27 June 2013

Adventures to cornwall pt 1

Oh golly gosh, I always try my best to never apologies for the lack of posts, but oh my i've been the worst recently. I think my head has been firmly wedged in a cloud of stress, orders (thank you lovelies) and general I have nothing to sayness. So sorry for that. I just wanted to share a few colourful snaps of my first moments in cornwall with mum.

The house we rented was perched on the hill in looe on shutta road, with beautiful views over the river leading to the sea. I spent most of the first hour or two exploring the house enjoying the balcony and probably throughly annoying mum, its was first holiday away with my mum and coming from a family with 5 children having a whole parent to yourself is very odd. It was mums first holiday away from dad since they married 28 years ago so it was very weird but exciting for the both of us.

Mum devoured the shortbread left by the landlords and I drank silly amounts of tea before we ventured into the little fishing village of looe itself. So much to photograph so much colour. It felt rather odd after not being back to cornwall properly since i graduated from Falmouth Uni 3 three years ago, how much it felt like home as soon as I stepped off the train, firmly cementing my future plans to finally move back, but thats another story for another time. You will notice I became a bit obsessed with capturing the details of the trip. I will be sharing plenty more with you, lots of cats, food and fishing boats until then i am off to Cardiff to see the boy and enjoy snuggles. 


25 June 2013

Ella masters Illustration summer collection

Whats life without a good challenge right?! well I set myself one today, headed out to the local haberdashers this morning to buy some trimming and thread and set out sewing as soon as I could, making new pillows for my summer collection. 

I had filled my sketchbook whilst down in cornwall with teacups, people, cats and patterns that I had encountered and I wanted to create something more tactile that could be used around the house. I have fallen in love with the idea of people having my items dotted around their houses, adorning their walls and rooms. 

I am also working on a new set of brooches, purses and clutch bags all to soon be shared. Sorry if recently this blog has been consumed with my business i just love sharing it with you all and as a thank you for the support there is a 10% off code over in my shop use the code ELLASUMMER.

So I think its about time I share some photos from my trip. have you recently been inspired by something?


24 June 2013

being away.

Hello lovelies, I got back from Cornwall on Tuesday and since then I've been so busy trying desperately hard to sort things in my life out. I only wish I could share a little more with you, but I know that there are people out there that read this and I am wanting to keep a few things close to my chest until then. Its all wonderful news, don't worry.

I have also decided that this week will see the closure of my jewellery store RubyRaeLove, not through any particular reason, I just feel that the market has moved on since I opened it up back in 2011 and I can't keep spreading myself so thinly. Being a full time artist is what I want to focus on and my Etsy shop is doing really well at the moment and so I am going to be focusing my attention on that. Thank you for all your support you lovely lot. 

Since I got back from cornwall my illustrations have taken a more colourful route, I forgot how inspiring the sea can be and not to mention being able to relax and stuff your face with food! I actually put 4 pound whilst i was there...and god does it show but It was so lovely to not worry. I also fell a little bit in love with cats and the colour mint, I can understand the mint but the cats? I have a bit of a fear of animals so thats a first, I have featured a few cats in my new illustrations inspired by my long weekend. Whilst we were staying in Looe where my Great uncle Bert lives, we visited him me for the first time and for mum the first time in years, he's dyeing of cancer which was awful and sad as you can imagine but he is the loveliest man, i drew him a boat on the sea as he was harbour master at Fowey so he loves boats, we sat and chatted for hours. He looked so fragile and was in a lot of pain but him and mum laughed so much it was lovely to see her with members of her family, as we don't really know her side that well. A few days later when I had left and mum had stayed on she visited him again, and he had framed the drawing and said it was the best thing he had ever been given. Thats the nicest thing anyone has ever said about my work, sounds silly but it meant a lot to both of us. It seemed a bit like a hello gift as well as a parting gift, as I don't think we will meet again.  That wasn't mean't to sound all down and dramatic it was just a very strange emotion to get my head around. So after me and mum ate a lot of cake to cheer ourselves up she is rather wonderful!

I think that encounter with Bert and life fragility made me realise, really what I should be doing with myself so I have made a massive list with the help of dad to get my life back on track. 

I decided that I would change my room/studio becoming uninspired in your work place can just be the worst so i took down a few of my illustration and replaced them with ones by other illustrators and artists and made it look a lot cleaner. I mean to be honest i am the messiest human ever, so when I say i cleaned and re-arranged things it was obviously very needed. I have also purchased a lot more professional items to get prepared and ready for a few markets coming up, Organised what is that?! haha gosh you can tell I haven't written a blog post in a while...rambling away. 

So I thought for all you lovely lot I would mix up a few instagram photos of my last two weeks for you all to peak at, you can find me on instagram over at _ellamasters_ or click on the IG logo below my face in the top left hand side. 


16 June 2013

where my feet have been..

I am sat over looking the sea right now as I type this, in a slightly rainy Cornwall. Me and mum have decided to take an adventure, her for a week me for four days. We are visiting my great uncle as he is very poorly. So we thought we would spend some quality time together and come to my most favourite place. As soon as the train pulled into looe or even when we crossed the bridge a Plymouth my heart settled and I felt as if I had come back home. I studied for three years at falmouth University college, it feels like this is where I belong. This weekend shall be used to help me decide where my head is at and my future...so no pressure. I have already consumed a crazy amount of pasties, fish and chips and got soaked by the sea. This is happiness. 


12 June 2013

Mollie Makes chooses Big Pop for Fathers day

I don't often get to the point where I am really proud of myself, but the lovely Joanne pointed out that I had been featured on the Mollie Makes Blog for things to buy for fathers day, I don't think I have ever really been featured on a big company magazine. So I am so please, I was having a bit of a panicky day today, thinking to myself am I really ready, am I any good this has just given me a wonderful boast so thank you to the lovely people behind Mollie Makes. There are lots of new things in the shop notebooks, soon to be A3 prints, and tote bags. 


10 June 2013

New Illustrations

My new set of prints are available over on my Etsy I am off out in a mo so I wanted to share with you whats over in the shop. I have a lot of lovely things in the pipeline to do with my illustrations, every illustrations you buy will be one step closer to me moving into a lovely flat with a new studio.


8 June 2013

collecting Memories.

A few weekends ago, me, mum and katy went for a little drive around near to where I live, as it was a nice sunny day and we were looking at venues for her wedding. When we stumbled across the old antique shop that we use to go to as kids when we had pocket money to spend. I was obsessed with tins as a child, when ever I could buy them I would, I have just bought one from Tiger actually...My obsession is yet to grow out. I once bought A small biscuit tin that was made especially for King George V, gosh I am such a geek. Anyway I bought a few pieces for my room including this delightful Players Navy cut cigarette tin I have been after one of these for a long time and when I saw it sitting there I just had to have it, its now my business card holder. After having a look around the shop, we went for breakfast once again my sweet-tooth decided it knew better and I ordered the cherry Pancakes not thinking it would come out like a pair of cream covered boobs, I could only managed half of it, totally disappointed in my effort whilst katy and mum had a burger and chips. I did how ever have a rather lovely chocolate milkshake. 

My outfit was a pretty casual one, I mixed my favourite high waited jeans with an old new look top of about 6 years. My hair I did in my sleep, and I decided that I liked it so much I wouldn't bother to take the clips out. You are probably wondering why or how I did my hair in my sleep your guess is as good as mine! 

We did how ever find the perfect wedding venue for Katy, which I will be blogging about a little closer to the wedding as I don't want to give too much away as I know a lot katy's friends read my blog. You'll love it. Oh and her dress which we might have found today! 


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