28 December 2012

Painting In acrylics : My painting Process..

Over on Instagram (ella_masters) I shares a few snap shots of what I have been working on today and I thought it would be nice to share with my readers how I work after getting a few emails and messages.
So to begin with when I paint with acrylics onto canvas, I always do an under coat of green, because the one thing i have learn't from studying art my whole life is that our skin colour isn't just one colour it is a mixture of all different colour hues and tones, I find green warms the skin tone. 
Next came the painting of the beard, I do love painting in detail I do love a challenge, I use Daler and Rowney brushes normally, a 2 and 6 round, for the fine detail, (I have a crazy extensive brush collection  due to once being a fine art student and having a wonderful second cousin who use to be a well known artist who likes to occasionally send me his antique art bits and bobs)
When it comes to the acrylics I use, i use a mixture of pound shop quality to rather expensive colours, I personally don't think it matters what you use as long use them properly (well when i say properly i mean don't go crazy with them) there is no right or wrong way to paint. 
The way in which I paint with acrylics is pretty similar to how i paint with watercolours, I just wash them down and layer them up. I do often get asked how I paint, and the process in which I use, I've never really been all that confident when it comes to painting onto canvas, I only started to paint onto canvas when I went to uni, because everyone on a fine art course does, I decided to get involved and the evidence is now hanging at home on the walls of our downstairs loo!
So the next step was to paint the tattoos on, once again layering the colours up, this is where I get really worried and mess up what I have already completed, I get to excited and go a little over the top I am still yet to learn enough is enough! 
I am still yet finish off the forearm, this was just a little practice to see if i can still paint in acrylics. I always feel most at peace when i'm drawing and painting. I think I shall make one of my new years resolution to learn to grasp oil painting. I use to do it as a child but i had no patients with the drying process.
I hope this gives you lovely lot an insight into my little working process, I'm not the best at explaining but its always nice to share what i do.



  1. You're so talented!I'm pretty rubbish when it comes to painting on canvas,and using acrylics-I usually stick with watercolours haha :-) Also happy new year!


  2. waw it's beautiful, it's really strange to put a green first coat :o

  3. Your art needs to adorn my walls.....

    I was just about to make a really creepy comment but I think I'll be just be nice (and relatively normal) and tell you that this painting is stunning.

  4. Your art and illustrations are beautiful! I like this post alot! xxx

  5. This so good, I used to love acrylics, and the green coat first is such a good idea! x

  6. wow, that painting is truly amazing! xo


  7. Great picture. I have no artistic talent but love seeing how people do it. Really interesting about the green.

  8. you are so talented, this is amazing! x

  9. I am always so interested in seeing different people's ways of working. I did a FA course at Uni too- although they never really taught us how to paint properly. Your style is lovely! x

  10. That is beautiful, Ella!


  11. This is so beautiful!, I absolutely LOVE it. It really makes me want to paint again. Love posts like this.

  12. This is such a great post! Thanks for sharing these little details :)

    x missdottidee.blogspot.com

  13. I always love to see a painting or drawing come to life under the hands of an artist!

  14. Hello Ella,

    Your illustrations are wonderful :)
    I agree with you about cheaper paints, what paper do you use?
    I think that's the hardest thing to get right, the weight of the paper.

  15. Craaaazy talented; I admire your art so much. Sadly I don't think I have one creative bone in my body haha xx

  16. that's great! Green in really visible if you think of it that way. I discovered it by making mineral powder by myself, even blue is needed sometimes!

  17. You're so talented Ella, this is so beautiful! xx

  18. Thank you for this post! I need some motivation to make some art!
    Love your work, Ella. <3


  19. i really love this new version of the tatooed man, you're so talented ella!x


  20. As someone who knows nothing about painting, this is so interesting! I would never have thought to use green as a base colour for creating skin tones!
    Jodie xx | Future Freaks Me

  21. You have a lovely blog and are incredibly talented!! I look forward to following!

    -em http://www.unicornrevolution.com

  22. Love this piece and it really looks like Ricki Hall sooo much!! :D LOVE BEARDS.


  23. that's blooming wonderful, seriously cool


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