16 June 2013

where my feet have been..

I am sat over looking the sea right now as I type this, in a slightly rainy Cornwall. Me and mum have decided to take an adventure, her for a week me for four days. We are visiting my great uncle as he is very poorly. So we thought we would spend some quality time together and come to my most favourite place. As soon as the train pulled into looe or even when we crossed the bridge a Plymouth my heart settled and I felt as if I had come back home. I studied for three years at falmouth University college, it feels like this is where I belong. This weekend shall be used to help me decide where my head is at and my future...so no pressure. I have already consumed a crazy amount of pasties, fish and chips and got soaked by the sea. This is happiness. 



  1. Ah, I love Cornwall, and especially on a slightly rainy day, i feel it makes it more magical, love the sea!

  2. I've always wanted to go to Cornwall. It's just one of those places I think you have to go. Glad you had a good time xx

  3. I hope you have a good trip and I'm sorry to hear about your great uncle <3


  4. I grew up in Falmouth and even now years after leaving, I never feel as peaceful as when I am back there - enjoy the pasties...find yourself some Callestick Farm ice cream too!!

  5. I've never been to Cornwall. I'm sure it's amazing :)
    I hope you find out where your future lies, and have a lovely time!

    Cat, whatcatsays.blogspot.co.uk XO

  6. Gorgeous pic, summers coming! :)


  7. Ahw, this post is beautiful :) i love going to the seaside, it's so calming. xx


  8. I love Cornwall, and I still want to make it to St. Ives someday as I haven't been to that part yet. Enjoy the rest of your trip!


  9. You make everything look so beautiful, hope you and your mum are having a lovely time and you Uncle gets better soon :)

  10. beautiful post and picture. this is how i feel when i drive into herefordshire! there are just some places destined to hold your heart... they are normally the places where the memory of them holds enchantment and people much loved. xxx

  11. Aw I hope you're having a lovely time! Can't wait til I can finally visit Falmouth, the uni's a serious contender for next September. X

    Je M'appelle Hannah

  12. I'm so glad your are having amazing time. It sound perfect! I just hope your great uncle will get better :)x


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