23 March 2012

from my desk..

As I have been working at my desk for most tweets, posts and photos i thought i would share with you my new little workshop space. Its not much but its a lovely little spot in the afternoon to work at, it's the first time that I've actually had a proper desk to work ar, makes a lovely change. I don't really like working by artificial light so a soon as I get in front work, I throw my bag on the floor and I get making asking as the sunlight floods into the room and my summer playlist is playing I am a happy maker.
I will be sharing my summertime playlist next week whilst the weather is good and the sun is shining.

20 March 2012

Rock, folk, sea...

I have been a busy bee over here at RubyRaeLove working on new pieces and I have a few new Sterling silver rings. I have also added a new discount code that will last for 24 hours...the code is 1stBirthday you will recieve 10% your entier order. I have been trying to sort my little life out ready for the summer and i have decided that every penny i make over here at Ella and RubyRaeLove will be going towards my silver smithing classes and trying to set my jewellery studio up ready for summer 2013, so if you do purchase an item your pennies will be going towards my little dream of living by the seaside and selling turquoise to passers-bye....


18 March 2012

sunday snapshots week 1

As always I have had a lovely busy week, I thought i would share with you a few snap shoots.

1. Beautiful blossom trees on my way home from work, 2. my shoes, 3. a little bit of vanity, 4 New amethyst bullet necklace, 5. RubyRaeLove photo shoot, 6. Watching surf videos, 7, Sign love, 8. Sunshine, 9. Cheeky bit of chocolate between lessons, 10. New rings, 11. my beautiful brother, 12. Outfit post, 13. Watching Woman in Black (eek) 14. The florist mum works at the day before mothers day. 15. my new Cardigan and nails


RubyRaeLove 1st birthday giveaway..

Here is a little birthday treat for all your RubyRaeLove fans, i promised two days ago that i was going to be having a giveaway and here it is, well here is the start of the giveaway. I have spent all weekend making new pieces for an up and coming photoshoot of my pieces, so along the way i thought i would make a few pieces for the giveaway. 
If you win you will recieve these wonderful spike Turquoise earrings and  a turquoise nugget bracelet along with my new (one off piece) Aztec triangle necklace. 

So how do you enter the give away...
You have to be a follower/reader of ella, you can only enter once, all you have to do is (comment) enter your name email address or anyway for me to contact you when i draw the prize. Leave a comment below so you can be entered into the draw. 
It is open to all international and uk readers.
Giveaway will end at mid-night 25th March 2012


17 March 2012


The afternoons have felt short and i truly wish there were more hours in the day to cram more making and creating... but i decided mid way through the week that I would take one evening out and just draw. Lay on my bed in the sunlight and draw, it is the only way i can relax. These illustrations will be forming a new collection at RubyRaeLove, i am excited. In other news today is pretty much the first time i will be going out since like christmas time, i have been so busy with my business that i haven't had any time to socialize, i will be watching woman in black and shopping with on of my oldest friend who i haven't seen in a really long time. Its good to get out but first things first off to the post office with orders and ebay things...

13 March 2012

Happy birthday RubyRaeLove...1 today!

Happy 1st birthday to RubyRaeLove, its been such a wonderful year. Lots of ups and a few downs but the business has gone from strength to strength. when I dreamt up rubyraelove i was on my way back from a little trip to hastings with my ex boyfriend. I never thought i would be sitting here a year later with over 15,000 orders under my belt, saying happy birthday RubyRaeLove! I still consider RRL an indie business with big plans for the future. Just recently i was contacted with some really wonderful news on expanding RubyRaeLove with some really big companies so watch this space. For a few months rubyraelove has sat quietly whilst i get on with my full-time job of being a teaching assistant and yes sometimes it can be hard to juggle everything i do, but it really makes it all worthwhile when i think about what i make and how much my customers like what they buy. I recently had a shoot in Crack Magazine with some old season pieces but i hope to see my creations gracing pages of glossy magazines...to ambitious? the world is my oyster....
I want to share with you my future hopes for RRL
  • Over the summer i have so plans to expand the business with collaborations with a few big companies (that i am not allowed to tell you about)
  • expand into a mobile workshop/business touring and sharing my pieces
  • I hope to introduce my own hand-made silver pieces (i am teaching myself silversmithing) 
  • and just have great fun with the pieces
I wanted to say a massive thank you for your on going support and love it really means alot so to say a massive thank you tomorrow i will be launching the  RubyRaeLove Birthday Give away i hope you can join me....


11 March 2012

Camera blog slae.

My lovely Holga CMYK i sadly have to sell this as i have no space for it anymore comes with all the packaging, no film, a holga book with lots of lovely photos. Perfect 1st time Holga £50 or make me an offer. leave a little comment if you are interested with your email address p&p will be £4.50 and £6.00 international.
Camera info
The Holga 120CFN is a medium format camera that lets you shoot images that can be printed in size 6x6 inch. The color flash technology in this Holga film camera when combined with Holga's built-in features like soft focus, vignetting, light leaks etc, gives you absolutely mind-blowing results. This Holga film camera features a color wheel that tints the flash with clear, red, yellow, blue gels to add stunning effects to your pictures. The settings for manual exposure in the Holga 120CFN allows you to shoot excellent pictures at night. The "B" Shutter setting in this medium format camera allows you to keep the shutter open for a prolonged period to achieve shake free exposures at night and to get stunning portraits using the flash. The Holga 120CFN also provides threads for a tripod.
Product Identifiers
Key Features
Camera TypePoint and Shoot
Film FormatMedium Format
Film Size6 x 4.5 cm

My lovely hot pink Fish eye camera is for sale i have used this a few times and takes normal film,  i just have no space for them anymore. Box and all booklets included and a little book of photos, it takes 35mm film with a built in flash. For sale for £40 or make me an offer 
 leave a little comment if you are interested with your email address p&p will be £4.50 and £6.00 international.


