30 May 2013

Behind the scenes of ella masters etsy shop

Today I hid myself away from the world to get all my new illustration creations, ready to be put into my etsy shop, but my body seems to have some sort of other idea. But that shouldn't take away from the fact that I have some new illustrations, I don't think I have created anything new for months and it feels great. All the proceeds made from my new creations are going straight into my savings to save up for new and exciting things, like moving and finally getting a space of my own, and if that isn't a good enough cause not to buy beautiful things from me I don't know what is. At the moment I am still loading things onto the site, but I wanted to share with you lovely lot a few behind the scenes shots I took between snapping the real professional photos.

When I work in my studio, the entire room becomes a desk, I am so messy that i frustrate myself if thats at all possible i balance things on top of each other, and make a right clumsy pile of things, not entirely sure why I bothered to clean it up at the start of the week, i still live in hope that little fairies will clean it up in the night...no such luck yet.

I hope you like what you see over in my shop, I have some really lovely london inspired prints coming to the shop soon, but they can't be unveiled just yet. At the moment if you spend over £20 you get a free illustrated item, fun fun fun.  For me right now, i am yet to list all my items, a long and lonely night await me punctuated with tiding the mess that is my studio. 


29 May 2013

Snap shots

Snap shots from my days via my iphone, I have been working on a few new ideas to past the time during my half term. My new look blog shall be ready at the end of the week, so excited I can't even contain it. I will also be doing a lot more art/craft tutorials if there is anything in particular you would like me to teach please just leave a comment so I can get around to creating videos and tutorials, maybe you want to learn water colours, sketching, painting, what ever it is just drop a little comment.

I have been a little poorly today, due to a silly migraine, but after a late night last night creating a dummy version for my new zine, i got the paintings done ready to be turned into prints and zines, i am embracing a new style, what do you think?

I also went on a bit of a cleaning spree on Tuesday, re-vamping my studio and room ready for the boyfriends arrival at the weekend, so looking forward to taking him around london. Currently the state of it isn't the nicest, hello printer and prints spread around the room with my screen printing equipment i am such a messy person! The prints will hopefully be available in my etsy shop  along with my notebooks by this weekend, I've only gone and got myself a new SD card and a professional lighting studio kit to take photos the world is my oyster!


25 May 2013

the golden hour

The Golden hour in my studio has always been my favourite time of the day, no matter what the time of the year it is, its always so peaceful and the most beautiful beams of sunlight break through my lace curtains. I embrace the differnet colours that appear, its so hard to capture those brief moments with a camera, I always wish i could take photos with my eyes, sounds so silly, but it would just be perfect to create what you see directly in a photo, capture the perfect moment, these moments are so fleeting and lovely, if i think about it, its probably good that i never take the perfect photo, we are always in pursuit of it, and if i reached it I would probably have to hang up my camera and never snap away again! Since i have decided not to blog fully, I have taken so many photos and D.I.Y posts to share with you, I just want everything to be perfect before I fully throw myself back into blogging, So excited. I think June will be my month to get back into new things. My current colour obsessions are definitely the above swatches, coral and turquoise are my ultimate favourites mixed in with Mustard, I am in a bit of a nesting mode at the moment, not entirely sure why, I am looking at flats and houses totally lusting over things I am yet able to afford...A girl can dream right? Anyway... i've share my favourite time of the day Whats your favourite time of the day?


Beautiful words

My boys a poet and I don't really know the first thing about poetry, I am no good with words but he is great and that makes me happy. I think you should all read his work its pretty lovely you can find it here too. He wrote the above poem for me today... no one has ever written me a poem before, I think its the nicest feeling ever....he says he still has a bit of finishing to do on it, but i love it. I hope you enjoy his beautiful words. 


23 May 2013

Hold on.

Hold in there! is all the thoughts that are running through my head, when it comes to my blog, I won't be blogging until I have sorted certain new elements of my blog out. I can't say too much, i am the worst at not sharing stuff normally and I am just champing at the bit to share all my thoughts with you, but for now I will be keeping things under wraps, just so it all comes together properly.
Thank you all for your support recently and kind words about my doing new things on here, I know its my blog and my space but to take a new step ( not to drastic) can always be scary and uncertain. 
I have had a few enquiries about blog advertising I don't want to at the moment take on any new ads,  until I am 100% happy with my site, once everything is in place then I will be more then happy to get people space on here, I think it would be for the best. I have some lovely things coming up so hold in there lovelies. I will still be sharing my daily snaps over on Instagram _ellamasters_ I hope you can join me over there.
If there are any kinds of posts that you would like to see more of I would love to hear your thoughts. 


