14 July 2013

Places to Visit in london : Jessie Chorley and Buddug columbia road.

Whilst me and mum visited columbia road a few weeks ago, I spotted the beautiful Jessie Chorley and Buddug shop. I had been an admirer of there online shop and blog since I graduated in 2010. I am always really tempted to ask to take photos in beautiful shops to share with you, but being a shy human I stop myself. But I just had to share this beautiful shop with you all. Its along the street from Ryan Town at the end of columbia Road. 

Now if you are a lover of hand made trinkets, beautiful vintage dresses and delicately bound notebooks, then Jessie and Buddug's shop is for you. I did buy myself a lovely vintage floral dress for a bargain, I told mum for my 25th I want one of Buddug's Enamel necklaces, so delicate and so beautiful. I was  bit obsessed with the boat plate which I think I may have to purchase for when I move hello house warming gift for myself. 

The shop itself is a treasure trove of hand-made galore, it felt like walking into an Aladdin's cave of hand-made perfection, its always so lovely to find places in london that embrace the hand-made ethos that I love. It was a pleasure to chat to the lovely Jessie about her shop and creations. I thoroughly suggest if you are in the columbia road area to take a peek, their window displays are just beautiful. It would be an absolute dream to own a shop like the one Jessie and buddug run. 



  1. Such a cute shop, I could spend a fortune in there!
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  2. This looks like heaven, I really love all the hand lettering, so so authentic and beautiful. I love wandering in places like this (which sadly where I live are few and far between), I could easily and happily spend hours and hours searching and admiring xx

  3. What a pretty place! I always spend a lot of time in pretty shops like this!

  4. All these pictures are beautiful, and this seems like such a lovely shop! Everything looks so wonderful! xxx


  5. My gosh, everything is so adorable!! I would buy the little locket that says 'once upon a time on it'! Great post! :)

  6. Such a wonderful shop, I love places like this where you never know what treasures you can find! Lovely photos :)
    Emma x Little Duckling Blog

  7. Ah that's so weird, I was in Whitstable today and saw some of their items in a gallery, so pretty! The plates are my favourites x

  8. Next time I am in London I really want to check out this place, it looks lovely.



  9. wowza, thank you so much for sharing this! what a stunning shop - i will be sure to head down and pop in there when i'm next in the area!

    i hope that one day, i'll be able to own a business like this, i'm a massive advocate for combining textiles & illustration so thanks for showing this!

    fenn x freckledfennell.blogspot.com


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