25 February 2012


today i...
  • Had a lovely little lie in till 9am
  • Didn't fall over at ice skating
  • Had a little picnic with my brothers and their girlfriends.
  • Accidentally took a swig of dr pepper and then realised i am not drinking fizz drink for lent
  • Laughed so hard it hurt
  • wished i was a little more organised with certain things in my life
  • was given the swamp shark dvd i do love cheesy bad films
  • washed my hair twice 
  • had a wonderful roast made by mum
  • felt the sun on my face
  • wrote a few letters to friends i miss dearly 
  • hugged my dad 5 times
  • was a little disappointed that england lost against wales, but I'm a little in love with george north so i can let that one slide.
  • had a little asthma attack 
  • hit my 14,000th order over at rubyraelove
  • watched tom hardy in warrior according to my sister he is "Fit" 


    1. Lovely list, hope you're okay after your asthma attack x

    2. :( hope you're ok from your asthma attack! also congrats on 14,000th order at RRL! That's incredible x

    3. Wow 14000th order!! Congrats, you must be so proud!

      Ginger Pickle ♥


    4. Sounds like a lovely day! & WOW 14,000! congratulations! you have to share some tips and tricks lady! xo

    5. Well done on the 14,000th order, you deserve it and you truly inspire me every time I see new stuff in your shop xx

    6. ooh, good list! this made me smile.

      and congratulations on the 14,000 mark! that is incredible. well done.

    7. Sounds like you had a lovely day, apart from the asthma attack! Hope you've recovered from that now. Swamp shark sounds amazing haha.
      Miss you :) xxxxx


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