30 December 2013

blue seude shoes

Dress -Topshop
Boots - Office
Belt - Oasis
under top - Newlook
Earrings - Newlook

I am not normally one to fall in love with an object let alone a pair of shoes....so during our little yearly trip to Selfridges were me and my sister normally lust over all the clothes, shoes and bag in the world I decided to treat myself with these beautiful blue suede boots, I have always wanted a pair of blue suede shoes, probably since I heard the Elvis "Blue Suede shoes" song in C&A when I was about four. So hello! new beautiful boots! I really struggled to find them online to share with you all, but the closest I could find were these Blue Ankle Boots and these ones from Debenhams

How long do you reckon my new white topshop dress stays white for...I reckon one more wear!  I couldn't decide which look I liked best between the belt or no belt, so that's why there is a mix. The dress was purchased in the sale in Topshop, it was a choice between light blue and white...I figured I could always dye the dress if needs be. My brother calls it my pirate look, considering as a child thats all I ever really wanted to be, i've made it! But this outfit does make me feel very chic, Chic pirate look, I reckon it will be all the rage in 2014.

So that empty Christmas feeling is appearing once again I do love  Christmas, New Year is always an odd time for me, I like to embrace what has been but it is always mixed in with a slight excitement and pressure to be a somewhat new improved person the next year....I guess I shouldn't worry too much with these amazing shoes on my feet I feel like I can do anything.


29 December 2013

everyday wear

 Jacket - Newlook
legging - Newlook
Satin Top - Newlook
Necklace - Zara / Handmade
Van Shoes

NYE is just around the corner and guess who forgets every year its existence..yep that's me! So today I was frantically panicking about what to do, hello house party, so I spent the day buying some alcohol and then putting on a movie marathon with my brothers. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I loved the Hobbit, I think it was helped along with a long haired bearded Aiden Turner hubba hubba!  

Today's outfit is a sort of casual everyday get up, nothing special I just love the fact I finally fit back into this faux leather Newlook jacket! I knew I had been holding on to it for a reason...unlike a lot of my other clothes, that I will be doing a massive blog sale, due to having to reduce what I own so it will make it easier for me to eventually move. I have a ton of new clothes and barely worn pieces so they will be going up soon, keep your eyes peeled! Getting back to the outfit, its the first time in about 3 months that I have worn flats and not ankle boots, I do love my battered black Van shoes.

I loved your reaction to my recent "what would you do if you knew you couldn't fail?" blog post. Means the world that you to something positive from it, because I guess at the end of the day we create / read blog posts for the support, to know maybe we aren't alone in our thoughts and wanting to share a little bit of our lives with people. So thank you for taking it in such a positive light.

What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail?

So I sat down to write in my notebook about the year that has just flown by, 2013 has been a hard year for me in quite a few ways, its the first year I have felt myself getting older, I know 25 isn't old i've just certainly felt my age. I felt a mix of content and a strange unsettling feeling of knowing that if my sixteen year old self could see me she would smack me on the back of the head and remind me firmly why I was put on this earth and to man the hell up! So to my sixteen year old self I can only apologies what can be my least creative and ambitious year yet....

There is one thing that I have learned over the years is that setting myself resolutions often just means something I probably won't succeed at I am the type of person if I turn a dream or goal into a to-do list my brain sees it as a chore and practically shuts down. Giving myself added stress when I don't hit a (probably unrealistic) target. This is something I hope I can kick and shake up in 2014. As the new year edges closer bringing with it exciting if somewhat scary targets and plans in itself I want to embrace the year that has been my hardest yet, it was hard for a reason and it has defiantly shaped me, hopefully for the best.

I just had a little look back on my last blog post from 2012 it certainly doesn't feel that long ago that's for sure. I have been given some absolutely amazing opportunities through my little blog this year, some like getting to see HAIM live, meeting some fab girls, and interviewing some lovely famous people. But as this new year looms ever closer I want to be far more ambitious. I have few exciting things planned for my little blog some personal and some career based. With the new year comes new horizons, new people and hopefully new places.

