29 December 2012

a change of heart.

I think we all have those moments in life were we have an urge to change something every once in a while I do. So i took a pair of scissors and a razor and i shaved the right side of my head. With just me and a mirror I went for it, I had shaved it off twice before, I couldn't help myself. Nothing drastic or remotely rebellious I just felt like doing it. When I tweeted about it people panicked don't worry i haven't got rid of all my hair. 
This time nest week I hopefully will have a new hair colour this time next week, a new look for the new year, I'm looking forward to a change, it will likely go wrong like it always does, but my hair has never been perfect I always embrace it!



  1. very brave ella, it suits you though :) x

  2. Your hair is so lovely!I really want to dye my hair a crazy colour for the new year but I don't think my mum is too keen on that idea!xx


  3. Yeeeey you do it! It looks amazing Ella! xxxx

  4. Oh wow you're very brave to do that, I couldn't do it I'm too attached to my hair but it looks lovely on you. It's just the right amount too! Can't wait to see the new colour!
    Nina from little nomad

  5. change is good!
    I tried a few times to let my hair grow, but it's just so much easier as it is, short.
    So even I try to convince myself of being patient, I end up with scissors and short hair again :-)

  6. Sometimes it's good to have a change! I'm such a coward with things like that! xx

  7. It looks great. I love it! :)x

  8. you are so brave to do it yourself, I don't think that I could. It really suits you :)
    lets drive far away

  9. I always want to change up my look. Especially my hair. I like what you did, it's edgy ;)


  10. It looks good. I've always wanted to do it but it's not a style that suits me.

  11. Wish I could be more reckless with my hair! Always seem to stay with the same old safe style, maybe in 2013! Have a wonderful new year lovely :)

    louisejoyb x

  12. Very brave - it looks good though! :)

    Change is always good, a few years ago I had my hair cut from around your length into an asymmetric bob and then I got bored grew it and went blonde...who knows what I'll do with it next year :P


  13. Spontaneous change is good! A few years ago, as I was getting out of the shower, I grabbed a pair of scissors and cut my long hair into a bob. Just like that. It's a freeing feeling doing something like that, and the beauty of it all is that if you don't like it it grows back :)

  14. I like it! You're well brave!
    Ashleigh x

  15. I would deffo do this wrong! I can't even cut my own fringe well haha x

  16. I just adore your hair!




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