29 February 2012

bits and pieces.

I just wanted to share with you all a few photos i took the other day when i went for my little walk. The sun was actually out for once. I do love going for walks and being in the fresh air....lovely.
In other news this week, i have had a mega order over at RubyRaeLove, if you follow my twitter i spoke about it earlier, some lovely lady has order 400 bracelets, not really sure what someone is going to do with 400 but i don't mind it great news for RRL. So you can guess what i will be doing in my spare time.  I am currently dyeing for a pepsi max, i haven't drunk a drop since last tuesday its killing me, but it doing wonders for my waist, hello baggy skinny jeans in the first picture, you can see a pair of jeans i bought only 3 weeks ago now don't fit! crazy! 
Its been a busy week at work what with preparing for exams with the kids and other school related things. I did attempt this week to put pen to paper for my new zine, but alas i have forgotten how to draw.....anyway enough about me.


26 February 2012

Whats in my bag?

I really wanted to share with you my a sneak peak into my bag when i go walking to take pictures. Its not the most glamourous bag in the world but it is my trusty Roxy surf back pack, i think i have had it about 10 years but the other day mum bought me this little bag as a gift. To replace my Roxy bag. Anyway today i wanted some quite time so i normally head off in the direction of my local woods for some fresh air and some time to be inspired. I only take a few things with me.
1. My Journal which goes with me everywhere to write down silly ideas.
2. A magazine i am loving Company magazine at the moment.
3. A bottle of water
4. An umbrella the weather is so un-predictable
5.A selection of pens for drawing and writing.
6. An my keys and not to mention my camera but i was using it to take the picture.

So that pretty much what i take with me on my little trips out, this weekend has been so hectic it was just lovely to be able to take an hour out of it all and sit in the sunshine...whats in your bag?

25 February 2012


today i...
  • Had a lovely little lie in till 9am
  • Didn't fall over at ice skating
  • Had a little picnic with my brothers and their girlfriends.
  • Accidentally took a swig of dr pepper and then realised i am not drinking fizz drink for lent
  • Laughed so hard it hurt
  • wished i was a little more organised with certain things in my life
  • was given the swamp shark dvd i do love cheesy bad films
  • washed my hair twice 
  • had a wonderful roast made by mum
  • felt the sun on my face
  • wrote a few letters to friends i miss dearly 
  • hugged my dad 5 times
  • was a little disappointed that england lost against wales, but I'm a little in love with george north so i can let that one slide.
  • had a little asthma attack 
  • hit my 14,000th order over at rubyraelove
  • watched tom hardy in warrior according to my sister he is "Fit" 

    24 February 2012

    so far...

    This week has been rather hectic and i know i said at the end of last week i was going to share with you my new Thrifty Thursday post, i never got around to sharing it with you all, so apologies for that it will be up soon. Anyway this week it has been back to work after a rather chilled out half term off, i had a crazy influx of orders over at RubyRaeLove and i am so grateful to everyone that orders, i just wanted to take the time to let everyone know that if you order your item between saturday and thursday they will be dispatched on the friday end of the week, this is due to working full-time i only get to the post office on the friday, it really bugs me and its the only thing i miss about working part-time that freedom to drop your orders off when ever. Also every item is made to order so i don't have a massive warehouse full that i can just pop in an envelope and post off. Enough business talk.
    For most of the week my hair has been making me smile its crazy curly at the moment which i love, i am just contemplating dying it again, maybe a little lighter than what I have now. 
    In the 3rd picture i have some really wonderfully bamboo coral beads that are just so wonderful i have been working on new necklaces for the summer. Spring has been in the air in london and it has been absolutely lovely walking home after work and not having to wear a big bulky jacket is just bliss, i had started to forget that the sky is sometimes blue, that sounds rather depressing doesn't it, but winter has felt really long. In other news we had a mega pancake day, i have decided to give up all fizzy drink for lent. It is one of my biggest vices seriously i could devour a massive bottle of pepsi max in one sitting, so i think for my health it is time to give that up. Have you decided to give anything up for lent?


    23 February 2012


    Quick little photo of what i wore to work today, i am a little bit in love with this blazer. I probably be the brightest coloured teaching assistant at work today! I will be listening to Ed Sheeran as i walk to work, like every morning it really is the perfect start to the day, my favorite song is "Give me love" which is 8 minutes long which is nearly the length of time it takes me to get to work so its my morning song. Can't believe it will be thursday tomorrow my little brother ( who is at uni) will be at home when i get back from work cinema and takeaway for the rest of the week.