One moto that has been running through my mind recently is, "what would you do if you knew you couldn't fail?" I think I might keep this thought going a while...I know there is a lot more I would do if I knew I couldn't fail, I think the fear of failure is natural, I have had it since a child, when you become an adult it can easily take over your life and stop you pretty much dead. If you asked any of my friends they would probably call me creative, ambitious a bit of a dreamer but deep down i pretty much think I have masked everything I do with the over whelming worry of failing, I have hobbled all this together. Success is very important to me, but I think it comes with the awful feeling of comparing ourselves to others, don't get me wrong we all do it from time to time, its one thing I would like to do less often. We all succeed at different things and work to different rhythms. Just because so and so has this and you don't it doesn't make you a failure. By the way that's me talking to myself....I would like 2014 for me to be a year where I don't forget how vulnerable I was in 2013 and let it pave away for me to be more capable and less frightened of that little voice telling me "what if you fail" well if I do I will get back up and try again.

For me this year saw a major rethinking of what I consume and put in my body, I had a massive health scare this summer, that meant I was unable to move, function or eat anything without being in server pain. I'm still not 100% sure what the hell my body was doing at that point but it made me very cautious of eating food that I knew had no use being in my body, I cut out all processed food, goodbye crisps, burgers, fizzy pop...and with that went chocolate. A lifestyle change wasn't as hard as I thought and failure to change never peeked its head on the horizon.

So with good food came a healthier out look on life. I'm not saying I don't have down days, but they aren't as deep and last as long as they once did. With this my body started to change, I dropped a dress size and shed three stone, it was gradual and I only noticed it when people would point, either to make snippey comments or to ask was I not eating, I figure that's just them unable to be happy for me. This is probably the smallest I have been since I was sixteen. It feels good to be looked at again, and not worry if maybe people are looking at me in a negative way. I said to a lady at work, its funny how people notice me and talk to me now I have lost weight. I think before I would hide, because I lacked so much confidence in myself that I thought no one would want to talk to me...Ugly thoughts. I don't think, now that I have lost more weight more people talk to me. I think because I have lost weight I have more confidence to talk and be heard, that I am valued. Please don't get me wrong, I am not saying if you are big you aren't valued, its how I felt about my body. sooo....

Nothing we set our mind on doing is ever going to be easy, be it love, career or family and I know I have had my fair share this year of heart break that came with a massive side order of disappointment but also what came along with that was some really special moments, be them some what fleeting moments. The end of the year is always a good time to reflect on your life but also the impact you have had on other peoples lives. I have had a few people walk in and out of my life this year, its a natural progression that never gets easier, but I am a firm believer that everything no matter how small happens for a reason.

So I have decided 2014 I will work harder and follow my dreams, my dreams are a little hazy right now, but with a fine bit of tuning and a little faith in myself I think I can do it. 2013 saw me do Renegade craft fair, which was something I always had on my to-do list which I succeeded at way beyond my wildest dreams so with that I am hoping to develop a new stationary company...eek exciting! I do have something rather big and exciting around February time I can't say too much on here but it promises to set a spark of adventure in my heart. I will do my best to be nicer to people because I think that's the best way to be. My horizons have become familiar and for once in my adult life I am craving new adventures... I hope you can still join me on my journey.


28 December 2013

my christmas day outfit.

*Faux Fur collar skater coat - FF Tesco
Sequin dress - Newlook
Leggings - Newlook
Ankle Boots - Office
Cardigan - Newlook

Christmas has come and gone so quickly this year, sort of blink and you miss it. The day before Christmas I received a lovely package in the post, from the people behind F&F clothing for Tesco with possibly the prettiest jacket I have ever owned inside! The beautiful rust colour and the faux fur collar is exactly what I love.

Christmas day in my household is all about food, our family quiz and having a laugh...the sequin dress probably wasn't a good idea if I was planning on stuffing my face! I decided I would spend the day catching up on eating chocolate since I haven't eaten it for just over four months. It was lovely. So for one day I could eat as much chocolate as I wanted and I could only stomach one...yes one bar of Galaxy Caramel, I disgusted myself with my poor effort. Enough beating myself up over the lack of chocolate in my life more about my new fab F&F jacket.

