17 May 2013

Adventures are best....

So I am off on a little adventure this weekend with my boy and I wont be blogging, we have a lot planned and of course I will share all with you when I am back in London. At the moment, the blog is in a state of flux with new ideas, layouts and new content. But you're caring words about backing me all the way with the new ideas etc were really needed, I want to keep a lot of it to myself, its just better that way. oh and please don't worry it won't be a drastic change, I won't be declaring myself a beauty blogger or anything any time soon... I have had a lot of supportive tweets from people sharing their thoughts and why I shouldn't stop blogging, with advice on what they think I should do. I am just going to take my time to decide I have read all of your tweets thank you for the love....I will enjoy my time away..

*Text on photo made via a beautiful mess app, totally in love well done girls!



  1. Have a lovely weekend, looking forward to seeing pics - I adore your blog, please don't stop blogging! x p.s I'm totally obsessed with a beautiful mess app too! :)

  2. Have fun on your little adventure! I also love the Beautiful Mess app! Just discovered it yesterday, and suddenly it's everywhere! I've even bought the bonus features:) x

  3. Enjoy your weekend break lovely :) xx

  4. Have a great weekend! :)
    Can't wait for an adventure too!
    xx Zoe

  5. oooh I hope you have a fantastic jaunt with the Mr, I'm planning a British retreat for summer this year to try and make the most of this beautiful little island!
    cannot wait to see what you have in store for us missy! Lisette Loves xx

  6. have fun sweetie! i'm sure you are having a lot of amazing moments <3



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