24 May 2012

Weekly wish list #2

I love compiling together all the little items i see across the internet through out the week to go on my weekly wish list, this week I have been in summer mode so anything brightly coloured or even slightly resembling a deck chair and i want it! 



  1. The bag is gorgeous! I love the print on the collar, too. XO.

  2. That collar is just adorable! xx

  3. I like all the things on your wishlist, especially that cup - how sweet is that?!

  4. Absolutely loving collars right now! And that mug is adorable (:


  5. Absolutely love that heart mug! I'm currently going through a phase of getting rid of any non pretty mugs in my house! I just can't bare to drink out of them!

    joanne from jimmilou.com

  6. Ahhh that mug is so cute! I can't wait until I don't live with students anymore so I can get things like that and not worry about them being stolen! Lovely selection :) xxx


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