22 November 2012


Grandma's house is one of my favourite places in the while wide world. I thought i would share with you a few glimpses into her little world. Its always nice to be fed on copious amounts of tea and biscuits. I often share photos of my days but this one is kind of special to me, I like to document my trips to my Grandma just because, I want to hold on to those moments we spend together. I find the everyday so inspiring.
I have some rather exciting news and a new exciting venture in time for christmas....watch this space.



  1. Such beautiful photos! I feel exactly the same about visiting my Grandma's house... also who can resist tea and biscuits! :) x

  2. Love love love this post. Grandparents are so special, I think the bond between grandparents and grandchildren is so wonderful. I lost my beautiful grandma recently and love all the little things like this that I've kept as well as memories of her home too. You look gorgeous here Ella xx

  3. Your blog is so whimsical I love it!x


  4. I love the special feel of these photos

  5. Aw, your Grandma's looks lovely, I'm the same with my Great Grandma. Such a wise old owl :)

    Sam xx

  6. Oh my, your blog is the cutest <3


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