30 June 2012

A little heart.

Today has been rather long, this week has felt like two but I have been so very busy, as you can see in my last post it has been a fun packed week. Last night i attended the year 11 prom at the school i work at ( as a teacher it felt a little odd) but it was lovely. I was running on two hours of sleep today as I went into town to meet up with the lovely Lyzi, who is in town for lily's birthday meet up. It is always so lovely to meet up with Lyzi, she has absolutely amazing hair and sense of humour (now im am starting to sound creepy) any way...We ventured out for food and did a little shopping in Monki i bought two Lacey dresses exactly the same as my favourite white version, i might have to hunt for it in black?! What with my feet being in agony for the first time ever the only picture i took of the day is the one above i thought the bubbles in my tea looked like a heart?!....rare i normally take a million pictures. I am so excited about the little blogger meet up tomorrow...i am going to admit something now i have never been to a bloggers meet up this shall be rather run. 


28 June 2012

My week according to my iphone

Wearing my new favourite necklace | Carving illustrated leather | my new illustrated fabric

Indulgent chocolate cake | Pizza with the bestie at pizza express | party time at work

Best organiser ever from paperchase | Making masks at work for the year 6's | organising 

Art exhibition at work | my new favourite topshop ring | Boat party on the thames.

Also I would love to just mention that the voting closes soon for the cosmo blog awards, it would be wonderful if you could vote this here little blog under best lifestyle blog you can vote here thank you I don't often ask but I thought tonight I will. thanks


25 June 2012

10 things i love

Here are Ten thing I love. What do you love?


24 June 2012

Sponsor ella in july

Well hello new and old readers, its that time of the month, june has been a quick month for me, soon it will be july, which promises to be one of the busiest month yet over here at ella, I will be running my first ever business blog month. Where I will be sharing wonderful tips, online stores and bloggers with you wonderful lot. With a give away at the end of every week where you will have the chance to get you're hands on some beautiful hand made goodies, from around the world. So if you are a online shop, blog or want to share you site with more readers then read on...When it comes to sponsoring ella, I offer three different sizes, small, medium and large, at a reasonable price....for more information you can always head over to my advertising page or you can send me an email ellas_blog (at) hotmail.co.uk, I look forward to sharing new and exciting blogs and shops with you lovelies.


Inspired by Van Gogh

This week I have been inspired by the art work of van gogh, I love his paintings and I wanted to see if i could find anything that slightly resembled one of my favourite paintings from him. I've searched and here is what I found. 


23 June 2012

What i bought last weekend.

Last weekend I went on a mini spending spree in my local charity shop, I got a vintage dress, a velvet skirt and a black top plus eight wonderful vintage scarfs, hello endless hair accessories! On sunday me mum and my sister ventured to westfileds where I got my mac fixed at the apple store and i purchased a external hard drive using my iphone that totally blew my mind! I also picked up a few new (beautiful) bras from La senza and a wonderful pair of mustard clog style sandals from new Look, i need to wear them at some point. Is there anything you bought recently? 


22 June 2012

How to make a chai tea latte

I wanted to share with you my quick and easy way to make a simple chai tea latte, i'm not saying this is a technical way to make a latte but it taste good and i love it. You can make this in about five minutes so it is perfect in this wet, grey british weather. I hope you enjoy my first ever how to make something to do with food/drink, I have lots of wonderful things to share with you.

21 June 2012

my face thursday

This week has been a busy one (as always) but enjoyable. Forgive the silly third photo, to much time alone in my studio does funny things to me. But I enjoy being silly. I am currently working on re-branding RubyRaeLove which is something that I am really enjoying, expanding into fashion is something i have always always wanted to do, so fingers crossed I can make the dresses as beautiful as my vision. I think I will have a limited amount of about 6 of one design and 3 of the tattoo design.  Alot of you have asked me where i got my fabric printed I got mine printed over at spoonflower in  america, the quality is pretty awesome as you can see from the pictures, I am excited to get stitching!

This week I have been rather obsessed with my new (vintage) scarfs which I am using to jazz up my hair; a head scarf is the perfect way to introduce colour into any outfit and the perfect way to tame my mane! So this is what I am currently wearing the card moustache is totally optional! At the moment to cheer myself up I have decided to fill my room with colour and including what I am wearing, there have been some amazing blogs out there at the moment that have really inspired me to take the plunge with colour. I decide to mix the bright pinks with my favourite white lace monki dress, how do you introduce colour into your outfit? 


19 June 2012

Designing a Capsule collection with James lakeland

So Friday morning I'm reading through my commission emails and orders, I came across an email from the lovely Laura Halliday and Dee Vesali PR asking me if i wanted to spend an afternoon designing a capsule collection for James Lakeland, as I am always stuck in my studio designing pieces for RubyRaeLove i jumped at the chance to get involved and meet some bloggers and James himself. Me and four other bloggers Memoir Mode, The Online Stylist, Sarah-Hayley Owen and My Fash Diary, were given the wonderful opportunity to create a capsule collection for the Womenswear Designer James Lakeland. We we're told that it would be a creative meet up, so being a creative lady and a fashion lover I thought why not. So we chose a bag that had a sample inside I grabbed a bag with a white shirt that had these wonderful ruffles down the front, for the first few minutes my creative brain decided it didn't want to function as the other ladies delved into the fabrics, buttons and trimmings. We all got into our designing; pinning bits of fabric and buttons to our samples. When it came to mine i decided to go with the mustard taffeta (I am pretty obsessed with block colour at the moment can you tell from my pink blazer?) with a contrast with a smoky rose colour. I decided to add to the bottom of the blouse with a rounded hem to give it a bit of an edgier feel. 
After we came up with our design james took sometime go around individually so we could share our design and the idea behind it. I hope you like the little video i put together of my day designing with james and the other lovely ladies.


18 June 2012

New Fabric

I wanted to share with you all a sneak peek at the fabric I have had created. Mum text me when I was at work to tell me it had arrived I was beyond excited. I have lots of lovely dresses to get making out of these beautiful fabrics. So what do you all think? It is just a basic soft plain cotton, perfect for the job, as you can probably tell i am so proud of the fabric. I would really love to create curtains out of it but I think the dresses come first.
There are lots of lovely things coming up this week that I look forward to sharing with you. You will be happy to hear that my laptop is back with me working and hello external hard-drive, i am constantly backing my photos and work up I never want to go back there again.
I feel that I have been given the opportunity for a fresh start...so here it is to more creativity and making, I hope you can join me along the way.

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