30 April 2012

what i wore today...

Heres a page from my daily outfit sketchbook today i wore the same outfit i did to work on friday, today i have been teaching a little bit of screen printing at work and teaching G.c.s.e. English, so it has been a fun day. I got some wonderful news about RubyRaeLove sat in my email when i got home from work so, that put a massive smile on my face, i am off for a nap now then its time to photograph new items from RubyRaeLove's summer collection. No rest for the wicked.


29 April 2012

Taylor Does GiveAway.

The lovely people at taylor does are giving my lovely readers the opportunity to win an item from their lovely summer collection, that i shared with you here, You can view the entire collection on their webstore. Remember Ella readers can use the discount code "RUBYRAELOVE" you will receive 25% off your entire order.
So you are probably wondering what do i need to do,

  •  head over to Taylor Does facebook and like their page
  • you have to be a follower of Ella's blog to enter, 
  • leave a comment below with your email address so that you will be easily contactable, 
  • please let us know what item is your favorite in the comment.
The closing date is Sunday 13th May so you have a two weeks to enter, you can enter via twitter by following Taylor Does with the hash tag #TaylorDoes but remember to leave a comment below so we no which item is your favorite.

Taylor does find them | Facebook | website | twitter |

Good luck. 


27 April 2012

RubyRaeLove collaboration with Taylor Does summer collection

Over the last couple of weeks I have been working hard on new pieces for a little summer Collaboration with the wonderful clothing line Taylor does. I wanted to share with you a mixture of the new pieces and the summer collection from Taylor Does and the new summer collection of RubyRaeLove, its so lovely to be able to see my pieces on the models.
Aren't tops just beautiful? The pieces that i created for Taylor does, were inspired by the free spirit that the lable taylor oozes with in every piece. It is always great to be able to collaborate with such a wonderful group of creatives. So you are probably wondering who Taylor is and what they do. Taylor brings affordable, illustrative and graphic garments to adventurous and creative women who want to add bit more to their wardrobe.
All the artwork for the spring/summer 2012 t-shirt and vest collection were inspired by music, art, lifestyle and adventure.Taylor is the perfect festival staple item. It speaks of personality and creativity, we hope you think so too! All Taylor graphics are printed in house in the sunny southwest onto high quality garments sourced locally...you can't really ask for a better ethos to a beautiful company. Taylor and RubyRaeLove really compliment each other its great to support creatives. Taylor have a boutique on the ASOS market place where you will be able to purchase their lovely creations alongside being able to see the up and coming summer collection from RubyRaeLove. The lovely people at Taylor have teamed up with Ella's blog to share a lovely discount code "RUBYRAELOVE" your will receive a 25% discount on your Taylor order.

As for all the RubyRaeLove pieces these will be available to buy in the next few days. So keep your eyes peeled

Taylor are currently on tumblr | website | Facebook | Twitter | ASOS Market place | We ship internationally. It would be wonderful for all you lovely ella readers to head over and support this lovely independent label. It would be great to get support from here and across the pond.
RubyRaeLove are currently on tumblr | Facebook | webstore |
*This is not a sponsored post


26 April 2012


build animated gif

I had a really awful day yesterday at work, like seriously one of the worst and most upsetting days I think I have had in a while. I got home and totally flopped on the sofa. I really just felt truly exhausted. As you lovely readers know how positive I try to be on this here little tiny space of internet I just feel these last two days haven't been the best. Today three years ago I lost a good friend who I was at university with, during a flash flood in cornwall, I have never really gotten over the loss of him and today I decided whilst at work I would do something positive and donate my days wages to the RNLI because the emergency team helped in the search for Ryan. I felt like I was doing something a bit more constructive then sitting around feeling sorry for myself. So I guess something positive did come from today, I was able to share a little bit, to help maybe just one person who needs the support of the lifeboats. So after long phone conversations with distant friends I feel that things are getting back to normal, I think we all have those days were you just don't feel yourself so here is to being positive and grateful for what I have. Today I am grateful for my friends and family that always have the time to listen and who love me un-conditionally, I am grateful for my supportive work colleagues, I am truly grateful that my right hand is feeling better so I am able to work, paint and share beautiful things with the world and today I have been grateful for the opportunity to speak to one of my best friends (even though she lives hundreds of miles away)  about all the good memories we all shared at Uni, and our hopes and dreams of the future. I believe it is the small things in this life that make us truly thankful. This little quote from yesterdays link love really made me smile.
What are you grateful for today...?


25 April 2012

Link Love #1

Ashleigh has a wonderful giveaway over on her beautiful blog for a chance to win a lomography camera. Look at her happy face!

I am just in love with this series of blog posts from Kaelah Bee, its always wonderful to see what she will share next. She shows us how to make these wonderful cocktails perfect for any girly night.

This beautiful quote i discovered on being little's Tumblr, not sure of original source

Lyzi writes the most beautiful blog posts about food, this little beauty is all about making baked spinach falafels, seriously have to make these.

