31 July 2012

colour combination : Turquoise and Red

I wanted to share with you my current favourite colour combination and my favourite hand on the hip pose (I always stand like that at work, its my teacher pose and the children love to mock me for it). The outfit is a pretty simple, the Breton style top is from New look in the sale, velvet black skirt 50p from a local charity shop and red leather belt Tommy Hilfiger for 99p. Everyone knows how much I love mint/Turquoise i feel like i should have at least one item of clothing on everyday that is turquoise its kind of turning into a mild obsession. Today in other news I have had a rather awesome day which involves, lots of photography, amazing clothes and tons of jewellery... more information on why this is will follow pretty soon, in a blog post or two. I am off to watch new girl....Is there a colour combination that you love? 


walking the streets of oxford.

I thought I would share with you a glimpse of our trip to oxford, I took a crazy amount of photos as i always do when we take a trip to anywhere, so I thought I would break the post up and not overload you with all the photos. Oxford is one of my favourite cities, the architecture is so beautiful and I love just wandering around the streets.
I went with mum, saul and his Girlfriend Lillie, I really wanted to find some vintage gems, I snagged a few goodies whilst searching through the charity shops and vintage haunts. How amazing are those floral brogues! Unfortunately they were in a size 5 but if they were mine i would of grabbed those up! 
For Breakfast I took mum to a little cafe that i often go to when I am in oxford Its called the cafe bar, I had a large chunk of Blueberry drizzle cake and mum had a lovely carrot cake, obviously with a good strong cup of tea, to get us ready to stroll around the beautiful streets of oxford. I decided to wear my vintage woven leather shoes, after the fact that the sole fell off the other day, i superglued them back together and they glued much to my surprise! They Beauties cost me £5 from a lovely vintage store in Brighton.
Alot of people have been asking where i got my satchel from it was a second hand gift from my little brother, it was originally from Topman there are similar ones here and here


29 July 2012

A day trip

We ate so much the other day at my brothers 19th birthday, that the thought even now fills me up! We decided to head out to a little country pub for a meal during the day and then in the evening saul ventured out to meet up with my brothers who were working in town. 
Its always nice to get to spend time with my family, even if it is only for a day or two doing something special, i decided to wear my new Asos sweet heart neckline dress that i will be packing up with me to wear in paris, I was a little worried that it was too low cut so i decided it best to wear a little top below as it was probably for the best, i also avoided any spillages onto the dress which i was really proud of anyone who knows me will tell you just how clumsy i actually am. 
Birthday cakes in my house are always something that we look forward to seeing and especially to eating, So when mum asked Eileen of St Jude Cupcakes to make Saul's 19th birthday cake we just fell in love with how wonderful the cake was, it is all hand made and amazing and it tasted lovely. Can i just quickly mention how adorable St Jude Cupcakes Ice cream van is where they sell the cakes from. 
Saul said he had a wonderful day which is always lovely to hear, we have had a pretty good weekend in the masters house lots of laughing and eating my two favourite things to do. So all thats left for me to do this weekend is planning out some jewellery for a photoshoot on Tuesday and create some illustrations....so i best get going on all that. 


27 July 2012

Happy Birthday

I often share post about my family, but today is a rather lovely one. my baby brother today turns 19. How adorable does he look playing in the back garden looking like a little sailor. He is rather awesome. I thought I would get all nostalgic and share with you one or two of my favourite photos of saul (and Conor).  I love having a big family, but i especially love being a big sister to these two hansom boys, i am so truly proud of them for all they have achieved. I am currently helping saul set up his own little blog at the moment...I will be sharing that soon. So today I wanted to wish my baby brother Saul a massive Happy 19th Birthday! I will be sharing what we got up to today with you all pretty soon.


26 July 2012

I love Paris in the summer, when it sizzles.

Gosh I look really rather depressed in this photo, but believe I am not. I am so excited about my paris trip with lyzi that I cant contain my excitement, it is slowly creeping up on us and i have so many places I wish to visit. I have had some really lovely recommendations from you lovelies about where to visit once we are over there. If you have any other places in paris you think we should look into seeing that would be fab
Our hotel is near the Moulin Rouge so that is somewhere i really want to visit. 
I have a strange memory of when I was a child where i was on a boat on the Seine and we sailed past the smallest house in paris, I want to visit that place again, I found this little video how cute is it..
 The Sacre-coeur is a must, the view from the step is something to behold also on the tourist route i wish to visit Notre Dame, i never got to go inside so that would be something i would love to do. I am so looking forward to discovering little restaurants, Boulangeries and flea markets.  
All I have been thinking about is what I will be wearing as I stroll down the busy streets.
I will be doing a Parisian inspired giveaway at the start of August inspired by mine and Lyzi's Parisian adventure where there will be plenty of goodies up for grabs inspired by our trip.  I am off to read my Parisian Chic: A style Guide.  


A splash of colour

The winner of harriet's give away was polly, enjoy the tattoos lovely.
Dressing for the summer is the best, the skirt that I am wearing in the photos above is a little purchase I made in a local charity shop the other day, for 99p you can't really complain. This is the first size 12 item I have fitted in, in almost two years, so you can imagine how happy i was when this beautiful skirt fitted. The colour is so vibrant and really eye catching. Mum was designated photographer for the day and she loved it, she had a bit of accident earlier in the day and sliced her foot open whilst doing a spot of gardening, she is a little squeamish so I took the helm and patched her up believe me when i tell you there was alot of blood. So for her helping her she helped me with photos, she is such a lovely lady. Then we had out dinner sat in the sunshine, which is always lovely, I find being british you have to grab all the sunshine when you can. Its just under a month till my birthday, what to do?! Gosh I will be 24 in under a month the thought slightly terrifies me and at the same time excites me as to what wonderful things i will be getting up to being 24. I have my list still to accomplish but there are a few things that will roll over to my 25 things before 25 list, so i am currently thinking about what the future has in store for me. Do you have a life list of things you want to accomplish? 


25 July 2012

sundress and sandals

What a beautiful few days we have had recently, i have fully embraced the sunshine and the warm weather. I have not wanted to spend a moment inside. My days haven't been busy which makes a wonderful change. I feel in a constant state of flux like I feel like I should be busy but my body is telling me not to. Guilt is such a bad thing, but i am telling myself it is ok. I have had quite a lot of people enquiring as to why I haven't emailed them back regarding a few things. I have been having a break from emails, so if you are waiting on one from me I promise I will be in contact soon but sometimes I just need to get away from things. 
We had a lovely barbecue over the allotment last night, whilst the sun was setting my favourite time of the day. The barbecue wasn't a total success, it took and hour and half to cook the sausages total fail! but i enjoyed my falafels, peppers and being with my favourite people. I thought I would share with you one of my new dresses from french connection, its perfect in the heat so light and cool. I have also managed to acquire some wonderful tan lines over the last few days, the sun has turned my hair a little ginger...i kind of like it.


24 July 2012


I have fallen in love with these mint brogues from Topshop these are perfect for my Paris trip. Wandering the champs elysees in a little summer dress....I have become obsessed with mint coloured clothes do you have a colour for the summer? 
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