25 September 2012

lets make a smoothie

Its not a very warming i know, but I wanted to share with you my slightly healthy cravings i have when i want to create something fruity without having to force myself to eat 5 fruit a day. I have been come slightly hooked on making home made smoothies. They are crazy easy and my new favourite flavour is mango, banana and apricot yogurt. 
All you need to do i get one ripe mango, one banana and a small apricot yogurt blend it together using a hand-blender or any kind of blender i added ice to mine and there you have it lovely fruity treat. Have you created anything recently on your blog? 
I have been busy working on a little interview and blogging features that will be happening in October and November organised I know, but i have some really exciting things lined up. I am in charge of styling the photo shoot and interviewing the lovely ladies of house of 1923 to get more gossip and find out what its like to run your own vintage shop. I am a little nervous and excited about the shoot you guys will be able to see it all next week, being in charge is fun bring on the challenge . Have you got anything fab lined up?



  1. Sounds positively delicious. I want one now xo

  2. I love smoothies, though the thing I hate is cleaning out the blender. Innocent smoothie recipe book is pretty good :)

  3. Ohhh you use a hand blender? That's a really good idea! I keep wanting to make more smoothies to get my 5 a day in, as while I love the taste of fruit, I despise the texture. I was thinking of getting a smoothie maker, as using the proper blender just seems like so much faff... but if you can use a hand blender... well! That changes everything ;D

    Morgue xx

    1. A hand-blender is so much easier to use, i hope you can create something :) x

  4. aww you have a really cute blog. thanks for this smoothie-recipe :) i will try it out. and how did you get this nice sidebun! i love that. I'm your newest follower :)

    would you like to visit my blog?i would be glad!


  5. i love smoothies as well. Totally agree with you that we don't need to eat all the fruits in a day. Smoothies is the best solution

  6. Since coming back from my holiday I've been craving smoothies as I just need to have something healthy after eating loads of rubbish for the last two week! My favourite is banana and strawberry with yoghurt and a dash of orange juice.

    Shopped and Dropped

  7. I love making smoothies but I absolutely hate having to clean the blender after I've finished making them hahaah, so I rarely do it! (: xx

  8. they sound delish!!!! And a nice slice of sunshine inside…even if its pouring down outside!!! Love love the pretty love hearts on your nails xxx

  9. OOOH love the little hearts, so cute, gonna try that myself!!

  10. You look gorgeous!! Where's your jumper from? xo

  11. smoothies make everything better :) delicious.x

  12. These sound deeeeeeelicious! I just bought my smoothie maker up from home this weekend so I can't wait to try your yummy combination!
    Your pictures are incredibly cute :)
    Kaz x

  13. Exciting! I have a smoothie maker but er... never use it. Well there's no space for it. That's my excuse yeah. Anyway exciting photoshoot stuff you! xo

  14. I've been drinking fruits smoothies lately and they're way better than all the other unhealthy stuff I usually crave for, so way to go Ella!!! Keep it up, you're doing great xx

  15. looks so yummy, I love smoothies but i hate cleaning the blender afterwards :P xx
    Love your blog, and you are so talented at illustrating!

  16. I looove homemade smoothies! I really need to buy a new blender though as I've been having to use a hand mixer - not ideal. Smoothies are such a great way of satisfying cravings without succumbing to bad food xoxo

  17. Ooohh we have some slightly over-ripe nectarines that need eating up.. I might make a smoothie out of them! :D xxx

  18. Ahh I love anything with mango! I must dust off the old blender and give this a go - especially with ice! Forcing yourself to eat 5 fruit a day can be tough because they can be so boring on their own, so I like how a smoothie is a bit of a fun option.

    Looking forward to the interview and the shoot, sounds very interesting!

  19. yummmm. I had a pineapple/mango/banana smoothie today. Not homemade though, bad Lauren! xo

  20. U look so cute and u have really cute blog!! Love it :)


  21. Your smoothie sounds delicious! :)

  22. Love your hair style!! All your pictures are so pretty and mellow like. I like the color tone you use.

  23. So glad I found your blog! I absolutely love it xx

  24. You're very pretty, I'm love your cool, cosy, casual style.
    Ooh, I just got a blender, so I'll definitely try this combination. Not sure how appropriate smoothies in autumn are though :P

    I'm excited to read the house of 1923 interview; I own an online vintage shop & am in the process of setting up another, so I find it inspiring to read about others doing the same :)

    Also, I'm going to follow you!

    le fresne x


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