4 April 2013

what i have been upto...

I have been snapping away on my phone recently, I often find I neglect my blog when I am busy and spend a lot of my instagramming my pictures _ellamasters_ I do find it detracts a lot of time off my blog. 
I spent Tuesday vintage shopping with my little brothers in Camden, I use to go to Camden quite a lot when I was because it was so cheap now though it is a little out of my price range for a few bits and bobs, but I find its always great for a wonder around and mingling with people. I mainly go for the chinese food. I did bag myself a few nice pieces, i got a vintage night slip/petit coat for a few quid and a little leather shooting bag for £20, it has two initials stamped on the front JD I really love it. 
I have been working on a few new illustrated pieces for my new project and I decided to frame them up to keep me inspired whilst I work in my studio. 
Yesterday on a little trip to waitrose I was side tracked by the 3 for 2 in boots and bagged myself my first ever lipstick I feel like I real cool dude when I wear it. 
I am currently packing for a little weekend adventure. 



  1. Oww that vintage slip dress looks beautiful! Absolutely craving a takeaway right now too, I think we should plan an explore London one weekend Ella, I haven't seen you in far too long. Ax Paris perchance? xxxx

    1. thank you lovely oh yes to the london adventure :) i am indeed going to the AX Paris event! so excited :) xxxxx

  2. That vintage dress is so beautiful! You are looking gorgeous too xo

  3. I WANT TO GO SHOPPING WITH YOU haha, specially for that chinese mmmmmm looks so good.

  4. Great stuff you got! :)
    the Chinese food looks so yammy :)p missing Camden vibe and especially Stables market! Great place for vintage clothes! :)
    and yeah, love that vintage dress!

  5. I love to know what you've been up to & basically be a bit nosy with others lives :) That skirt is the one <3 xx

  6. Ah love this. You have such a good eye!
    Loving the nose ring also x

  7. Love the drawings! Hope the adventure was good!xx

  8. Love that petticoat dress!!

  9. Ooh ace finds Ella! I love the saddle bag and slip! x

  10. Love your hair, it looks lovely! x

  11. Wow, that first picture is amazing! So very rock'n roll ;)

  12. Lovely images thanks for sharing x

  13. You look like a realcool dude in that lipstick!


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