Blog sale.

                 H&M tiny mustard peter pan collar top size 16 £4             Internacionale scollop peter pan collar top size14  £4
                                                  H&M paperclip Size 14 top £4                                                Vintage polyester vest size 14 £3
                            Vintage C&A Salmon  Polyester size 16 top £2            Vintage Losie co. sailor style top size 12/14 £4
                        Vintage woolly jumper size large £4                                                      Vintage unisex jumper size 14 £3
              Topman hand illustrated illustration top  size medium £4                                                   Hand-altered stussy top size 12 £3
                        Jack wills cotton stripe pink/white size 12 £4                                      NewLook waistcoat size 14 £2
                                       Vintage Etam size 10 £3                                  primark breton stripe blue and white top  size 14 £1.50
                        Newlook aztec pattern top size 18 £2                Vintage Marks& spencers lilac and white dotty top size 14 £2
                  Vintage autumn floral long skirt size 16 elasticated £3                      vintage viscose floral skirt size 16 £3
                   Vintage floral long skirt one size only 12/14 £3                                Vintage dark orange size 10/12 £5

Here are a few items for sale, if you are interested in any please just leave a comment of the item you want its first come first serve. Also i have a few dresses for sale over on my ebay heres a little link.
Postage and packaging will be £3.00 just because some of the items are really bulky. International P&P will be £4.50

9 March 2012

weekly work Outfits.

This is my little outfit from yesterday and here is my debut of my new Accessories bag. I love it so much i am not entirely sure if i can replace my Roxy bag just yet. Yesterday was pretty hectic, really rather glad its friday and i am watching New Girl, oh god i still love that. 
One of my students said they loved my dress until i told them it was from primark i think i went down by like 200 in the cool books but oh well i think i made up points by getting one of my students in to the uk beat boxing championships...wooohhoo go me! 
Anyway I have been sorting bits and pieces out for ebay and for my blog sale which will involve tops, dresses, jumpers bags and cameras i have just finished photographing them. I am just loving my Iphone right now since i broke my lens for my nixon, (£100 down the loo) it has kept me inspired to carry on taking photos and a little less devastated that i only just handed the £200 over to my brother for the camera itself so i guess thats how things work. My weekend is going to consist of trips to carboot sales, columbia road and reading lovely relaxing weekend. What are you upto this weekend?

7 March 2012

weekly work Outfits.

This is the outfit i wore today, i love my vintage sandals, i picked them up in the summer from Brighton. I am just looking forward to the summer, and seeing the sun everyday will just be bliss. This is my favorite dress yay for second hand. On Sunday we had a massive clean up at home that has resulted in selling lots of lovely things on ebay i have been spending last night editing the images, i love spring cleaning.Today was busy busy as always at work, wednesday are always my worst day off the week, not really sure why i have never liked wednesdays ha! I am working on a few things for the blog, i am feeling really inspired at the moment, be prepared to see lots of new projects. Ooo and there maybe a Give away coming up.


6 March 2012

weekly work Outfits.

This is my little outfit i wore to work today,I will be doing on of these everyday this week starting from today (I couldn't post yesterday long story). Today was actually quite chilly, so i wore my mustard snood, its last really well considering it is primark. I wore my favorite clarks second hand shoes, perfect outfit for the kind of day i was having i always have to wear something simple for work i never know what lesson i am going to be teaching, today was food technology (carrot cake) art and english so i need to wear something that is easily adaptable and i am wont be heart broken if it gets a little messy,  i seem to have come down with a cold so i am snuggled up in my duvet as i write this. I have had a few messages asking if i am on Instagram i am just search for ella_masters  i love the freedom of being able to share my little pictures with everyone.

3 March 2012

Quote of the day.

This is what i feel like today, anyone who is creative knows exactly how i feel, when i put pencil to paper and nothing comes out correctly this is the statement that runs through my head oh dear the frustration! So this is basically all i have drawn. This quote is rather negative, i am totally having brain block right now! All i want to do is draw but all my people end up looking fugly and on my little trip out to the shops i forgot to pick up a new moleskin, i am really picky when it comes to what i draw on. I have about a million sketchbooks but i am yet to find the perfect paper. Oh the drama of being an artist. Don't worry i will probably feel totally different about my drawing ability tomorrow.
On a lot happier note i decided it was finally time to upgrade my little £3.95 phone to a splendidly wonderful iphone 4s, I have been thinking about this for awhile and i am really happy that i have, it is amazing. I never ever buy anything for myself so walking into that store and buying the iphone was kind of a big deal to me, but i am enjoying it. I hope you are all having a wonderful saturday?


2 March 2012

what i wore #9

Another little what i wore diary extract, i really love doing these and sharing them with everyone. Gets me drawing everyday which i haven't done in a while, Fridays are always pretty hectic, today my day included having a lesson with one of pupils taught the class to beatbox, listening to pendulum and Goyto walking to work, making bracelets, making posters from fluorescent paper, making palm trees, spending time looking at youtube videos. Life is pretty sweet at the moment i wanted to say a hello to all my new followers and another hello to my regular readers! Right now i am off to watch new girl on channel 4 +1, still not-sure who i prefer nick or schmidt? I shall leave you with that thought?

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