9 November 2012

what I wore antique shopping...

The other day me and mum took a trip to my favourite vintage antiques center to see if we could find some exciting pieces to fill my studio with. It was such a lovely day, and as you guessed it I took alot of photos which I will be sharing with you soon.
I thought I would share with you what I wore for our vintage shopping trip. The shirt which i am wearing as a coat was a purchase from my day out with lyzi, from Rokit in london. I have been living in my Tk Maxx jumper its the cosiest thing I own. The fur collar was my new amazing purchase from H & M that I am in love with it makes ever outfit beautiful. I am on the hunt at the moment for the perfect satchel that will match my old Topman satchel, as the I can see the straps breaking soon, I could always get my brother to repair it, as now he is a apprentice case maker for Simpson, London, I am so proud of him for what he has achieved, but i am thinking of investing in a proper leather satchel.
Our day was pretty wonderful, filled with browsing vintage clothes, antique furniture and drinking lots of hot chocolate, my favourite kind of day out.
In other news I have taken the plunge and made a facebook page for this here little blog it would be fab if you could like it. You can find it here Ella.



  1. loving the shirt/collar combo! where's the scarf from?

  2. Can't wait to see the pictures from your day out! You look lovely Ella and your photography is always so amazing :)

  3. You look lovely and very cosy
    I really like the colours and editing on these pictures

  4. You look so cute! I love your hair here....

    xx Cait


  5. aw, love that h&m collar!! and the photo scenary is nice too! I never find pretty ones or when I do I don't have the time or mood to take pictures. meh!

  6. Lovely! Your hair looks great!x


  7. Cute, cosy outfit! I love trawling round antiques centres! I've just moved house and not i'm close to a huge place full of amazing things, can't wait to see what you bought :)
    Rachelle x

  8. my face always goes a little sad whenever i read something i like being vintage. obviously it's amazing because no-one else will have it, but i can never go and buy it then! basically in other words, i want your coat! xx

  9. Just lovely, and I adore the bag, how stunning <3 x

  10. Love the pattern if your coat against the fur here Fella! Looks all very cosy xo

  11. I love that bag <3


    Jean xx

  12. Lovely outfit! You look super cosy all wrapped up too. I'm after the perfect leather satchel for Christmas, hopefully in a mustard colour if I can find it.. and big congratulations to your brother!

    louisejoyb x

  13. Where is this wondrous place you went shopping Ella? and is it a regular thing? Gorgeous images yet again!


  14. You look gorgeous as always! I love that scarf! & that bag! I need it! xx



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