26 December 2012

Christmas Eve

Christmas eve, was a strange mix of stressed to the max and chill out with the family all in the run up to christmas. It was wonderful to wake up and open my advent calendar and find a massive Lindt father christmas (thank you Lauren) Which i am pretty sure you can all understand. So we decided that this year for christmas as a family we would either make or buy food for each other, other then buy things that weren't really needed ( as a family we already have everything we need). So i spent the day making all my presents for my family, i make five cakes, including a massive chocolate moustache cake, chocolate, marshmallow, hazelnut and Dimebar truffles, also shortbread and a honey and vanilla cake for my little brother, not to mention ginger bread snowmen and stars for christmas morning, so you can imagine my excitement fuelled stress levels. 
So with the christmas tree up and the christmas carol on the tv, we got our first christmas present of 2012, so because we were giving food as a presents, mum ordered cornish pasties to be delivered from Ann's pasty shop  It really was one of my most favourite presents ever, i've missed cornwall so much in the last few weeks so it was a perfect comfort. Me my brothers, mum and dad sat down to eat. I was fully content ready for christmas day. 



  1. Sounds amazing, was making me hungry just reading about it! Such beautiful pictures! xxx

  2. That's such a sweet thing to do with your family. Oh delivered pasties sounds amazing x

  3. What lovely pictures, hope you had a lovely xmas :) x

  4. Such gorgeous pictures Ella. All that food sounds amazing! Hope you've had a lovely Christmas.

  5. Your Christmas eve looks amazing. I really hope you had the best time with your family. You all look so happy :)x


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