love pink blazers! Goes so nicely with your striped top! Enjoy your family day! X

  7. Your outfit is really lovely! I love this pink blazer and I want a top like that! ^^ You look really gorgeous! =)
    Have a nice weekend!

  8. really lovely outfit, nothing like the colour pink to put a smile on my face :)
    looking forward to the new posts!

  9. You look amazing in the first picture:O love the stripey top:) x

  10. You look glowing in these pictures Ella. There is nothing wrong with getting dressed to make you feel better. I think I should do that more often actually. I love your new header as well, it's fab as always!


  11. lol i remember Ben from A1. I was a 'secret' fan. Used to think I was too cool to listen to them but I'd steal my little sister's CD and sing-along to them in my room x

  12. Love your blazer, it looks really nice with the stripes!

  13. hi Ella!

    do you have a link for the blazer?? I've tried looking on their site but can't it :-(



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