25 September 2012

lets make a smoothie

Its not a very warming i know, but I wanted to share with you my slightly healthy cravings i have when i want to create something fruity without having to force myself to eat 5 fruit a day. I have been come slightly hooked on making home made smoothies. They are crazy easy and my new favourite flavour is mango, banana and apricot yogurt. 
All you need to do i get one ripe mango, one banana and a small apricot yogurt blend it together using a hand-blender or any kind of blender i added ice to mine and there you have it lovely fruity treat. Have you created anything recently on your blog? 
I have been busy working on a little interview and blogging features that will be happening in October and November organised I know, but i have some really exciting things lined up. I am in charge of styling the photo shoot and interviewing the lovely ladies of house of 1923 to get more gossip and find out what its like to run your own vintage shop. I am a little nervous and excited about the shoot you guys will be able to see it all next week, being in charge is fun bring on the challenge . Have you got anything fab lined up?


24 September 2012

hello Autumn

So i feel summer has finally disappeared bringing with it the rain and crazy autumnal weather. So I thought its about time i re-introduce my love for wooly jumpers and all things autumnal. I have packed up my summery dresses and skirts ready for the cold weather to descend, all sounds rather depressing doesn't it. Well if i am honest I don't really mind the cold weather, I really enjoy this time of year I always find it my most creative/productive time, locked away in my warm studio creating in the run up to christmas my favourite time of year. 
So the summer clothes have been packed away and replaced by my thick woolies, boots and jeans. I wish i could keep the summer clothes dotted about my room, but alas i have a tiny bedroom and alot of clothes so this is my only option. 
You can see in the photos my new riding/chelsea boots that i picked up from the local carboot for £1, the cheapest pair of shoes i think i have ever bought, they go amazingly well with everything I have worn so far, I love finding little gems. The jacket is vintage and i picked it up from a local charity shop for £4 its beautiful and perfect for autumn.
I am ready to reboot my pattern jumper collection ready for the winter, i need to find the most tackiest amazing patterned jumper...this is on my to-find list this Autumn. Have you got any items of clothing on your to-find list for Autumn?


23 September 2012

bits and pieces

So this weekend has flown by I thought i would share with you a few glimpses of my weekend, it has been a lovely weekend filled with seeing people and being with my lovely family. I have spent  most of my weekend trying to get my studio into perfect working order again, not to sure if you have all been aware, I haven't really spoken about RubyRaeLove too much recently, I have purposely had a break from the shop, (things are still available to buy) I just haven't been as dedicated to making as I once was, but with the help of friends and family my passion has finally been re-kindled and I have been working on a new collection lots of lovely hand-made, reclaimed items will be popping up soon. So the studio is ready and raring to be messed up again.
I spent the evening writing business plans and proposals for my up-and coming collection. Plus I have a rather cool interview and behind the scenes shoot planned for Tuesday so I had to sort and plan all of that i do love planning. 
Me and mum decided to head out to a carboot sale on saturday so I could scout about for vintage jewellery ready for the new collection, believe me when I say I found some gems i shared a few over on my instagram _ellamasters_ I also snapped up a wonderful pair of boots that I have been trying to hunt down i was going to reluctantly spend £45 on a pair but something stopped me and guess what i found a pair at the carboot for a wonder grand total of £1 you should of seen my face!
I spent Sunday with one of my old university friends who has moved to london to study she popped over mine for a lovely afternoon filled with tea, coffee and family time. The weather has been horrendous so it was lovely to sit drinking tea snuggled under my duvet catching up on life with holly. What have you been upto this weekend?


19 September 2012

Paris with you part 3

Sunglasses c/o T k maxx, skirt : international, Strap top : Primark, Bag : Topman, Brogues : Topshop

So here is another little photo update from my time in paris with Lyzi, we ventured to Notre Dame for the afternoon to eat pastries and draw the beautiful scenery. It was so lovely and hot and believe me i am so grateful now that the lovely people at T k maxx gave me the opportunity to pick a pair of sunglasses to take with me on my little parisian adventure, I chose a pair from guess that were simple elegant and had a slight hint of vintage about them. They were perfect for the parisian chic look. Lyzi constantly looked chic in every outfit she wore...I am not jealous at all.

We spent an hour or so drawing and basking in the sunlight in the gardens of Notre Dame which was perfect, chilled and a nice change to our other days where we had visit alot of things in one day, it was lovely just being able to soak up the atmosphere and to have a lovely little chat and a giggle together. As you can see from mine and Lyzi's sketchbooks we did as much drawing as we could whilst we were in paris and also can you tell from our tourist shots that we were having fun? At any opportunity we pulled the sort of "look where we are" pose worked a treat every time.
Instagram _ellamasters_



17 September 2012

big hair... big stripes

I'm back from my little trip to devon for mums birthday it was rather wonderful. I told her about all your lovely birthday wishes and she said a massive thank you! I took plenty of photos to share on here with you lovely lot. I survived the horse riding...only just I had a really naughty horse that did nothing i told it to and then when we were walking the horses back to the stable one of them stood on my sisters foot. Its now rather bruised. But other then that it was rather lovely. I wore this outfit for most of the holiday with skinny jeans rather then my high waited ones. This H&M top is just so perfect at cheering me up when i wear it. 
What things have you been upto this weekend? 


14 September 2012

be back soon

We are off on a road trip to devon for mums birthday yay happy 50th birthday mum we are off horse riding and spending time as a family, so I will see you all next week have a wonderful weekend


12 September 2012

follow your heart

Top : thrifted from paris, High waisted jeans : Newlook, pumps : Primark 

I am so glad you liked my video of me talking about my messy hair, I did ramble on for a little bit didn't I...my hair went a bit crazy after adding the scrunching jel into dry hair...hence my frizzy mess in these photos so thank you for your lovely feed back.
This was a little casual outfit i wore yesterday when I was working from home. Since these photos were taken I have since dyed my hair, nothing to drastic i've just gone a deeper shade of brown. The top that i am wearing was actually thrifted whilst i was in paris with lyzi it was a few euro and i absolutely love it, this outfit is still quite summery for the weather we have had recently. These high waisted jeans are my staple pair of jeans because they make me feel a million dollars perfect for ladies like me with hips galore...haha! This outfit is rather simple but it makes me smile so thats all that really matter isn't it?
In other news this week has been a bit up and down, I really won't bore you with the details and my quote of the week is "as one door closes another one opens." I am feeling rather positive and happy about everything at the moment, its really funny how something rather rubbish can be turned into something positive and amazing. To not be afraid to say yes ok well that didn't work and i deserve to be happy, have the courage to move on and find something worth doing and to be happy about. I am not trying to write in code i promise I just wanted you lovely lot to realise you can do anything you set your heart on no matter how horrible, hard and unforgiving life can be sometimes you really can do what ever you want if you have the courage and drive things will be better surround yourself with people who believe in you, who don't take you for granted, mess with your head, who always have your best interests at heart fill your life with wonderful things...Wow that was deep....I would love to know what you have  over come this week? 
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