    22 February 2012

    pens, paints and a brother

    I just wanted to share with you a few pictures of me and Conor working on my new board. A little bit of doodling was involved and alot of paint later, we have finished the main illustration. I am such a lover of skulls and gold so you can imagine what i drew. I taught Conor a little bit about painting and drawing, i love sharing things with my brother and taking the time to be with him.


    20 February 2012

    My week 1

    1. Reading the new book by Joe Dunthorne. 2. Eating far too much chocolate. 3. muddy walks in my new van shoes. 4. Brothers new haircut. 5. Searching for the perfect camper van. 6. Ella coming in the top 3 up-coming budget blogs on bloglovin 7. modeling my new jewellery. 8. Cheese toasties. 9. Illustrating my new blog header. 10. blue skys finally over london. 11. new amethyst and turquoise beads for new rrl pieces. 12. hand-painted skull nail design.

    My weekly half term round up, I was going to share what i wore today, but i got back from the dentist with a numb face and two fillings later and decided best not to. I hope to share these with you every week.


    19 February 2012

    what i wore #8

    I've missed creating my little what i wore today illustration, so here is one from today. Pretty simple. I hope you are all having a lovely sunday.


    18 February 2012

    pink with stripes.

    Blazer : New look
    Tie stripe top : New Look
    Black skinnys : Primark
    Turquoise spike necklace : RubyRaeLove

    Typical, My tripod is broken...so alas no wonderful outfit shots, but i do love my mirror in the bathroom the lighting is so much nicer in there than any other part of the house. 
    This is what i wore yesterday the pink Blazer is from Newlook and i love it. So comfy, a little bit dressed up for packing orders and cleaning the house up, but putting something pretty on always makes me feel better. I've grown my fringe out now and i kind of like to the side. My brother is always taking the Mickey out of my fringe, he says it looks like i have curtains do you remember ben from A1? those kind of curtains, how rude! ha
    I think i am going to wear this outfit again today cos i'm like that. My older brother and his girlfriend are coming over so i think we are going to have a family day with a massive fry up. Dad has put me in charge of his business logos and all the important stuff like budgeting this morning, so someone who left school without a gcse in maths (thats me) has been left in charge....erm? haha 
    Anyway I have some really lovely Thrifty thursday posts going up this week that involves stud, i want to get back into making and creating, all i seem to do is make the jewellery to order over at RubyRaeLove and thats as far as the creativity goes. 


    17 February 2012

    I'm Back

    gif maker online

    So it has been a while since i have written anything on here. I hope you like the photos from swansea, it is always lovely to get out of london for a bit isn't it? To be truthful I have felt a bit lost and the stress of work piling up made me forget why i loved blogging, it sort of started to feel like a chore and everything I wrote i wasn't happy with and at one point i was loosing 3-4 followers a day, i wasn't happy with my content and obviously my readers weren't, its funny how little things like that can really impact on your confidence. At one point I was actually avoiding logging onto blogger, I have never done that before, not entirely sure where my head was at. Anyway what I think I am trying to say is that I promise to make this little piece of internet a little bit more enjoyable in the future, its easy sometimes to become so compliance with things that you forget yourself sometimes, forgetting your focus and drive. But after a little while away I feel that I am in a better more happy place with myself and my blog. Not to mention I have dropped a dress size you should of seen my face in newlook when the jeans i wanted were far too big for me happy face. 


    Swansea trip.

    I am still alive! I have been visiting my brother in wales. I thought i would share a few pictures with you.  We just spent a lot of time eating and walking miles. It was really lovely to see Saul again hadn't seen him since christmas and we got to meet his lovely girlfriend. i felt like a really proud older sister seeing him growing up. 
    I loved visiting swansea and meeting new people, I haven't socialized alot in the last 2 months. I do wonder do all university Halls smell the same, random I know but it really bought back memories of when I started Uni in 2007.


    8 February 2012

    Topshop Snaps

    We decided before we popped into harrods for high tea that we would go shopping in topshop on knightsbridge. I decided to take a few snaps as we wondered around the shop. Nothing exciting i just wanted to document all the colours and clothes. if my legs didn't resemble tree trunks I would of loved to wear the Light green shorts with studs. I am a little obsessed with studs at the moment. I did a little bit of people watching, I always do this when I am in topshop, its great to see how people mix all their clothes together and how they come up with their outfits...I would love to be a street style photographer.

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