1 November 2012

Bonfire night outfit wish list.

1. Polka Dot flippy Dress / Topshop 2. Satchel / Oxblood Cambridge satchel 3. Fox scarf / Topshop 
4. Boots / Doc martens 5. Rust fine Ribbed Socks / Topshop  6. V london Cardigan / Newlook

Can you tell how obsessed with Burgundy i am at the moment...well to be honest i didn't realised when I was putting together this perfect bonfire outfit that each items colour was practically identical. Bonfire night is one of my favourite nights of the year. At home we always have a massive bonfire were we cook marshmallows and roast chestnuts. Mum always comes and joins us bringing with her cooked sausage rolls smothered in Brown HP Sauce. 
We then set off all the fire works that we have bought taking it in turns to see who's fire work is the best. So i wanted to find an outfit that reminds me of the cosiest night of the year. I know you could probably pick up a very simple cable knit cardigan like the newlook one in a charity shop, isn't the oxblood cambridge satchel pretty amazing? It would be perfect for putting my Camera in....A girl can dream.....



  1. 'Oxblood' is very in at the moment apparently! I LOVE that scarf! xx


  2. I love all of these! My wardrobe is filled with burgundy at the moment but I may have to enlarge it with some of these beauties!
    capturingcastles.blogspot.com x

  3. Sounds like your bonfire night will be lovely! Burgandy is really lovely - you've picked out some great bits :) I'm having a blog sale if you fancy taking a look :) xx


  4. So excited for bonfire night, I love making baked potatoes on the fire, yum
    that scarf is so cute!

  5. The bonfire sounds like so much fun! I have an obsession with burgundy too, haha. Everything looks so pretty and I love the satchel!! xx

  6. Number two please!!! I've not seen that one before but I think I am in love now.

    - Keyta

  7. I WILL own one of those bags, i WILL! :)


  8. Ihat dress is my favourite dress! i found it last week and its on my favourite list waiting to be bought, its going to be my christmas party dress!

    The Cambridge satchel is beautiful too!! I got my first one a month or two ago (in navy) did you know they have a clearance section on their website where t hey sell of slightly imperfect bags? I got mine for like £45 off, and it is completely perfect!


  9. I'm loving burgandy at the moment too! Love that dress! :)
    brighton-girl.blogspot.co.uk xx

  10. I love burgundy too and I have just done a whole post on it!

    Chloe xo


  11. I have a burgundy problem too.... Its getting to the point wear I have to wear like three burgundy things at once which I'm not sure is a good look. ha! x

  12. I want everything in this post! Especially the dress <3
    Love your blog Ella :)

  13. I love/hate it when bags are posted on wish lists!
    Love because I want every single gorgeous one,
    Hate because I can't buy them all!
    Kerry x

  14. One of my absolute favourite colours. I like how Topshop label it as 'oxblood'. Gorgeous choices lady :) x

  15. Dang it! Now I'm hungry and I want to spend money! I love this outfit <3

    Alli xx

  16. So much love for burgundy at the moment, beautiful dress and cardigan!

  17. I love the colour pallet - the dress is gorgeous and OMG THAT SCARF! NEED!

  18. This is all just perfect! I'm also a little obsessed with burgundy at them moment so I pretty much want everything here! Love the dress and the scarf is adorable! x


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