15 July 2013

sunshine and cream.

Satchel c/o Zatchels, Jeans Newlook, breton top newlook, brogues Primark, Sunglasses Vintage, Watch vintage cartier 

This weather here in london is so glorious, just perfect, even though at the moment I am blogging from the comfort of my living room in front of a rather large fan whilst watching the chernobly diaries with my brother, oh this is the life. My weekend has been rather jam packed with meeting my old uni friend catherine for a wonder around town visiting a few art galleries, surprising Jazmine at her 21st Birthday Party (Happy Birthday Jazmine) and planning my summer yesterday, it was all rather jam packed its always nice to have a busy few days to appreciate the sunshine with friends. 

Me and Mum took a stroll in the sunshine, I decided for one day I needed to cover up my legs and give them a bit of a rest from the sunshine, so very british of me! My beloved high waisted jeans are sadly on their last legs (excuse the pun) so I am currently desperately searching for a new pair, so that shall be my main clothing search this summer ready for autumn.  I often come to the local cemetery to sit and draw, its a lovely place that can be relaxing a few people may find that a bit morbid or a little odd but its probably the only place near where I live that is peaceful. We stumbled across the most beautiful grass that had pollen from the trees that was fluffy  like walking on cotton wool.

This week marks my last week at work before the summer, this year has just zoomed by so fast that i can't barely believe it, me and my brother are currently planning my 25th birthday which is a mixture of excitement and nerves, gosh if i look back to being 18, seemed like forever away. We are thinking a Diner in london for wonderful food and a nice place to hang out. Time to get searching me thinks. 

My Etsy shop at the moment has 10% with the code ELLAILLUSTRATION13 its to say thank you for your on-going support there is also a massive summer sale!



  1. You look wonderful Ella! I love your bag and your rings are so pretty! Sounds like you've been up to some rather lovely things too! xxx


  2. You look so stunning! I love the simplicity of this, and your hair looks beautiful xo

  3. How adorable are you?! Such a doll <3

  4. you look great! you have such pretty hair :) love the shoes and bag

  5. I love this outfit!! You look so beautiful!! xo

  6. Your outfit is really cute! I love the top with the jeans and that satchel is gorgeous!! And your hair looks great! :)

  7. Your hair looks so simple and effortless, I am envious!

  8. You look lovely and happy Ella. Wonderful post :)x

  9. just saw your new blog layout, i love it!!

    x, tamara

  10. aww you look so cute, I love your outfit! :)
    Ester from Drawing Dreaming

  11. aww, your eye colour is SO lovely, ella! i love that bag and the opal(?) ring is so pretty!

  12. I absolutely love your outfit Ella, your satchel and stripes are so perfect! <3 xx

  13. I love this outfit, clean and simple! Your cream satchel is enviously beautiful!

  14. Your outfit is so close to my style! And I love your bag :)))


  15. You look so good in this! I just love the top, it’s just perfect for this outfit. Xx

  16. Great outfit - I love all stripy tops, they go with everything :)


  17. Lovely casual look- like you should be by the sea in the fifties!


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