30 May 2012

weekly wish list #3

So to motivate me this week, i am re-arranging my studio/room. I have been wanting a new sewing machine for a few years, and this anniversary 160 Singer  sewing machine is just divine if i had a spare £399 I would snap it up. Isn't the Caitlin shearer original painting just beautiful I think I might have to purchase this unless someone else snags it before i do, It would look perfect in my new studio. Because I am still living at home and my sister has moved out dad has said i can buy the shelving unit to gain more space in the room so excited, i know its just shelves but i love nesting. 



  1. That Singer is ridiculously gorgeous, I really want it! x

  2. The sewing machine is amazing !
    Also that journal is very cute :)


  3. woooow, over $400 for an old school looking sewing machine? that's insane! although it really is incredibly cute, i don't think i could ever justify that price tag! if only we weren't poor college students :(


  4. What a beautiful wishlist, I think I want all of these things too! I've always longed for a singer sewing machine!

  5. I wish my flat was big enough to fit in those shelves. The swing machine is also gorgeous xx
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

  6. oh how lovely.. thank you so much for including my pencil holder here. I love the botanical journal - you can never have too many journals, in my opinion! :)

  7. Ooh shelving! I, too, get extremely excited by shelving! And this one is amazing. So many vintage finds that could be put on this :)

  8. I just found your blog via Little Chief Honeybee and I must say how much I LOVE your blog!! You have the most beautiful little space here!!
    I love all of these finds, esp. that shelving unit + journal!! Very lovely!!
    PS I love your signature at the end of your posts!! Is that a font or your own writing? It is beautiful!!

    1. welcome and thank you so much lovely, thats such a massive compliment :) yeah the signature is my own hand writing :) x

  9. THAT MACHINE! Oh noooo why did you show me now I want it so much!! hehe, have fun with your nesting, studios are the most fun to rearrange! xxx


  10. I'm obsessed with Caitlin Shearer's drawings they are so beautiful. Have you seen her dresses? I WANT ONE!xx

  11. Amazing! I'd love that machine too. Looking forward to see your first craft using your new sewing machine! :) However, maybe you can check one of my sewing machine here, kindly take a look at this link brother xl2600i.

    Hope you love it too.




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