31 July 2012

walking the streets of oxford.

I thought I would share with you a glimpse of our trip to oxford, I took a crazy amount of photos as i always do when we take a trip to anywhere, so I thought I would break the post up and not overload you with all the photos. Oxford is one of my favourite cities, the architecture is so beautiful and I love just wandering around the streets.
I went with mum, saul and his Girlfriend Lillie, I really wanted to find some vintage gems, I snagged a few goodies whilst searching through the charity shops and vintage haunts. How amazing are those floral brogues! Unfortunately they were in a size 5 but if they were mine i would of grabbed those up! 
For Breakfast I took mum to a little cafe that i often go to when I am in oxford Its called the cafe bar, I had a large chunk of Blueberry drizzle cake and mum had a lovely carrot cake, obviously with a good strong cup of tea, to get us ready to stroll around the beautiful streets of oxford. I decided to wear my vintage woven leather shoes, after the fact that the sole fell off the other day, i superglued them back together and they glued much to my surprise! They Beauties cost me £5 from a lovely vintage store in Brighton.
Alot of people have been asking where i got my satchel from it was a second hand gift from my little brother, it was originally from Topman there are similar ones here and here



  1. Wonderful pictures! I love Oxford as well, my great aunt lives there and I just love visiting her and that gorgeous city! xxx

  2. Ooh those brogues are the prettiest I've ever seen! Although they wouldn't have fitted me either :(
    All your pictures look so lovely.
    Kaz x

  3. What beautiful photos! Such a shame that the brogues wouldn't fit!



  4. Awh very pretty photos :) I love Oxford, it's such a beautiful place, haven't been there in a while, might have to make a trip on the next sunny weekend! x

  5. Love these photos! You always capture the most beautiful details :)

    Pip x

  6. I would love to go to Oxford! Have you ever been to the Ashmolean Museum? I really want to go there! x

  7. Lovely photos! I would love to visit Oxford :)x

  8. I live in Oxford! Did you hit up Unicorn and Reign Wear?

    http://ohmyolivia.blogspot.com/ xo

  9. Lovely photos! I have been to Oxford once before and thought it was such a pretty place. Love cake for breakfast - looks so yum! Oooo wish I was there to get those brogues, I'm a size 5!
    Lianne x

  10. Beautiful photos! love those floral shoes aswell!


  11. Ah it looks so lovely there! I would love to go one day :) Lucky your shoes stayed glued!
    & those floral shoes WOW, they'd fit me.. fancy going back? ;) hehe

  12. I have those exact brouges, mine were from River Island! You look so happy and radient in your photos, I love what your wearing. Keep posting your days out, especially if there's another Oxford visit!!

  13. Lovely post, I miss the UK!
    Nice to see you guys are having some good weather and what a great pair of shoes- I would have bought them and put them on Ebay...
    Keep writing, xxx


  14. That cake looks so good, mmm! I'm currently waiting for my Topshop parcel to arrive with the mint brogues I bought after seeing your post :)

    allaboutthegirlblog.blogspot.com xx

  15. those flowerly shoes are wonderful <3

  16. You look so beautiful and this seems like it was such a lovely little trip!! xo

  17. Those floral brogues are beautiful! I've always wanted to visit Oxford, it looks like such a stunning place xxx

  18. Oh my those shoes are my size! How lovely! I love your flats, so lovely.

    xoxo Sarah

  19. The shoes are fantastic! :) shame they wont fit! My size though ;) xox

  20. Oxford would be the second city I'd visit if I could go to England ^^ My first one would be Stratford Upon Avon hehe Lovely pictures ♥

  21. You look beautiful! I love your outfit, it's so cute. And I love your hair, it really suits you :)
    Those floral shoes are adorable, oh gosh. I want them!
    - Rhiannon


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