5 June 2013

Dare yourself with Fizz for Roxy

My Beautiful friend Fizz, has created a video for dare yourself with Roxy, for anyone who loves adventure and art then please Vote for Fizz, all you have to do is click the little link here* and vote for Fizz. As a fellow graduate from falmouth University, its so good to see Fizz hasn't lost the sense of adventure that us artists and creatives need to drive there passion, she is amongst the Finalist for the competition so proud! I am sure it would mean the world to Fizz to know that my beautiful readers are behind what she creates so please take a moment to watch the video and click on the link above and press the gold thumbs up. *Please take note that this isn't a sponsored link just sharing the amazing work and love for a talented beautiful friend.


1 comment

  1. I know Fizz! I did Art Foundation with her in Hereford :) small world. This is such an amazing opportunity, I'm rooting for her! x


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