31 May 2012

D.I.Y. Illustrated Initial pillow.

I had recently noticed an array of beautiful initial pillows on the internet, i have a crazy amount of fabric hanging around my studio so i thought i would whip something simple and creative to share with you all. Sorry if there might be an overload of pictures, it was quite hard to narrow down the process. if you do not have a sewing machine you can just create this pillow with simple needle and thread and a straight stitch. I hope it was simple and easy to follow.

Foot note. I am aware i was sewing without a machine foot, mine went walkies and I decided to sew without it! yes i am a rebel.


30 May 2012

weekly wish list #3

So to motivate me this week, i am re-arranging my studio/room. I have been wanting a new sewing machine for a few years, and this anniversary 160 Singer  sewing machine is just divine if i had a spare £399 I would snap it up. Isn't the Caitlin shearer original painting just beautiful I think I might have to purchase this unless someone else snags it before i do, It would look perfect in my new studio. Because I am still living at home and my sister has moved out dad has said i can buy the shelving unit to gain more space in the room so excited, i know its just shelves but i love nesting. 


27 May 2012

Life according to my Iphone ; shopping

I snapped these iphone pictures last weekend when me and debbie popped into town for a bit of shopping. I think Monki now has to be officially my favorite shop, the shop layout is just as beautiful as the clothes. These are just a few snaps i wanted to share with you from inside of liberty, the shop itself is stunning, its always so much fun to go poking around in, upstairs is way cooler than down stairs even though i saw a liberty collab with Dr. martens, bag and i fell in love but £195 was a little bit out of my price range. We ate boots meal deal food because we were being cheapskates and didn't want to eat out anywhere but we did get a cheeky starbucks. London is such a wonderful place to style spot, strolling down Carnaby street people watching is just the best.
I decide to take the rudimentary iphone changing rooms photo to compare dresses, i stood in the shop for twenty minutes just staring at the three dresses unable to choose which one i wanted, i went with the two white dresses in the end, i thought i looked pregnant in the blue dress with butterflies ha! We had a really lovely day filled with food, clothes and topshop boots.

My give away to win an illustrated outfit post by me goes to ( I decided to draw 2 names out of the hat) Ashleigh and Sheri well done girlies! and a massive thank you to everyone who enter I will be doing another illustration give away pretty soon so Thank you.


26 May 2012

sponsor ella in june

Would you like to sponsor ella over june? I have a few spaces in extra large, large and small. It would be lovely to share your lovely blogs or shops that reflect the style of ella. All prices and information are available over at my Advertising page. All sponsor generated income will be going towards my lovely little business dream. I have lots lovely Giveaways, guest posts and some wonderful D.I.Ys coming up in june.


25 May 2012

Evening Greenery

The sun has been shining in crazy amounts here in England and oh my have I been loving it, I have spent every evening outside. To be outside in the sun always reminds me of being young bare foot and happy. In the evenings I have been helping mum over the allotment, we have been thinking about getting chickens and pigs. Have you seen lovely updates on keeping chickens over at Bleubird blog just the thought of having baby chicks fills me with happiness, my brother has been looking after sickly piglets at college this week after a fox attack, we have been getting daily updates. 
I love eating the food we grow on the allotment, I don't often post about the allotment on here, mum was feeling very photographic in these pictures so i thought i would make the most of the sun and mum holding all the colourful rhubarb which we made into a lovely crumble. 
Since the above photos were taken I seem to have burnt my knees and i got bitten by a mean little red ant, so i have been in pain with that as i am allergic to their bite hello red swollen legs. Oh the perils of bare legs. I hope you are all enjoying the weather where ever you are in the world.


24 May 2012

Weekly wish list #2

I love compiling together all the little items i see across the internet through out the week to go on my weekly wish list, this week I have been in summer mode so anything brightly coloured or even slightly resembling a deck chair and i want it! 


23 May 2012

Sneak peek into my room..

This is going to be a new feature on this blog, I want to share with you my little world, if you follow me over on instagram (_ellamasters_) you may have already seen this little snap. Welcome to my bedroom. Pretty much everything in the photo is thrifted, gifted or hand-made (except for the dvds and hair products) I often use this space which is directly in front of my bed to keep me constantly inspired. It use to be my desk before dad moved in a thrifted 20p desk from the red cross. Its now used as collection space. I am hoping to get some lovely box shelves from ikea to pop up here to make it all fresh and organised but until then i like it how it is.

My pride and joy are the little trinkets in my letter press shelf, there are family jewellery, dried flowers and trinkets I have collected since childhood stacked away in those little wooden shelves. The glass dome was a find when i popped to a big antiques center in Essex with mum and it was a bargain, I am still to find something wonderful to put inside it? But for now i put all my gems and stones inside it. 

The little square picture frame has a beautiful embroidered mail art piece by Anna and i just love it, the day i got it i popped to hobby craft and bought a frame, i was to afraid i might damage it, she has embroidered my favorite quote in the middle with the words "follow every rainbow until you find your dream" its actually from the sound of music! thank you lovely.

The two paintings on the wall are my favorites the fairy was painted by me when i was really ill as a kid i think i was about 9 and it was my pride and joy, i remember telling my dad that i would never be able to create something so amazing again (i was 9 i was obsessed with art kinda scary the things i use to say) and the other is a lovely printed by Mandy Sutcliffe of Belle and boo, she actually gave this to me when I did some illustration work experience with her in 2010 (she is a lovely lady) I hope to one day be as successful as her. I hope you liked this sneak peek into my little world that is my bedroom...

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