17 September 2012

big hair... big stripes

I'm back from my little trip to devon for mums birthday it was rather wonderful. I told her about all your lovely birthday wishes and she said a massive thank you! I took plenty of photos to share on here with you lovely lot. I survived the horse riding...only just I had a really naughty horse that did nothing i told it to and then when we were walking the horses back to the stable one of them stood on my sisters foot. Its now rather bruised. But other then that it was rather lovely. I wore this outfit for most of the holiday with skinny jeans rather then my high waited ones. This H&M top is just so perfect at cheering me up when i wear it. 
What things have you been upto this weekend? 



  1. Lovin' the stripes - looks super gorgeous! xxx

  2. Sounds like a rather eventful weekend! I love that top - it suits you so well xoxo

  3. Your first photo is so adorable!

    I think I'd be terrified on a horse. I once raced a donkey and it kept going the wrong way!


  4. I got to spend 10 hours on a delayed train coming back from London to Perth! Thrilling!
    Love the stripes- you can never go wrong with them! x

  5. I love this top, it reminds me a tad of where's wally and I adore where's wally! (: I love your nails as well, they look like they're in amazing condition - a perfect shape! Jealous (: xx

  6. Oh wow, what a lovely weekend, cant wait to see photographs.

  7. Aww I love your first photo! You're so cute.

    Just Smile

  8. Hey you are looking so cute aawww...I like the way you are playing with your hairs in the pictures...your smile is so gorgeous.. :)

  9. Stripes are my favourites, I have way too many stripped t-shirts and trunks LOL
    I haven't ride a horse in years, but it was one of the most amazing things I've ever done in my life ^^

  10. I have exactly the same problem with horses. I really want to be able to ride them, but every time, I seem to get the wayward one! I wonder if it's my nervousness rubbing off on the horse...? Animals are smart like that!

    I adore your outfit, I too am a big fan of stripes, but I have to say, I'm an even bigger fan of your hair! I can't wait for mine to be long again.

    Morgue x

  11. I adore your hair! I wish my hair was as nice as yours...any chance of a hair tutorial? :D



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