8 July 2012

neon and blue

I think I have discovered my all time favourite outfit, cue neon top and my favourite navy skirt, i wore this to work on wednesday and everyone was like wow thats a bright top...possibly to bright to wear at work, but i love it and hello tamed mane i have to take a second look at myself in the mirror when my hair is straight not sure still how i feel about it being straight? 
This week i feel like i have barely done anything constructive...i think its the weather even though I have been in my studio in the evenings i have wanted to be outside, but the wonderful british weather has made me feel like hibernating, which is absolutely no fun. I think my brain is wanting to be on holiday but my body has to go to work. So i am looking forward to the new week for new goals and lots of lovely give aways. Thank you for the awesomely positive feed back about the Business Blog month, over july I will have a few female small business owners talking about businesses, tips etc so it wont just be one a month but 3 a week. I am so glad you all like the idea. Is there anything special that you are featuring over on your blog at the moment? 



  1. You look wonderful! Love the skirt and colors are gorgeous :)xx

  2. lovely outfit :) haha, i love wearing bright colours to work. it makes the boring days seem far more exciting! :) x

  3. When it comes to buying new clothes I always get a bit hesitant or 'scared' of buying bright colours. I just think, 'I'll never wear that' and end up sticking to grey/navy/black. But seeing this post has sort of inspired me to try some new colour combos because I love this little outfit you've thrown together.

    I feel like hibernating too! Surely we'll get some nice weather soon? :)


  4. That skirt looks really lovely, Ella. I love how your nails match your top, you sophisticated lady!


  5. At least cute tops like that bring some sunshine to the rainy party that is England! You look gorgeous xxx

  6. I hate when big girls try to look cute it just does not work.

  7. What a beautiful outfit! It looks so adorable!

  8. this is lovely love the neon and navy combo! your hairs lovely straight :D xo


  9. Mega cute colour combo!


  10. This is gorrrrrgeous! - you are! x

  11. Such a lovely outfit and I love the belt!

  12. I love the colour of this top.. not too bright at all and the colour really suits you :)

    Jo. x

  13. It is a wonderful outfit! And I love the feature! This week I'm going to Have a post on how to find vintage clothes. I'm pretty excited about that!

    Xoxo Sarah


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