30 July 2013

25 Facts about Ella

I know a lot of people did the 50 facts about me like 4 months ago, I just thought i would share a little bit more about me....

1. I have probably watched Hot Fuzz about 70 times, massive fan of Frost and Pegg
2. Massively obsessed with horror movies, would be my first choice of go to genre.
3. I'm really not a fan of dogs, they create a fear in me like no other animal.
4. I have a crush of Rafe Spall
5. I could live off pizza, ultimate favourite food the more cheese the better.
6. I worked as a barrista for a few months at university only job I have never been able to fully master,     I one day hope to open my own coffee/art shop.
7. My mum is my best friend.
8. I was partially deaf as a child, thank good for surgery.
9. When I was 16 I set up my first business drawing on t-shirts, massive emo was great!
10. My favourite year ever was 2009.
11. I am a massive fan of programs like Lewis, jonathan Creek and mid-summer murders nothing like a bit of twee english murder programs to cheer you up.
12. When I was a child I either wanted to be a vet or an archaeologist when I grew up, as a child I would make lists of animals i had seen and I was always playing in the mud and digging things up.
13.I failed to get into Chelsea school of art when I was 17, a life long ambition since the age of 6 but my unfathomed belief that things happen for a reason was my lifesaver.
14. I have never smoked a single cigarette ( or anything) in my life ( something i pride myself on)
15. I am the biggest fan of tea  have about 14 cups day.
16. I hate wearing shoes, covering my feet makes me feel rather claustrophobic.
17. My dads side of the family have lived in the area I live in now for the last 400 hundred years ( us Masters go far)
18. my favourite colour is probably mint/turquoise
19. I had a £3 phone up until last year ( for the last 8 years), i think as soon as my contract is over with my iphone i am going back to my old £3 phone.
20. I have a sort of phobia of octopuses ( sea creatures) and small holes 
21. My first day out in London was when I was a week old to London Zoo
22. My ancestors are believe to be scottish Pirates...
23. I knew I wanted to be an artist when I was 3
24. My feet are a size 2/3 sometimes size 1
25. I wish I was a pre-raphilte.




    Oh Ella, I love you little lady! When shall we have a Mish and Ella day?! xxxx

  2. I've learnt so much! Such diddy feet :)
    Hot Fuzz was filmed 20 minutes from my house, in Wells, and some of my friends were extras!

  3. I would love to be one of your best friends Ella! Your feet are teeny tiny and I am the same with tea could drink about 1000 cups a day!
    Lots of love,
    Georgia: For the Love of Thrift / UK Blog

  4. I love this post!! I too drink mass quantities of tea everyday, I love going barefoot + mint is one of my very favorite colors!! :) xo

  5. I wish I was a pre-Raph as well!! <3

  6. I'm scared of dogs too, it's pretty annoying D: Why is 2009 your favourite year?xx

  7. Your feet are so tiny, how cutexx

  8. Being a Batista is one of the few 'trades' I ever mastered too from working! It's definitely my back up plan in life, open up a little cake a tea shop - can't go wrong!

    The Little Things

  9. If I didn't love you enough already, I sure do more now! You little cutie you!xx

  10. That makes you a pirate as well!! Coolio!!!

    Style Reader

  11. In response to number one have you seen The World's End? Did you enjoy? I really didn't like it. I was extremely disappointed particularly because I loved Hot Fuzz so much




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