2 May 2012

Link Love #2

This weeks link loves come from all over the internet a mix of my favorite illustrations and blog post.

This Beautiful illustrations from Julie Massy

Seventy Tree always has such beautiful photography i wish for my blog to be more like this one.

I am a little bit in love with all these ruck sacks, I would like to add to my collection a lovely 
washed denim one...

Loving this little blog post from Just blog it all instead...from a lovely sheri who goes to my old Uni woo go falmouth, loving the dresses and the fact that it includes links to Asthma uk is even better.

This wonderful Tutorial from Rookie, it shows you how to create a beehive in 2 minutes with just bobby pins. Perfectly done.  With thanks to lyzi for finding this for me.

Beautiful blogger, the photos and outfit posts are lovely. Lily Bee is a newly discovered blog for me and i am loving it. 

I love the fact Delightfully tack now has instagram ~ VivaTramps heartfelt post about living with a long term illness ~ Olive my love is a beautiful blog ~ i just love Oh Emma , wonderful blog ~ foxtail + fern has such wonderful posts, she's away for a bit but her photos are beautiful ~ Style Rookie picture inspiration.



  1. Thank you so much Ella for your lovely words :)

  2. I love your link love posts - so different to everyone else's. So many unique new blogs that I follow now!

  3. Great post! Some lovely new blogs and that illustration is so beautiful xxx


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