26 December 2012

Christmas Day!

I tried so hard to reduce this post down to a handful of photos to sum up christmas day, it was really hard. The day started wearing my brothers wooly hat and eating the gingerbread biscuits I had made the day before and then dad made us lovely pancakes, bacon and syrup for breakfast which was rather yummy! Did you have anything special for breakfast christmas day?
We had to wait a while before opening presents as my sister could come to see us till later in the day, we all bought each other food just because we really don't need anything more fitted into our little house. I got some lovely stuff, home made truffles and cookies from my little brothers, hot chocolate and biscuits from my oldest brother and a gingerbread decorating kit from my sister...they know me so well. 
We had an arm wrestling competition which i beat my mum but know one else because my brothers are built like houses!
We had turkey and pheasant for christmas dinner, mum and dad kept it pretty simple this year with veg from our allotment we then had a quiz that last like four hours laughing and joking all night, i captured it with my instax camera so i have a few snaps to put up on my studio wall. 
It was the lovelies day, even though it didn't really feel like christmas until I watched the vicar of Dibley at 11:30 pm it was a really fabulous day spent with my most favourite people in the world plus an amazing new addition in my life...but thats my little secret.
I wanted to wish all my readers and supports of this blog all the love in the world for your on-going support thank you! 



  1. Lovely pictures, sounds like you had an amazing time! xxx

  2. i'm glad you had such a great day!snap, we have exactly the same rob ryan mugs!x


  3. Looks like you had a great day. Those baked goodies look so good xx

  4. I love your blue christmassy jumper! It's gorgeous! Where to is it from? & I love your mug! So pretty! Hope you had a lovely day xx


  5. This looks lovely :)

    Glad you had a nice Christmas! Xx

  6. I love your hat, goes beautifully with your hair x

  7. Merry Christmas! All that food looks amazing... xx


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