30 March 2013

Pretty Patterns

Casual as always, on a shopping trip to collect supplies for baking a wondered into my favourite local charity shop and discovered a bundle of floaty skirts for a whole pound each, so I coulndn't resist and bought the lot. This is one of the skirts...I have fallen a little bit in love with the pattern. Not entirely sure that i can imagine an old lady wearing this skirt, the colour and pattern is a bit bright but I would like to think she is pretty cool. My style is developing a lot recently around layering and playing with patterns and colours, I am so enjoying experimenting, I blame my hair being chopped off. It was really funny today my dad walked into the kitchen and said to me what have you come dressed as, I love the fact that he never understands what I wear but at the same time he never really mocks me. 
This outfit is one of my new favourites, so comfy but at the same time I feel rather chic in it, its always such a nice feeling throwing together an outfit that feels so natural.

I've been a bit poorly today, I think I may have eaten something I am allergic to resulting in a day of painful bones, back ache and stomach pains, I fear it maybe chocolate, recently when I eat it I develop a migraine this is devastating news people...my staple diet might have to change ha! 
That will teach me to consume loads of melted chocolate whilst making rice crispy cakes... I went a little mad and made loads for everyone's easter presents (lets hope they don't read this)

We are all preparing ourselves tonight for my little brothers 21st Birthday tomorrow, I am so excited to give him his present and hug him. 

I just wanted to take the time to thank you all for your lovely comments on my last outfit post, even though I have recently developed a lot of confidence with my body,I still get that slight niggle of worry that someone might chip in and be negative I think that is slightly a natrual reaction when you put yourself out there, So i just wanted to say thank you for your kind words and truly how much each comment means to me     


29 March 2013

gone a little crazy for Celia Birtwell

Wow I have been away from here for a while...So I have been living in my Celia Birtwell for Uniqlo top since I bought it on Tuesday, as soon as i spotted a uniqlo in Westfields I made a beeline for the blouses, now that I look at the website I need these culottes in my life oh and the pyjama style trousers...to much love for the clothes. I have found that when I wear this blouse it does make me feel very jessa from Girls, a little bit hippie a little bit chic, that can' be a bad feeling can it?

So in other news my little brother will be turning 21 on the 31st and its kind of scaring me to think about it, especially when it only seems like yesterday he was a baby, so sunday is going to be a lovely family day of easter eggs and birthday presents, I am yet to buy easter eggs, I find the ones you buy in store to be so boring so I might make everyone easter cakes, normal cupcakes but just given on easter, ha! 

My Sister came back from her trip to New York a few days ago and she bought me the gold bird necklace I am wearing in the photos above, she said it reminded her of my bird tattoo on my wrist, how thoughtful!? It is inspiration for my secret project that I am working on at the moment, I have some really wonderful people/brands onboard with me on it, I will be un-veiling more information tomorrow in regards to the project. In regards to jewellery I have been working on a few new pieces for myself, I stopped making things for RubyRaeLove (my little online jewellery shop) because other people were creating similar pieces and it became a bit of a chore, so when I was reading something for my new project about Pamela Love I realised I had stopped creating pieces just for me, at the moment my hearts in a bit of a weird transitions show I made my little heart necklace above out of a piece of red string and a little gold heart I cut, I have missed making a mess with metal and my little pliers.

Now that work is over for Easter I have so many plans to fit into the next few weeks, you know when your diary is full you just don't know where to start? there will be alot of travelling, writing, illustrating and photography some of my most favourite things, one of the most frustrating things is I won't be able to visit one of my best friends, I have no time, breaks my heart, but we have so many wonderful plans for the future together so that is keeping me motivated and inspired. 

What is keeping you motivated and Inspired at the moment? 


27 March 2013

Ella Loves....Dahlia.

illustration by Ella Masters please do not copy or distribute with out my permission.

So everyone who is a blogger probably has seen the Dahlia Ella black scallop Edge Pinafore, and the fact that it is called Ella is obviously the coolest thing about it right!? I have been slightly obsessing over it so the artist in me took pencil to paper and drew. Oh isn't she beautiful. Sometimes I just wish I was the ladies that I drew...Girl Crush moment. The collection over on Dahlia is just beautiful so feminine and delicate. You can also WIN a season of Dahlia head over to the site to find out how. How wonderful, and obviously with all the hot weather coming up ( I joke!) I need to get myself a new wardrobe...any excuse right?!

I'm getting back into drawing people...to the point I am excited again, drawing the lovely Dahlia lady for this post might just give you a taste as what I am to for my new project. My Deadline of two weeks is approaching, I am nervous and excited, but I think realistically I will need to extend it, I have had so many tweets from people excited about the News you have a little while to wait until i tell everyone...So thank you for your encouragement. 


22 March 2013

Day three of Desk Fest with Alpro

So its the third and final day of my desk fest with Alpro and its a rather indulgent breakfast of hot chocolate made with Alpro hazelnut drink, I recently added a photo to my Instagram of a hot chocolate which alot of people asked how I made it well, I made it with Alpro Hazelnut drink. When I first tried the Alpro Hazelnut drink, I wasn't sure if I liked the taste, it took me a little while to get use to the taste, I think because Hazelnuts aren't one of my favourites along with the hot chocolate me and mum made a large loaf, called a french muffin with the Hazelnut drink. It was so lovely and sweet, perfect combination, for an indulgent Friday morning to set you up for the day.
Over on the Alpro website they also include recipes, I have just discovered this chunky chocolate bread pudding, how amazing do they look? I think I need to make this with the remaining Hazelnut Drink.

You can also be part of the DeskFest over at Alpro, you can see everyones recipes and how they have created an healthy alternative breakfast, also you can see what me and other bloggers have had for breakfast with Alpro using #deskfest hashtag over ob twitter and instagram mine is _ellamasters_
I just wanted to take the time to thank Alpro for sharing their wonderful products with me, and 


21 March 2013

Day two of desk fest with Alpro

Day two of #deskfest with Alpro, this is one of my favourite breakfasts, It is simple but it keeps me going. A big bowl of Weetabix covered in Alpro Pouring yogurt and smothered with clear Honey, the sweet mix of honey and the natural Soya Yogurt with the Cranberries is my favourite way to start the day.

After yesterdays Desk Fest, I decided that I would make two little pots of vanilla Granola mix for lunch, I think I have become A little obsessed. I also tried Almond milk in my tea, oh I loved it, I often have soya milk instead of normal milk, Almonds are my favourites so being able to get some goodness when I drink my tea perfect if you ask me.

You can also be part of the DeskFest over at Alpro, you can see everyones recipes and how they have created an healthy alternative breakfast, also you can see what me and other bloggers have had for breakfast with Alpro using #deskfest hashtag over ob twitter and instagram mine is _ellamasters_

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