17 March 2012


The afternoons have felt short and i truly wish there were more hours in the day to cram more making and creating... but i decided mid way through the week that I would take one evening out and just draw. Lay on my bed in the sunlight and draw, it is the only way i can relax. These illustrations will be forming a new collection at RubyRaeLove, i am excited. In other news today is pretty much the first time i will be going out since like christmas time, i have been so busy with my business that i haven't had any time to socialize, i will be watching woman in black and shopping with on of my oldest friend who i haven't seen in a really long time. Its good to get out but first things first off to the post office with orders and ebay things...


  1. It looks like such a pretty drawing! Can't wait to see it in RRL!

    Pip x

  2. That's so gorgeous! You're so talented! xxx

  3. Ohhh this drawing looks amazing. I always forget how talented you are :)xx

  4. Such a lovely illustration and may I ask where did you get your lovely silver band rings from?

  5. You're so talented Ella, seriously. I really need to set aside time to draw, I never seem to do it anymore and I do miss it :( having one of those times where I don't have any faith in my abilities! Hope you enjoyed Woman In Black, I thought it was really scary! Miss you poppet xxx

  6. New follower!
    That looks like a young Patti Smith x

  7. wow i love your illustrations :) such pretty pictures x

    Mel www.mediamarmalade.com


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