27 October 2012

Cosmo Blog Awards

So its been a few weeks since the Cosmo Blog awards, it was rather lovely to get to meet so many of my favourite bloggers. I met up with michele from Daisy Butter we hung out and wondered around Selfridges eyeing up all the handbags and the tiffany jewellery. 
When it came to what i was going to wear on the night i had a slight panic when it came to the dress but when it came to the jacket the lovely ladies over at house of 1923 made me a very special jacket, jenni hand embellished the cameo of my silhouette on the back of the jacket isn't it beautiful. The dress i am wearing is a simple black one from Newlook, I had to come straight from work so it was all rush rush rush. 
It was so wonderful to finally get to meet, Olivia, charlotte, Kristabel and jazz it was all a little surreal and lovely and my dancing was massively shocking so apologies to anyone who witnessed it! I didn't win anything but it was such a wonderful and massive opportunity to be even nominated so thank you to everyone who did and to all you lovely lot for even nominated me thank you. 



  1. That jacket is amazing!
    Well done for being nominated :) xx

  2. lovely post! Nice that you met other bloggers :)

  3. LOVE your jacket still, power shoulders forever ;) I wish I'd taken more photos on the night haha! xxxx

  4. Wow the bead work and embroidery is superb.

  5. Love the jacket! You're so lucky to be nominated:)



  6. Lovely photos , looks like fun xx

  7. Love the photos, your jacket is amazing xx

  8. LOL, I can see me in the background of one of your pics!

    Your jacket was beautiful. xx


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