I pretty much fell in love with the jacket the first moment i saw it, as you can see from one of my recent blog posts, black, black and black I have had a little winter obsession with jackets with fur collars. The jacket itself is snug and warm, If you are to order I would maybe tempted to go a size up just its a little snug in places if I was to put a thick jumper underneath. I'm not use to longish jackets as being a tiny human it can swamp me a little, but with my ankle boots I think it really works. I do love to stick my hands in my pockets when wearing a jacket, a kind of comfort thing, for some reason the pockets are quite far back on this jacket. I do love the colour against my hair, it one of the loveliest jackets I have worn.

It was nice to wear something fancy on Christmas day, made it feel that little bit more special.

*Gifted item all review words are my own.


27 December 2013

Ella masters winter sale

Guys and Girls, My little etsy shop has an impromptu sale, I will be adding more to the shop over the weekend. But there is a massive sale on all A3/A4 prints and new screen printed tote bags this is to make way for a little move I will be undertaking pretty soon..I need space! haha 
I hope you find something you like. Ella Masters Illustration Etsy shop.

24 December 2013

My big sisters wedding.

So this is mainly the reason why I haven't been blogging for a while, hectic times in the Masters household recently. It was my big sisters wedding on the 21st and we are just about recovering from what was a lovely day. I have decided to use black and white photos, as my I am leaving the colourful ones for my sister. The day went off without any problems, which isn't very masters like and I managed to stay sober which is always a plus as me and hangovers aren't friends.

I had to do a reading before the ceremony which can I just say was truly terrifying and was so glad it was at the beginning of  the ceremony so I got to enjoy the I do's. Me and my big brother (my sis twin) might of welled up on a few occasions which isn't like us at all, was lovely.

The food was wonderful, the cake was  just yummy but the dancing was out of this world, now I am known for my ability to throw shapes around the dance floor like its no ones business, but one of my little brothers had everyone in fits of laughter with his amazing dance moves...obviously he's inherited that awesomeness from me!

It was a perfect day minus the weather, but thats really something you can't control. It was lovely seeing all my favorite people dressed up ready to share such a wonderful day I was so proud of sister and her new husband, don't all my brothers, best man and brother in law look rather handsome? I think so. My sister looked so beautiful in her wedding dress that we chose together, it fitted her perfectly. I loved the fur capes that we wore on the day, very festive. I truly loved being chief Bridesmaid thanks katy.

We ended up staying the night at the lovely Red Lion in Radlett hotel I was so exhausted after dancing and eating... my two favorite things. I was so happy to be part of such a wonderful celebration of family, friends and above all of love.

So here's to the new couple I want to wish them the happiest and healthiest of exciting beginnings in their new life together.


15 December 2013

taking a moment to stay inspired.

What with the wedding stress, day job being full on not to mention mixed with Ofsted panic. My sketchbook and notebooks have been lacking somewhat in anything remotely creative. My studio has become a dumping ground for all things but my bum on my chair and a pen in my hand.

So when I can grab a spare second to indulge in something that gets my brain excited, and the opportunity to sit down and make fleeting notes on what I want to create for 2014 I jump at the chance. Doodling isn't working for me at the moment, I think over thinking is my problem, my brain at the moment is filled with panic over the wedding ( I am now doing a reading). So I definitely need a little brain break. Stay creatively inspired is really important to me, it gives me hope. 

So to stay inspired and take time away from over thinking and brain panic try these steps.

1. Take time away from the thing (person) who is stressing you out.
2. Make yourself something that fills you with happiness - mines a cup of sugary tea, milk 2 sugars thank you!
3. Find a comfy spot, (preferably with lots of light) best thing to make a fort out or pillows and covers. My *Decker Pillow is a beaut and from Made.com the soldiers are a little christmassy.
4. Read, write or watch something that fills your head with exciting thoughts.
5. Don't force it, chill and empty your head of negativity.
6. Repeat or carry on until you feel inspired.

When I graduated from uni 3 years ago, there was one book that truly inspired me through out my second and third year and that was the Tim Walker photography book, when I got paid recently for teaching at the summer school, I spent my hard earned pennies getting myself the book and all those happy memories, inspired moments came flooding back! I got this one from Amazon. I love finding inspiration in other peoples creativity. 

So I am going to take some time out this week, grab an hour or two to write in my journal and plan a few trips over the Christmas period... I am hoping to pop to Oxford on Christmas eve, I hope you find this a little bit of fun and maybe a little help.

What is your go to book or film for inspiration? How do you stay inspired?

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