27 February 2013


We spent most of our time in swansea, eating drinking and being merry. As you can see from the photos the weather was pretty cold when we walked to the mumbles it was freezing, i need to remember next time to pack more jumpers and wear more layers.
We did a bit of shopping on my first day down, we went to a lovely little vintage in swansea they had some really amazing upcycled dresses, I am wishing now I had bought one.
In the evening we decided not to go into town but to go to the cinema to watch the film Mama, was entirely aware how creepy it would be, and then we decided to do a little shop ready for a mid-night feast. The sunday was spent walking and hanging out in the arcades down in mumbles ( where i ate far too much chocolate ice cream), then in the evening my brother housemates decided to go to a pub quiz, we came joint last Its probably safe to say we don't make the best team when it comes to pub quizzes, the rest of the evening was spent joking about and trying to guess the name of the rapper in sauls selection of music. Its safe to say by monday I was really tiered and ready for my own bed. 



  1. Haha! You spotted the notorious 'itchy pussy' boat down the Mumbles. :-)

    Your photos make swansea look 10x better than I have ever seen it.. I'm glad that you enjoyed my hometown.

    Great post.



  2. You make Swansea look so nice! The weather here in Wales has been pretty grim but I guess that's what you get when you live here. Sound like you've had a lovely weekend though
    Nina from little nomad

  3. The mushy peas look amazing. I love all the photos & it sounds like Swansea was gloriousxx

  4. these pictures are so lovely, looks and sounds like you had a lovely time!xx

    vintage teapot//fashion, beauty & life

  5. Beautiful photos, I haven't been to Wales since I was just a young'un but I've always wanted to go back! That boat has an awfully funny name... and that ice cream is making me hungry!xxxx


  6. such lovely pictures and the chocolate ice cream looks soooo yummy.

  7. Yummm, that ice cream looks amazing Ella! So glad you had a nice time away sweet, such pretty snaps. xx

  8. What a lovely trip!! I love all these photos and that ice cream looks delicious!! xo

  9. Sounds like a fantastic weekend! Time spent with brothers is time very well spent. :) x

  10. Oh my god that boat name is hilarious! Haha. Sounds cold but fun! xx

  11. I agree with the others, you make Swansea look nice in the cold! I'm glad you had a nice time.

    Kinda random, I work in one of the cinemas, would have been so weird if I'd been working if you came into mine!

    Lisa xx

  12. That ice cream looks delicious! It seems like you had a lovely weekend :) xx


  13. FOOD.FOOD.FOOD. Why do fried stuff always look so yum? :p

  14. Lovely photos! Sounds like you had a fun time. :)

    Becca x

  15. thumbs up to fish, chips and mushies. nice to get away

  16. Lovely photos. I live near Swansea and the Mumbles is a really nice place. I especially love Verdis, which I'm guessing is where you had the ice cream :)


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