25 November 2012

My illustration Pop Up shop!!

Here are the snapshots from my business day. After finding my passion once again for drawing I have been keeping this little idea a secret for quite a while, I wanted to create a little illustration pop up shop, where you will be able to purchase tote bags, original Illustrations and prints by me. So after waking up mega early i got all my creations edited, printed, signed and labelled. My favourite thing was making the tote bags....I kept one behind for me.

I wanted to make sure I could get selling before Christmas, because i had received quite a few emails regarding where people could purchase my work, So thank you everyone of you for emailing me it got me creating again.

So you can imagine how hectic my day has been, a good productive hectic i really have enjoyed getting back into illustrating and being creative and until the 30th November you will receive a free print with every order...Now whats not to like about that?

P.s. thank you to everyone who has already purchased something, you make my heart sing! all the money that I make from the sales will be saved up for a new adventure I will be taking in the spring...more will be revealed soon!
You can buy from here Ella Masters Illustration

p.s.s I just wanted to thank my dad for being my illustration inspiration 


23 November 2012

My sketchbook

I thought I would share with you my recent moleskin sketchbook work. I often get asked what sketchbook i use, I use this moleskin and either 0.7 / 0.5 mechanical pencil. I have recently been enjoying using my sketchbook again and working on creating just for me and believe me I am enjoying. I have really been inspired by Kinfolk magazine and enjoying the little things in life. So here is to enjoying the simpler things in life...  Is there anything you have been enjoying recently? 


22 November 2012


Grandma's house is one of my favourite places in the while wide world. I thought i would share with you a few glimpses into her little world. Its always nice to be fed on copious amounts of tea and biscuits. I often share photos of my days but this one is kind of special to me, I like to document my trips to my Grandma just because, I want to hold on to those moments we spend together. I find the everyday so inspiring.
I have some rather exciting news and a new exciting venture in time for christmas....watch this space.


14 November 2012

LionHeart Magazine Interview

I was recently contacted my Helen the lovely lady behind the wonderful LionHeart Magazine, she kindly ask to interview me for a feature on Adventure. I was so excited about this that I jumped at the chance and as soon as I found out it was available to buy I added a few to my cart so I could give one to my parents and one to my wonderful Grandma..
You can purchase a copy for yourself for here.... Lion Heart Magazine issue 3 its such an honour to grace the pages with some other amazing creatives like Denise Bovee who takes amazing photos, Fritha Strickland, Olivia Purvis and Emma Carlisle .
Also I am doing a give away so go buy a copy, make a hot chocolate and relax. 


10 November 2012

snapshot shopping

After my post yesterday sharing with you what I wore vintage shopping. Here are some snapshots from my day out shopping with mum and one of my vintage purchases was a lovely red and beige suitcase that will take pride of place in my newly decorated studio. There were so many lovely items that I wanted to purchase but I limited myself to something that I really fell in love with. I bought the Vintage make-up set that I featured in the Dior post which I fell in love with, I am often an impulse buyer but I made sure that I really wanted it and I didn't purchase it until I had gone around all the other stores before I bought either the suitcase or the make-up set.
I think if I didn't live at home with my family and had a lot more space I would fill it with so much tat it would be crazy...I would be like one of those hoarders on channel four, I am trying hard not to hoard so much.
So my suitcase once I got home was a lot bigger then I realised when I purchased it in the shop, but it just makes it more practical for all my trinkets and things that i need to hide away, the inside is lined with a silk style fabric in pink. It is in a lovely condition. You should of seen me on the underground lugging the suitcase about i could of probably fitted inside the suitcase myself. I do think I have a bit of an obsession with vintage suitcases, I think if we had driven I would of bought the place out of all the wonderful suitcases they had! Mum bought an amazing enamelled biscuit barrel, she has been after the perfect one for believe it or not twenty six years....and she finally found it, so was very happy with her long awaited purchase.
Have you found anything lovely on a recent shopping trip? 

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