I am just a little bit in love with kim's blog sweet monday, and the fact that she is wearing a crown and glory floral head piece makes me love it more.

This photo reminds me of my childhood dream to open a shell shop when i was older, Kaylah's photography over at the dainty squid is just beautiful, in this post she share with us her trip to cleveland natural history museum.

Isla's Jumper over at a fine day for sailing is beautiful, loving her denim dress and her little leather boots are the perfect mix of fun and chic.

Lee may Foster-wilson has the loveliest mix of hand-made, lifestyle and photos Bonbi fruits of the forest ~ these beautiful snapshot from Bee's beautiful blog Vivatramp ~ Jazzabelle's diary is one of my favorite reads, doesn't jazmine look beautiful in this grey dress ~ Gem always finds the best tips on the web read her little DIY chalk hair colour ~ loving this infinity ring found via Amy Valentine's wonderful blog post.


24 April 2012

Top knots and portraits.

Finally I have my new nixon lens, I came home from work today, to find a lovely little parcel on the table, I ran up stairs and attached it to my camera, its the best thing I have ever bought. Good bye iphone photos hello clean, crisp photos. I was devastated when my last lens broke, I took it out of my bag and it just stopped working my heart sank. 
Today was crazy busy at work and I had to cover quite a few lessons so it was pretty hectic filled with teaching g.c.s.e maths, science and english. When I get home I feel pretty much like a zombie so to cheer myself up I spend an hour everyday when i get in to do some art for myself. I miss my old University days where every breathing moment was consumed with thinking about art, reading about art, making art and drinking...those where the days. I couldn't resist making a paint brush mustache, sorry - had to be done. I hope you like "my what i wore today" illustration i did it quickly this morning whilst making a few  little lesson plan. I always put my hair into a messy bun when i am painting. My Mum always says she knew when i was concentrating on painting as a kid when I had my hair up and poking my tongue out to concentrate believe me its a good look.


20 April 2012

trinkets and tatoos

1. Straight hair, Iphone case society6 2. new trinkets for the RRL summer collection. 3. sleepy portraits. 4. new crystal pendants, 5. re-pierced nose. 6. New ram head ring. 7 my new leg piece.

I have been acquiring a few new trinkets over the last couple of weeks on my travels, oh and i actually brushed and straightened my hair...i know right? I am trying to catch up to share with you all what i have been upto, its proving to be hard to fit everything in. Even though I run RubyRaeLove ( which is a jewellery shop for all you new readers) I still can't stop myself from collecting little trinkets. I can't help myself. So my new organised jewellery box is fit to bursting. Note to self I must so more self control. You might be able to see my little blue bird tattoo in the top right picture, i only found this out the other day that blue bird tattoos are deemed to lucky, prosperity and happiness, (not sure if i actually believe that myself)  i've had the little beauty six years and i've only just discovered this how ignorant of me. Tattooing is something that I really want to get into after my little discussion with Ashleigh I am actually considering it as a future career path (I know its alot harder to get into then applying for a job). I think my dad would fear that i would end up doodling all over myself. I am feeling a far more creative career path beckoning then my current career.  After posting a little tattoo flash for my leg piece which you can see above, over on my instagram _ellamasters_ I have had around 8 tattoo requests how lovely of people wanting to share my creation on their body so if anyone else fancies anything buy me of a commission?! hehe . I just wanted to thank you all for your lovely words about my Paintings that i had created over Easter, so thank you.


19 April 2012

the only way is essex.

At the start of the easter break me and my family headed to Clacton in Essex, back when we had sunshine in the uk. The photo of me and my sister was taken on the last day of the little holiday the caravan was cold so all our clothes got damp, so that is why i am wearing a mixture of what i like to call my messy clothes. We drove around and to in the sites of rural Essex, its such a lovely little county there is alot more to essex than the only way is essex. Its always really nice nice to be with my family. My little brother turn 20 whilst we were on the holiday, i am still yet to get my Nixon Dx camera fixed so thats why my photos are a little blurred due to being taken on my Iphone. Looking forward to getting my new lens. Heres to me wishing for some more sunshine soon.

18 April 2012

painting my old friend.


I wanted to share with you a few things i have been working on over Easter. I have finally got back into painting, It has been years, well since I graduated from university I haven't painted a Canvas.
It felt like I had been visited by an old friend when i sat down to paint, I have truly never left so calm and free as I do when i paint or draw. To be able to create something without worrying about a client or monetary gain is what i have missed. I love my little Wooden chest of paints and arty things.
When i paint on canvas I often use Acrylic paint, I think my next adventure into painting with be with oils, even though I did a degree in fine art i am yet to master the use of Oil paints. My passion has been spurred on from finding all my old pre-raphaelite books and venturing to the National Gallery to see the Turner exhibition i am such a geek when it comes art. 

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