17 May 2013

Adventures are best....

So I am off on a little adventure this weekend with my boy and I wont be blogging, we have a lot planned and of course I will share all with you when I am back in London. At the moment, the blog is in a state of flux with new ideas, layouts and new content. But you're caring words about backing me all the way with the new ideas etc were really needed, I want to keep a lot of it to myself, its just better that way. oh and please don't worry it won't be a drastic change, I won't be declaring myself a beauty blogger or anything any time soon... I have had a lot of supportive tweets from people sharing their thoughts and why I shouldn't stop blogging, with advice on what they think I should do. I am just going to take my time to decide I have read all of your tweets thank you for the love....I will enjoy my time away..

*Text on photo made via a beautiful mess app, totally in love well done girls!


16 May 2013

illustrations from way back when

This here little watercolour painting is my first venture into illustration you can see I was starting to venture into tattooed people. I painted this back in 2009 for an open house exhibition when I was at university at Falmouth University college down in cornwall. 

I came across my old portfolio due to the fact I am documenting my progression in illustration and my art. I always love looking back at old work and seeing how far I have come I will be making little prints of my old collections. My illustration website is coming along nicely, its the first time ever that all my creations will be in one place. So excited about sharing it all with you. 

I have had a few people asking about how i got into illustrations and what inspires me so I thought I would ramble on about illustration and me.

As a child I would make little magazines and illustrate them, I would probably call it drawing even now, I don't consider myself an illustrator more of an artist, someone who strings a living of using my brain and hands to make pretty things.

I became more interested in illustration when my Art Tutor Mary Mabbutt at falmouth uni who tutored me from second year, really took a shine to my work and inspired me and showed me her love for illustration and more narrative based work. I will always cite Mary as someone who instilled in me a new found passion for creating art and pushing yourself to create, observe and enjoy what you create. Another creative from falmouth that always kept me inspired when I ventured into her studio was Melissa Kime, her drawings are amazing.

I have learn't a lot about how to always stay inspired as a creative and an artist so here is what i think...

- I think as artists we should set ourselves no limits, don't stick to a particular style, experiment, never stop learning, searching and working. 

- Surround yourself with people and things that will keep you sane, inspired and thirsty. 

-If you don't think you can do something....I bet you can and you are likely to be afraid of failure, there is nothing wrong with this as long as you don't let it stop you in your pursuit of happiness. 

- People will always be negative if you are talented or show a passion for something, don't listen to them, they are wrong it will make you stronger. 

- Don't be afraid to fight for what you create, when i was at school my teacher told me I couldn't draw portraits, so i did nothing for the rest of my school projects but draw portraits i proved she was wrong and I learn't a lot about myself.

- Never be afraid to make mistakes, some of my best pieces of work come from messing about in my sketchbook, let your imagination know no boundaries, keep on your toes. 

- never give up, seriously if everyone did that we wouldn't have beautiful pieces by the likes of van gogh. ( my favourite) 

- I get a lot of people say to me I will never draw as good as you, well i bet there are things that you do that i won't ever be good at. Focus on your strengths and not other peoples.  

- Create work that brings something positive and good to the world, that means more when it is in the world, then when it is not. 

- More then anything love what you do, it really shows. Find something you can pour your heart into.

My inspiration comes from the fact I love the everyday, moments are precious to me, cue snapping everything for this blog and instagram. Simple things can be beautiful don't forget that.

So there are a few of my thoughts, I do think a few things can be used in most aspects of your life make the most of all you have thats the most important thing. 



15 May 2013

from my desk

Recently most of my days have been spent at my desk in my little bedroom studio, I had spent the weekend creating 45 illustrations and 45 pieces of jewellery for a blogger meet up that will be soon. It was busy busy all completed and packaged up in one day. I wanted to share a few little pictures from glimpses of my everyday taken from my Instagram _ellamasters_ 

Most of my days are based around the amount of tea I can consume, I am trying to add a lot more colour into my day a bit of a boost to cheer me, I've have spent most of my time in the studio channelling a little bit of the pre-raphellite brother hood bohemian look... come on hair grow!
My days can so easily get away from me, but I have so many projects you do loose what time of the day it is....I have recently become obsessed with kate moss lipstick for rimmel, totally in love.

How do you spend most of your days? There will be a little blog post soon about the changing of this here little blog...

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