31 August 2012

silly face friday

This is my positive face, I wanted to share a silly face with you all, this month has been pretty crazy and today has been no different a little crappy in places but i got to spend time hanging out with one of my favourite girls business planning one of the biggest opportunities of my young life....i shall share as soon as I am allowed. As I write this I am in a rather strange mood of content and annoyed...its a long story but to cheer myself up i naughtily bought this most amazing dress from lazy oaf, i made a pact with myself to wear it everyday. I shall be the coolest teacher at work this September. Really this post is just to say a massive thank you for the support I have received over august what with the cosmo blog awards, last minutes votes here, i am under lifestyle blog and just being totally awesome readers thank you.


from paris with love

So on our second day me and lyzi decided to embark on a little adventure that would involve a little vintage shopping, exploring the Seine and having a general mooch about. I really wanted to dedicate this post to the beautiful bridge we spotted whilst on our adventure. Lyzi had heard about the padlock bridge but it was only by chance that we came across it. This glittering bridge appeared in the distance and we were both like is it? can it be the padlock bridge? you guessed it...it was. It was sucha beautiful sight. The amount of padlocks were crazy. I wished now that me and lyzi had scribed our names onto one and locked it up with the others. You might of seen lyzi's new tattoo there is a padlock heart on her arm thanks to this little bridge and our parisian adventure...don't worry i have my padlock tattoo fund sorted (birthday present) i shall be getting mine too! we were going to get them when we were away but we couldn't find a tattooist in time.. Anyway i digress... My outfit was possibly the most boring of the trip, but it was so hot that day i would of happily walked the streets of Paris naked if you'd let me. It was crazy hot, i have the tan lines to prove it. Lyzi looked rather adorable as per. We stopped here a while reading some of the names on the padlocks wishing we had one ourselves, we decided to eat pastries on the bridge....parisian style. It was sucha beautiful bridge, adventures are fun....This was our fun little detour on to notre dame!


28 August 2012

bits and pieces

1. Finding new outfits combining old clothes for a morning date.
2. Hanging out with the little brother
3. My pop making me scot pancakes to cheer me up
4. Waiting to watch woman in black with the family for my 24th
5. couldn't resist snapping my dotty outfit
6. Eating two of my new favourite things dark chocolate and almonds.
7. Thistles in the kitchen
8. Top knot in the sunshine
9. Hanging out with some of my brothers sister and brother in law.
10. Wonderful wrapping paper colour combinations.

This week has been a mix of busy and not busy at all, which I quite enjoy. I'm loving my weeks off from work and getting to spend it with my family. What with it being my birthday this week, I have been able to go to a few cool places. We ventured into town on tuesday to watch the woman in black at the theatre and I wasn't disappointed, I didn't jump or scream but it was amazingly acted. Pop has been making me breakfast most mornings he likes making everyone food which is always great when you are feeling a little low. I've been enjoying the flavours of mixing almonds and dark chocolate, who has it taken me this long to discover this combination? Mum and dad always collect up flowers from the allotment and dot them around the house which always brightens my day. The dotty outfit was all thrifted from paris for the grand total of €10, I think i look a little like a posh tennis player, also I have been re-discovering old items in my wardrobe the top outfit is what i wore for my morning date on tuesday, perfect for a stroll down the canal. I've been loving having messy hair this week, its the way forward.


27 August 2012

then and now.

So i never really blog about my weight at all, it can be quite a sensitive subject to me. It was a trip to the doctors recently the made me realise that it was about time i made the effort and looked after myself a little bit more. The photos above weren't intentionally taken to show the before and after I was just going through some old photos and i didn't realise what i looked like a few months ago I wanted to write this post as a sort of, if I can try and be a little healthier then anyone can sort of thing. I do often get a group of negative comments on here about my size, this doesn't bother me, but I in no way condone what is said about my size I would hate for my readers to have to see it.  
On the left is a photo of me about may/june time and the one on the right is of me taken two days ago on my birthday. I have never in my life dieted so the thought was a little scary. My problem was always snacking, when i'm bored i snack, when i'm stressed (which is most of the time) I snack, when i'm drawing I snack. So you can imagine the prospect of not snacking made me think I was going to starve to death drama queen alert! So the only way I could do it was to throw myself into eating healthy, i have 5 pieces of fresh fruit a day, 8 pints of water, and  I stopped eating chocolate and swapped it for two cubes of dark chocolate a day, I stopped eating crisps and swapped it for nuts and dried fruit. When it came to my meals I just cut down on my portion size and it really made a difference.
 I know i am not a size 10 and i doubt i will ever be a size 10 that is no way my aim. Being healthy  to me is a lifestyle, you shouldn't let your weight dictate who you are as a human in anyway. I went from a size 16 down to a size 12 maybe the occasional size 14 if i am wearing my primark jeans, and like i said on twitter the other day I personally haven't been that slim since I was 17, and what I have realised is it truly doesn't matter it really doesn't eating right and being happy is what matters! I really wanted my readers to have the confidence within themselves to love their body if they are slim or a little larger, and if you want to loose weight to do it for the right reasons and not because you think you should be skinner, because that is unhealthy. The main thing I have learn't from the last month or so is that its ok to admit that your not happy with your body and to do something about it, to find out that i actually have the will power to say no to all the naughty food that aren't good for me. I am 90% happy with my weight but when i look in the mirror i am 100% happy with what looks back at me, I am no longer ashamed of my body i am happy with my hips and boobs, i know it doesn't matter about size (i really don't think it does) but i have learn't that being healthy is the best way to be.


26 August 2012

Paris the first day

It has been a bit over a week since i got back from paris with Lyzi, and it still feels pretty surreal that we went, a little bit like a dream. I know its taking me a while to get my paris post up lyzi was far more organised then i was with photos (she pretty much more organised in every part of her life compared to me which i discovered on the trip) I think it will be easier if i did the paris post in stages, I don't want to bombard you with a crazy amount of photos, i did take over 1000 when we were out there so i hope you enjoy them. I was so excited about getting to spend a few days with lyzi and meeting new people. 
The first day was pretty full, we got to our hotel after a lovely eurostar journey, me and lyzi were a little overwhelmed when we got into Gurd du nord, once we had met up with kelly and will (lyzi friend and his travel companion) we ventured into paris unaware that we would be walking the city for the next few hours, me and lyzi were rather unprepared and wore sandals. We ventured about paris sampling the beer and people watching. We took in most of the tourist sites on the first day, There was just so much to see, the sights and smells were wonderful. Next instalment coming soon.


25 August 2012

Happy Birthday moi!


So the thought turning 24 has slightly terrified me for the last month or so, but now that it has turned up I really don't feel any older. So I thought I would say a massive thank you for my readers and twitter followers, instagram followers who have already wished me happy birthday its wonderfully kind of you. I've already been down the pub with the family for a little meal, we are off to watch die hard at the cinema, you get a beer and a pizza who can complain about that explosions, beer, pizza and family perfect birthday if you ask me. P.s. i will write a blog post soon that doesn't just solely feature my face I know how boring it gets. p.s.s winners for the give away will be announced tomorrow you still have time to enter....


23 August 2012

Amber's style

Its not often I take photographs of other ladies outfits, probably because i feel bad asking to take their photo,  but when i was working on the photo shoot for the house of 1923 I met the loveliest of ladies who was doing make-up on the models. Amber has awesome style, we talked for quite a while about our love for people watching, clothes and blogging. I think the majority of her outfit was thrifted, Aren't her shorts just adorable. I always love seeing how people mix up their outfits. Who here thinks amber should start a fashion blog, Raise you're hands!

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